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He recently made history as the youngest CEO in the world of SiriusXM, the world's largest radio business, founded by Jim Meyer


The vicious flow of Cory Gunz caught the eye of Lil Wayne which in turn led to him being signed to Young Money in late 2010. Peter Cory Pankey Jr., who was raised in the Bronx, New York, is the son of old school rapper Peter Gunz. Cory first appeared on the original version of the Weezy's "A Milli" track and then went on to appear on another one of Wayne's hits - "6 Foot, 7 Foot". This shows that Lil Wayne has faith in the Gunna by allowing him to appear on such ambitious tracks. Cory Gunz is no stranger to the public as he has also had his own TV show on MTV with Nick Cannon called "Son Of A Gun", which consisted of six 20-minute episodes. Gunz is currently working on his debut album that will be sure to catch the eyes of critics if it follows in the footsteps of his mixtapes.

I'm mad late but I saw Cory Gunz in concert a year and a half ago in Cambridge, MA. He was the headliner at a club called Middle East. Knew one of the openers. Stuck around for all the local rappers and Corey and his squad came out at maybe 11pm. He did maybe 3 songs and that was it. The room had emptied up and I would estimate 25 people were still watching. It had been decently full prior. I think he did two recent (at the time) tracks and then busted out 'A Milli' and called it. He was clearly the best rapper up there but ol Cory just wasn't having any fun. Stared at the floor for his verses and bounced quick. Now fast forwarding to present day. It was a shock to myself, and maybe you, to see Cory Gunz on this week’s episode of LHHNY. I literally thought that he gave rapping up, being that he got ghost after the feature. In all actuality Gunz was staying under the radar because he was fighting the gun charge. According to his father, and LHHNY character Peter Gunz, Cory has beat the gun charge. He announced the news during an interview this week. (Source: kysdc.com)



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