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Computer Science Resume Reddit

Computer Science Resume Reddit

When submitting a resume for a computer science role, it's already difficult for employers to tell if you're qualified. Still, formatting will make your resume more presentable. Here is a guide to computer science resume layout fields, along with examples of successful resumes for an entry level software engineer role.


anything really. I am also going to be real with you too. career fairs are a joke. They are full of ass hats that own a local buisness looking for free labor and big names companies just fishing the job market. You won't find anything there, unless you go to the military booth and join the army, navy, or something. A real intern job worth a damn (free or paid) will come but you will have to keep an eye for it. They are rare, hard to find, and if you do find one JUMP ON IT! Because there is going to be a lot of competition for that position. Look for the ones that the school promotes. I have heard some get jobs by winning ACM programming competitions. Stuff like that. Just don't expect anything soon... so what job you have now, I am sorry (really I am), you are going to have to keep for sometime now.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I actually think your resume is rather decent. I like that it's contentful and that you have everything where it needs to be (school first, experience second, projects, skills, etc). Everything I gave you was a formatting tip, and while that may not necessarily be the highest of your priorities when building a resume, it would be incredibly beneficial to pay close attention to your format. A well-formatted resume expresses professionalism, highlights your attention to even the smallest detail, and can only help you land more jobs. (Source: www.reddit.com)




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