consider the lilies of the field lyrics and chords

consider the lilies of the field lyrics and chords

Consider the Lilies of the Field

How many times have the words "Consider all the lilies in the field" been used? The Bible teaches us to consider the beauty and the simplicity of the lilies, and it first appears in Matthew 6:28, Sermon on the Mount, and Luke 12:27. It's a simple, beautiful message that we all need to hear and we must remember to appreciate them.

"Consider the lilies of the field" is one of the most beloved quotes of all time and is often quoted by Jesus. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us that worrying about material things does not add a single hour to your life. He encourages us not to waste our precious time worrying and to concentrate on what is most important. The lilies are a constant reminder of what's important in life.

If you look at a flower, it does not require much energy to grow. It is not dependent on the sun or the moon to make it bloom. The lilies do not sweat or spin their hair or spin their seeds. It is not like Solomon wore clothes; he was clothed by God. It is better to have little faith than to live in this world. Living a faith-filled life and seeking the kingdom will allow you to enjoy the riches of God's kingdom.

Graham Chapman plays a character in the Monty Python comedy "Life of Brian" and tries to preach an impromptu sermon. The hecklers, who take the allegorical "Consider the lilies of the field" literally, ridicule him and mock him. Brian's life is a perfect example of how to live in a world full of material things. Why not make your life and your future more like this?

Jesus said in Matthew 6:25 that "Consider all the lilies in the field." These tiny flowers don't worry about food, drink, and material possessions. Instead, they are content in God's kingdom. And if you have little faith, God will cloth you in his Kingdom. These blessings will also be yours. If you do, consider the lilies of the fields!

The lilies in the field are, in a way the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, "We will have Life, and the Kingdom of God is in The Lilies." We will have everything if we live in the kingdom God. The lilies in the field are a great example of faith. If we don't want to live in the kingdom, we won't be able to live in His world.

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