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Custom Ink OOR

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If you feel like you are always running out of your favorite sharpie or marker, a visit to your local office supply is in order. But in-store ink can be expensive, and they don't always give you what you want. Why not bring your favorite ink home with you?


Before learning about Klaviyo’s flexible application programming interfaces (APIs), Custom Ink’s email team thought they would need to send tables of data to Klaviyo every 24 hours for the platform to review, clean, and then send back to them. But the team quickly learned about Klaviyo’s APIs and how they could use them to track, capture, store, and access large batches of data automatically. (Source:

“The product feed feature is awesome, too. Custom Ink has an internal product catalog and we’re able to automatically feed that into Klaviyo. We can now dynamically pull in product images, names, pricing, and any information we have about our products into our emails. Being able to do this automatically has been really great for the team,” Allyson said. (Source: www.klaviyo.com)


For example, customers can share their email when they’re saving their design. Custom Ink can then collect information like the design, the product, the customer’s zip code, and the purpose of the customer’s order (i.e., school, business, family reunion, etc.) to get an idea for the frequency of future orders. All of this information helps Custom Ink segment and provide personalized messaging to its customers more effectively.

Custom Ink chose Klaviyo to support its Enterprise business for many reasons, including an organic partnership, how easy it would be to integrate the systems, how easy it would be to use the new marketing automation platform, how useful and impactful the new features would be, and the level of customer support the brand would receive. (Source: www.klaviyo.com)


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