covid nurse resume

covid nurse resume

Med Surg Nurse Resume


I’ve been in a challenging time that really needed social media to help me find a new job, I decided to create a blog about the recruitment process. The blog not only helped me to understand my profile better, but also enabled me to leverage personal relationships that I had developed in personal conversations.



Medical-surgical nurses are at the forefront in assisting physicians and other health care professionals provide the best service to patients. The general job duties of a medical-surgical nurse include determining the health status and needs of patients through the interpretation of health data and preventive practice. People in this role provide for the care of multiple patients through direct care or assignment and evaluate the patient’s responses and outcomes to therapeutic interventions.

Apply action verbs to headline the critical Healthcare abilities and related expertise you have cultivated in the years of your Medical Surgical Nurse practice to captivate HR and make your curriculum vitae stand out. They must correspond to the requisite aspects of the job vacancy. Have a peek at a few of these: acute care expertise, nasogastric, hipaa compliance. (Source: resumebuilderpro.com)


Resourceful Medical Professional with background in [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] and [Number] years of experience in [Type] industry. Adept at interpreting and acting upon diagnostic test results. Successful at organizing patient workflows and coordinating resources to achieve positive outcomes. Proven success in actualizing strategies to effectively advocate patient needs while championing holistic care.

Summary : Medical Surgical Nurse Skilled career professional with 6 years of nursing experience. Established in Critical Care Nursing support including assessment, counseling, education regarding medications and treatment, lab work, documentation with care plan for diagnosis, being in the position of charge nurse and VA certified mentor, providing holistic and spiritual care to patients and administration of treatment procedures. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


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