Dawson's Creek Theme Song OR

Dawson's Creek Theme Song OR

Dawson's Creek Theme Song


Dawson's Creek is an American teen drama television series created by Kevin Williamson that aired on The WB from October 26, 1998 to May 23, 2003. The show focuses on Dawson, a teenager who moves from New York City to the coastal town of Capeside, Massachusetts, in order to live with his father. Dawson quickly makes friends with the other members of the "gang of eight"—Beaver, Joey, Pacey, Jen, Dawson, Prouse, Tony and Julie.


On Friday, Netflix shared some good news with fans of '90s teen drama. "Dawson's Creek fans, I'm thrilled to announce that — at long last — you will hear Paula Cole's iconic song 'I Don't Want to Wait' when you watch the opening credits!" tweeted the streaming service's account, confirming that the original theme song is returning to the streamable version of the beloved show. "I Don't Want to Wait" has been absent from streamable and DVD versions of the series for years due to the fact that Sony only purchased the on-air rights to the track. Over the years, fans have been vocal on social media about their wish to see the original song reinstated. Thankfully, as reported by The New York Times, Sony has now made a deal with Cole that allows for her song to be used across all streaming platforms. For this to happen, Cole re-recorded a new master for "I Don't Want to Wait" and subsequently negotiated a contract for streaming usage of the new version of the track.When Netflix announced that every season Dawson's Creek would be available for nostalgic binge-watching beginning November 2020, fans of angsty turn-of-the-millennium teen dramas everywhere rejoiced. CreekHeads (is that a thing?) settled in to be once again completely emotionally invested in Jen and Grams's roller-coaster relationship, in Jack's then-groundbreaking coming out story, and, of course, in the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle. There's just one crucial thing missing from our jaunt down memory lane to Capeside: that iconic theme song. Yes, it's true—now, when you smash the play button on Dawson's Creek, you'll no longer be greeted by the timeless earworm that is Paula Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait." Instead, you'll have "Run Like Mad" by Jann Arden running like mad (oops) through your head on an endless loop. And while the latter does admittedly slap, nobody would blame you if you opted to use the "skip intro" feature in protest, or if you muted the theme song each episode to play "I Don't Want to Wait" loudly from your preferred music streaming platform instead.

The reasons for Cole having been replaced by Arden for all these years on DVD and other subsequent reproductions of the series were laid out in a February New York Times article titled “Why Don’t Some TV Shows Sound the Way They Used To?” Cole’s theme song slipping into a twilight zone, to the anger and bewilderment of “Creek” fans, was cited as the most prominent example of a studio being unable to license a recording familiar from TV for streaming use. As the Times explained it, in a pre-DVD era, producers didn’t think much about claiming all rights when licensing music, figuring getting major artists “on the cheap” beat negotiating and laying out bigger cash for further ancillary uses. Prior to the recent switch, Dawson’s Creek had been streaming with another theme song — “Run Like Mad” by Jann Arden — due to licensing issues with “I Don’t Want to Wait.” The replacement was actually the original original theme song, recorded specifically for the series but replaced before the show’s January 1998 premiere, as detailed by HuffPost in 2012. “I Don’t Want to Wait” won out after gaining notice in a promo and was featured in the opening credits in North America, while “Run Like Mad” was relegated to certain international markets and later streaming. (Source: www.bustle.com)



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