Comparable to other parts of the country, Chicago's home prices are steady.//

Comparable to other parts of the country, Chicago's home prices are steady.//

Comparable to other parts of the country, Chicago's home prices are steady.//

Zillow data shows that Chicago home values are stable in comparison to other regions of the country. While Chicago's value isn't among the highest in the country however, it's still higher than other cities which include California and Florida. Although your home may not be worth as much as those in the same area, you can still feel secure knowing that there are better homes. If you're in Chicago and are considering selling your home, now is the moment to begin.

According to Zillow, Chicago was the third-best city for homes sold in the year 2016. The city's price appreciation was high in 2016 even with a tight housing market. The S&P/CaseShiller house price index indicated that prices in Chicago were among the lowest in the United States. This means that Chicago is a hot sellers' market, but buyers are still seeking an affordable price.

While Chicago's city center and suburbs are both experiencing an economic slowdown, the prices of homes in both areas rose last year. Urban areas saw the largest jump in home value in the last year while suburban areas had the biggest decline. The suburbs of the city are still more affordable than urban properties. If you're looking to find an urban area that is close to work, Zillow suggests the West Loop, Oak Park, and the Gold Coast.

Zillow reports that the prices in Chicago's suburbs have declined over the past year. The most significant price declines were seen in suburbs in which prices are substantially higher than in urban areas. While the urban areas have experienced the greatest declines, larger homes in the suburbs are typically more expensive. The most desirable neighborhood in Chicago to buy a home is the one that allows you to walk all over the city. This can be a huge benefit for buyers.

Zillow isn't only limited to Chicago. It also has listings in other cities. Zillow will automatically provide the equity of homes in a particular neighborhood. This is a great indicator of how much homes in a certain area have increased in value. However, this isn't true for the entire Chicago area. The summary page for the suburbs will provide you details about your home's equity. Only residents of the city have access to the information on the neighborhood's equity in its home.

The data from Zillow also reveal that the value of homes has decreased in Chicago since last year. This is largely because of the restrictions on housing in the city. While certain neighborhoods are enjoying a boom, others have seen significant declines in their value. The Lower West Side, for instance, was the one that saw the biggest decreases. This trend continued in neighborhoods such as Belmont Cragin and Douglas. However, prices in other areas have been stable and are reflected in the cost of homes.

Where Do I Hire a Butler in Runescape?

Where Do I Hire a But ler in Runescape

Alathazdrar the Demon is the only way to hire a butler in Runescape. This demon butler requires Construction level 50 and can be hired in the Servants' Guild in East Ardougne. His services cost 10,000 coins. He is also capable of crafting oak planks for players, which requires just one oak log and 250 coins. A butler can also be hired at the Servants' Guild, which is located to the north of the marketplace. Within the guild, you can find five servants roaming around.

Alathazdrar the Demon butler

You can hire the services of a demon butler if you are level 50 in Construction. For 10,000 coins you can hire Alathazdrar. He requires two bedrooms with beds and can be found in a player's house. This servant is a great help if you want to save some time, or if you are having problems with your housework. In addition to providing service to the player, Alathazdrar is also available at the Servants' Guild in East Ardougne.

The demonic butler has special skills that you can learn to use to your advantage. He can also fetch oak planks for you, and he can hold 26 items. He will return to your larder when you need a new one. Alathazdrar is similar to Sergeant Damien in appearance. He is friendly to players, and his voice is somewhat unusual.

Using a Butler to build dungeon doors

Using a Butler to build dungeau doors in Runescape is a great way to get a lot of experience without spending much time. It cuts down the time it takes to build by a third, and you can make up to 500,000 experience in an hour! When using a butler, make sure to select a human butler instead of a demon one. The human butler is much faster and can fetch more planks if you don't make quick decisions.

The first method is to use a demon butler, which can carry up to 24 teak planks. However, you'll need to be at least level 58 to use a demon butler, as you'll need to click carefully while he's building. This method isn't terribly reliable, however, as the planks are delivered faster than you can use them.

Using a butler to build dungeon doors in Rungescape is a fantastic way to get more experience without spending any money. While you can buy planks in the market, the most cost-effective method is to run oak logs to a lumberyard in Varrock. The lumberyard is located in the north-east part of the city. Turning oak logs into planks will save you a lot of money and time, but it will take a bit longer.

The next method is to use a butler to bring the logs back to the sawmill. You'll need a butler at level 30 or higher to do this task. The butler can go to the bank and fetch logs, or he can chop down a tree outside of the POH portal. If you're lucky enough to have a lot of cash, you can buy logs and then ask a butler to take them to the sawmill for you.

Building a dungeon door can be profitable at level 74 to 99, but you can make it faster by using a butler. It costs 10 oak planks to build a single door. A single oak plank costs 86,499 420, so it's well worth the investment. And, it's faster than building a larder.

Using a Butler to make teleport tabs

Using a Butler to make teletransport tabs in Runescape can save you money by avoiding the hassle of building them yourself. Using oak logs is expensive, but limestone bricks are more affordable. You can use a demon butler, if you have the gold for it. This will cost you 10,000 gold per trip, but will save you time by interrupting you faster.

Using a Butler to customise a house

Using a Butler to customise your house in Runescape is a simple way to boost your exp rate, but there are a few caveats. First of all, you must be level 40 in Construction to hire a Butler. Once you hire one, you must pay him 5,000 coins every eight uses. A butler will carry a maximum of 20 items in his inventory, and his trip time is 12 seconds. Also, you must make sure that you have two beds in your house, as if one bed is removed, the butler won't return.

Holcomb, Kansas - Where Do Rich Kansas Citizens Hire Their Blessing?

Where Do Rich Kansas Citizens Hire Their B

Were you aware that there were German-speaking Santa Fe railroad land agents in small towns throughout Kansas? What made these men so wealthy? What can they expect from the people they hire to do their dirty work? We recently visited Holcomb, Kansas to meet some of these men. What do we learn from their lives? We'll start with the story of the German-speaking Santa Fe land agent who first landed in Holcomb.

Holcomb, Kansas

The city of Holcomb, Kansas, sits in a southwestern corner of the state, 70 miles from the border with Colorado. The atmosphere is desert-clear and the accent is a barbed prairie twang. The men in the area dress in Stetsons and high-heeled boots with pointed toes. The landscape is flat and expansive. The town's population ranges from a small-town population of a few hundred to a large population of cattle and sheep.

The transportation system of Holcomb is traditional and features wide streets, cul-de-sacs, and alleys. This system contains little variation and was largely dictated by the railroad layout. The area developed on both sides of the railroad and along the railroad. Its lack of mobility connections has created issues with emergency services and the promotion of industrial opportunities. It also lacks sidewalks and multimodal opportunities.

During the 20th century, Holcomb's population grew to a peak of 2,026 residents. In the following decade, the population declined and the Holcomb School District thrived. Historically, communities are settled based on their topographic features, geology, climate, and soil conditions. In some areas, water is scarce and arable land is scarce. The size of the population and availability of water are the main challenges for sustainable growth.

The city is located within the greater planning area. It consists of approximately 1.2 square miles. There are many residential, industrial, and commercial areas in the city. The population of Holcomb is about two-thirds of the entire town. The city also has a small college, Garden City Community College, which offers associate, graduate, and post-graduate degree programs. There are also Kansas universities within a few miles.

Finney County, Kansas, has a population of around 2,058 people. This area is one of the largest concentrations of beef and feed grain production in the world. The population is three-hundred and fifty-four percent white. The median house value is $152,800. The median age in Holcomb is thirty-seven years old, with males slightly younger. Females are about the same age.

The city's comprehensive plan is composed of three basic elements. They are the Land Use Plan, Transportation Plan, and Public Facilities Plan. The comprehensive plan also addresses beautification efforts. Upon completion of the Comprehensive Plan, Holcomb has updated its Zoning Regulations. The R-2 zoning district will be amended to allow duplexes. The comprehensive plan also includes the zoning ordinance, which is used to regulate where people can build in the city.

The Holcomb, KS Comprehensive Plan contains vision statements, plans, goals, and minimum standards that guide the development of the community. The plan also outlines the community's history, future vision, and the overall program to implement the plan. The plan specifies who is responsible for the implementation of the plan, and provides guidelines on timing and funding. If you want to hire a Holcomb comprehensive plan, contact the city council to get started.

The quality of life goals in Holcomb guide the development of the town's transportation, public facilities, and land use plans. The community also considers economic development, housing, growth management, infrastructure, and public facilities. These goals are based on factors that affect the development of the city, public input, and general observations. The community development plan is updated every three years and should be reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the local environment.

The school is located next to a Teacherage, a run-down edifice, with rooms divided into grace-and-favor apartments. The Kidwells and their mother installed a cozy atmosphere in their apartment. Their parlor contained an organ and a piano, flowerpots, and a large drowsy cat. The building was in need of some renovations, but the community had an appetite for it and a sense of community.

Where Do You Hire a Butler?

Where Do You Hire a B utler

Hiring domestic staff is not like bringing in new employees into your 9-5 office. Both the employer and the employee must have synergy. It might click right away or they might need some time to bond. While tests can help determine if a match exists, only the employer can decide whether the two are a good fit. Read on for tips to make the hiring process run smoothly. You will be glad you took the time to read this article!

Contingency searches

The first step in finding a butler for hire is to write a well-written job description. This can be done by hiring managers or staffing agencies. If your search is for an individual, you may segment the job description into five sections to reach the perfect candidate. These sections should include the name of your organization, the number of employees, and the key benefits of working for your company. These are considered the "marketing pitches" of the position, and should be treated as such.

When hiring a butler, you need to understand the scope of the job. While hiring a butler to work in a private residence, the description may be broader. Think of the role as one of managing staff and the requirements of that position. The butler should have good communication skills and attention to detail. They should also be well-trained in the art of food pairing. Despite how flexible they may be, you should set up realistic expectations about their duties and work hours.

While contingent searches consider a large number of applicants, retained searches focus on a smaller pool of candidates. A retained search considers a smaller pool of candidates and will include only the most qualified candidates. Retained searches are more expensive and time-consuming than contingent searches, but the fees are usually fixed or paid in milestones over time. You may want to choose a retained search for a more personalized search.

Whether you decide to hire a butler yourself or use a hiring agency, setting clear expectations for the role will help you avoid any confusion and make the process less stressful. However, if you choose to hire a butler, make sure you communicate the specifics of your requirements as this will help your butler understand your needs and help you make the best decision. If you follow these steps, hiring a butler will be easier and more rewarding.

A contingency search is a better choice for employers with seasonal labor shortages. Companies that need low-level or mid-level workers in an extremely short period of time can use contingent searches to quickly find an acceptable candidate. Companies that want a high-level butler will need a professional with a long list of experience, but cannot afford to wait months for a candidate to be selected. With a contingent search, you get results faster than with a traditional in-house recruitment process.

While it is more convenient and easier to use a contingent search for a butler, it may be a better idea for your situation if you cannot afford a high-end butler. After all, a good butler will be an excellent choice for any household. And the best part about a contingency search is that it is confidential. Contingency recruiters will not share your information with third parties.

Interviewing candidates

Hiring a butler means trusting someone who comes from a diverse background and has extensive experience with various functions. While a butler can make your life easier, they must be carefully vetted before you hire them. Here are some tips on how to interview candidates. You should also be clear on the standard you expect from the butler before you hire him or her. A butler's work schedule should meet your expectations and the hours you require.

While hiring a butler can be intimidating, there are tips that will help you avoid common mistakes. First, know your expectations and create a job description. A butler's job description should clearly state the duties that they are expected to complete. If the job description is too vague, you might not get the right fit for your needs. Secondly, make sure the butler is up to the task you have outlined for him.

If you want to interview remote applicants, make sure they have access to the internet and video conferencing applications. Select a location with good lighting and quiet surroundings. Remember, video quality is extremely important. You want your butler to have the same level of quality as your butler. Be sure to communicate expectations clearly, even if they are not in the same room as you. Also, make sure to provide the right amount of preparation for the remote interview.

Another tip for hiring a butler is to make sure the person has a background in housekeeping. While hiring a butler can be stressful, it will also make your life easier. The best butlers are well-trained to handle numerous tasks. They can drive in difficult weather conditions, polish crystal, and even help you with minor household repairs. You'll have more time for other things. You can even enjoy your life.

Taking references

As with any job, it's important to take references when hiring a butler. While corporate businesses are not legally obligated to provide them, you should always ask about any previous employers. Using character references is especially important as they are less likely to give a biased opinion. However, it's not a bad idea to ask, because they may be able to give you valuable information. Also, don't be afraid to ask about the type of references a Butler has.

While a personal assistant may handle day-to-day administrative tasks such as answering calls, arranging appointments, and booking travel reservations, a butler is a more generalist position. In addition to serving guests, butlers may also manage household staff and perform a range of other domestic duties. In addition to their general job responsibilities, butlers should have excellent manners and an affinity for service work.

If you are hiring a butler from an agency or specialist domestic recruitment website, it's also important to ask for references. You can use these to make sure the butler meets your needs and is trustworthy. It's also a good idea to ask the butler's references if they've worked in the same house as you. This way, you can compare the service and the prices offered.

When hiring a butler, it's also important to consider the type of accommodation your butler will be living in. While some butlers live in an apartment, others live in separate accommodation. A good way to tip the balance of the salary is to offer the butler a separate apartment. If you're hiring a butler from an agency, you can opt for live-in accommodation with full board.

It's important to keep in mind that the type of position that a butler fills can be a delicate one. You'll want someone with a good eye for details, the ability to manage time effectively, and discretion when dealing with problems. While this may seem like a simple task, it is essential to remember that a butler's job requires a high level of professionalism and discretion.

However, don't forget to check the salaries of butlers. While the salaries of top private butlers vary, they are significantly higher than those in hotels and other less-luxurious establishments. For example, an experienced butler in New York can earn anywhere from PS80,000 GBP to $130,000 USD. In Los Angeles or New York, a top-tier private butler can make as much as $130,000 USD. The salary of a less experienced butler will be substantially lower. However, in these expensive cities, the cost of living makes it necessary to pay higher salaries.

References are essential to the job. If possible, ask your butler to provide them with at least one reference. These references should be individuals who have observed your performance, both in favorable and adverse conditions. You can also ask other individuals who know you well and are able to speak highly of you. Make sure to keep these references separate from relatives, however. This is a crucial step in the hiring process and will give you a better understanding of your butler's work habits and style.

How to Hire a Demon Butler

The Demon Butler can bring back 24 planks in unnoted and oak, and return them to you on time. This will allow you to build two larders and gain Construction experience. You can also hire a Demon Butler to take logs to the sawmill. Here are some tips to hire the best Demon Butler. If you want to know more, read on.

Demon Butler

Unless you've been living in a cave for years, hiring a Demon Butler is a pretty simple process. To do so, you first have to have Construction level 50. Then, you must go to the Servants' Guild in East Ardougne and hire Alathazdrar. This servant will charge you around ten thousand coins a service and requires two bedrooms with beds. Alathazdrar can be found in a player-owned house in Ardougne.

Hiring a Demon Butler is an expensive way to level quickly. You can hire one when you reach level 50, and he will fetch oak planks for you every 8 hours. He will ask for payment after completing eight tasks, so it is worth paying attention to when to hire one. The Demon Butler will cost you a considerable amount of gold, so you'll need to make sure you've got some extra gold in your Servant's Moneybag to keep him fueled. You can also purchase a Carpenter's Outfit, which will boost XP by 2.5%, and it costs 2,000 reward points from Mahogany Homes contracts.

Taking logs to the sawmill

Hiring a Demon Butler is a good way to get wood at a lower cost. Using your servant to bring logs to the sawmill is simple, and it will save you time as it will take only two seconds. However, you must first un-note the logs to get them to the sawmill. Once this is done, you can then ask your servant to bring the logs to the sawmill.

Where Do You Hire a Butler?

Where Do You Hire a B utler

When you need a butler, where do you turn? Do you hire them on a contingency basis, domestically, or through an agency? How do you get the best price for your new hire? Read on to discover the pros and cons of domestic and contingency recruitment for your domestic staff. Here are some tips for your next search. Whether you're looking for an executive or domestic Butler, we've got you covered!

Contingency searches for Butlers

Hiring a Butler for your luxury property may be easier said than done. While there are a few key steps to hiring a butler, you may find it difficult to attract a highly skilled individual. Listed below are some tips to finding the best Butler for your home. Read on to learn how to write a perfect Butler job description and how to find the best butler for your property. Contingency searches for Butlers should be conducted accordingly to find the right candidate.

In your job description, include a brief description of the employer. If you work for a hospitality company, state the name of the company, size of the organization, and key benefits of working for the organization. Treat this section like a marketing pitch. The more specifics you include, the more qualified your search will be. You can also include references and a brief outline of your salary requirements. Make sure you outline the salary range and working hours for every position.

When conducting a search for a Butler, you can ask family, friends, or colleagues for recommendations. You can also post an advertisement locally or on Gumtree, or hire a professional agency. In either case, it is important to be specific about your expectations. A clear set of standards will help avoid confusion, manage expectations, and make the experience more rewarding. There are several important things to consider when hiring a butler.

Consider hiring a Butler. While hiring a Butler, be sure you have a clear understanding of the tasks you require them to complete. Be sure you know what you expect from a butler, and how much freedom you need them to be. You can also hire a part-time housekeeper to help you with the daily housekeeping responsibilities of your household. A Butler can also help you manage a rota of staff for your property.

Contingency searches are a good choice for Butlers, since they are more cost-effective than retained search. Retained search firms focus on passive candidates and staffing-level positions, and a contingency search firm concentrates on senior executives. You'll pay only if the person hired by the client company is the one you selected. They may not care about your professional credentials. They simply want a person who is the best fit for their company.

Domestic recruitment for Butlers

The process of domestic recruitment for Butlers is much more complex than that of other domestic staff vacancies. It requires a sense of synergy between the employer and the candidate, which is not always easy to achieve. Sometimes, the two people click straight away, and other times, it takes time to establish a connection. A good match is the only way to judge whether the candidate is right for the job and your household. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of your expectations before beginning your search.

A personal butler is highly sought-after. Such a person can provide a 24-hour service. A full-time butler has the ability to provide the highest level of discretion and will not divulge confidential information. In addition, a butler will be an excellent listener, and is likely to maintain the highest degree of discretion. Therefore, a butler can be a great addition to a family, as the role requires a high level of discretion.

The roles of butlers are diverse. From nannies and housekeepers to estate managers and personal assistants, butlers can be hired to cater to the needs of household staff. Domestic recruitment for Butlers aims to bring a new life into a profession that was nearly forgotten. Domestic staffing agencies connect employers and butlers and manage the recruitment process. Domestic recruitment for Butlers can help revive a dying profession and keep the pace of modern living.

Historically, the butler's duties varied from household to household. In today's world, butlers may be responsible for household administration, budgeting, and maintenance. In some cases, they may also be asked to help with planning special events, including the catering and cleaning of parties. In formal households, butlers are the most valued members of household staff, and are essential to the upkeep of traditions. In addition to this, they can serve as the household's valet or chauffeur.

As a result, domestic recruitment for Butlers involves finding an experienced butler with a good understanding of wine and liqueur pairings. While a butler's job duties can vary, responsibilities include managing a wine cellar and liqueur inventory, maintaining a schedule for domestic staff, and taking the resident's calls. However, no matter what position a butler is suited to, they must possess good communication skills and be charismatic.

As the most senior member of household staff, butlers are responsible for the efficient running of a formal household, taking care of the well-being of the members of the household. Often, butlers are also responsible for overseeing dinner parties. These professionals also usually have excellent knowledge of wine and the use of a computer. So, you can expect that a butler will take care of everything from cooking to cleaning the house to organising payment and providing cover when needed.

Recruiting a Butler

Recruiting a butler can be a tricky business. While it may be an advantage to have an in-house staff member, you should be aware that butlers come from all walks of life and have varying skills and expertise. While this may not seem like a big deal, but it is important to have clear expectations and standards when hiring a butler. This will make the process easier, as well as less stressful.

A butler must have knowledge of wine and spirits. In addition to wine knowledge, he or she should have experience managing a team. He or she should also be patient and approachable. The ideal butler should be highly skilled in detail and have experience managing a team. A butler should also be good at time management and prioritization. A butler should have a professional background in hospitality, but may also choose to learn it as he or she goes along.

The salary you offer a butler depends on their living arrangements. You can choose to provide them with accommodation or to pay them a flat rent. If you can provide them with a separate apartment, this will help you tip the balance of the salary. If you are not able to provide a butler with accommodation, you may consider paying a placement fee for your butler. The average placement fee is around 20%.

Recruiting a butler is an investment in your home. They can increase your social status and make your life easier. Having a butler in your home can give you a sense of security and confidence, not to mention, they'll handle all the little details that can be so distracting for you. You can hire a butler for part or full time work. You will be happy with the outcome, and they'll enjoy every minute of it.

While there are several options for recruitment, it's important to remember that the university's Greek community has a rich history. There are 13 national fraternity chapters at Butler University and many opportunities to join city-wide chapters. The Greeks at Butler have a reputation for excellence and community service, so consider joining a chapter! The next time you have an open recruitment, make sure to check out these options. Your next steps to a Butler's life may be closer than you think.

Recruiting a Butler can be as simple as asking for a reference. You can always ask a former butler for recommendations or references. Most of these references are honest and trustworthy. Butlers work hard to impress their bosses. You can also recruit a butler to work for you! Just make sure you have the money! Your butler will thank you! It's a win-win situation for you and your family!

Say It Ain't So A Reveew Of The Weezer Sin

Say It Aint so A Rev iew Of The Weezer sin

"Susanne" is a no-frills love song. While specifically referencing one's sex life, the song is general enough to soundtrack first dates or wedding anniversaries. The song shows Weezer to be both credibly humble and lovable, and lives up to their idealized image in rock magazines. While "Susanne" may not be the band's best song, it's a decent song.

Cuomo's "Angels on Vacation"

The title track of Rivers Cuomo's latest album echoes the popular good-omens movie. The song follows two angels who are on vacation on Earth. The lyrics are reminiscent of Renaissance-era folk music, but they don't follow orthodox angelology. Rather, they are about two angels enjoying life on Earth, complete with Coca-Cola, hoodies, and whale shows. The tune's soaring harmonies, catchy melody, and clever use of lyrics make "Angels on Vacation" a fun listen.

The track's tempos and dynamics don't gel with the other songs on the EP. It's like the songs are competing for attention. Classic Weezer metal riffs versus energized drums. Although the song doesn't fit into the EP's theme, it is a welcome reminder of Cuomo's oddball nature. SZNZ will help the track make sense as an EP.

The book's authors are also facing impeachment investigations. Earlier this year, the Assembly Judiciary Committee launched an investigation into Cuomo's alleged cover-up of the deaths in the COVID-19 nursing home. The committee also is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against the governor. If the charges are true, Cuomo's impeachment could be on the table.

Although the title may suggest that Cuomo has gone to the extreme to save the dog, his sense of craft is made clear on SZNZ. It starts with a Vivaldi-inspired theme and ends with a tribute to Shakespeare, and the "Opening Night" song references Shakespeare. The album also provides historical context to Rivers Cuomo's boyishness. He's not wallowing in his suburban bedroom as Van Halen did, but a tribute to Van Halen's "Angels on Vacation" is not.

"Buddy Holly"

While "Buddy Holly" isn't one of Weezer's most popular songs, it does exemplify the band's winning sound and vaguely anachronistic image. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo compares himself to Buddy Holly, and his comparison is not only an accurate reflection of Weezer's style, but it's also a mission statement. The band draws a straight line from grunge to 1950s guitar rock.

The Weezer sin: "December," the album's closer, is an evocative Christmastime classic. Unlike the Maladroit version, "December" is better performed on the demo from Washington, D.C., which boasts a slower arrangement and red and green lights. Nonetheless, "December" is a good closer to "The Christmas Song."

"Pork and Beans": A Weezer sin, this song was released as an extra track on the deluxe edition of The Red Album. The off-kilter rom-com, which stars Rivers Cuomo as an office manager obsessed with a co-worker. A teasing reference to a "Pink Triangle," which was featured on the Mallrats soundtrack, is another example of a track that stands out.

"Pinkerton" is a self-aware album loosely modeled after the classic Madama Butterfly, and the final track is themed after B.F. Pinkerton. The band's frontman is dressed as B.F. Pinkerton, and "Butterfly" remains the band's flagship album. The lyrics are revealing of the band's lyrical direction, and "Pinkerton" is a surprisingly powerful anthem.

"All My Favorite Songs"

When working on the opening track of OK Human, singer Andrew Cuomo conceived of "All My Favorite Songs" as an all-encompassing universal song. It is the band's strongest single in years, with a memorable '60s swell backed by a 38-piece orchestra. The chorus sings with conviction and questions: "What's wrong with me?"

Weezer was a college band in 1994, but their debut single was about unraveling one's shirt. The ellipses of distortion, wistful guitar, and mundane party chatter lent a resonant atmosphere to the song. The band's first single was very similar to other major label acts, but Weezer was a quick study at the reins.

While Weezer's vocals were generally catchy, their lyrics were creepy, especially when performed live. The band's guitarist, Scott Shriner, portrayed a stalker in the music video. The lyrics reflected his control-freak tendencies and were still worth cranking after the umpteenth time.


At their creative peak, Weezer released two full LPs. However, the band released several non-album tracks, including "Friend Zone." This song is about settling, a reuniting with a best friend, and overcoming stubborn self-denial. It's a sultry anthem that's a welcome change from their brash pop sound.

While the band's new sound is very distinct from their previous material, they do take an interesting path with songs like "Auto-Tuned New Wave." While the band flirted with new wave on their Black Album, this single is a misfire. Weezer even mentions studying dog shit under a microscope. This is a great aural experiment, but it's hardly original.

Fans of Weezer will surely appreciate this new record. It features the band's best songs since "Pinkerton" and "Maladroit." The songs pump up Cuomo's romanticism, while remaining grounded in a mellow, melodic foundation. Fans will likely call this their favorite Weezer record. The band will continue to improve, but the new material deserves a saner approach.

Another track worth noting is the bouncy "Dead Eye" from Weezer. This song is a perfect example of what I mean when I say "expensive"--but that's just a single track! There's no need to go into the nitty-gritty of the lyrics, because there are more compelling songs to enjoy here.

"Feels Like Summer"

It's easy to be amused by Weezer's auto-tuned new wave riff, but that's not always the case. Though the band flirted with new wave on their Black Album, "Auto-Tuned New Wave" is a curious misfire. For one thing, there's a line in the song about studying dog shit with a microscope.

Butch Walker has worked with the band on this album, contributing to the laid-back sound of Pacific Daydream. The band is also joined by a chipmunk echoed reverb, which combines to create a mellow, inoffensive lark. Though Say It Ain't So is an admirable album, it isn't perfect.

It isn't the Weezer sin "Feels Like Winter" that should be avoided. The band's debut single did not live up to expectations, and it served as a B-side to two of their biggest singles. It's a decent ode to summer, and it has its share of enjoyable moments. The high shrieking in the verses, along with the ode to the changing seasons, make the song a pleasure.

After a decade of success, Weezer released their sophomore album, Pinkerton, in September 1996. It was a major turning point in the band's story. After a critically acclaimed debut album and a number of decade-defining songs, Weezer was ready to embark on their second album as a mainstream band. Though the album's pop excursions aren't embarrassing, it does feel like a logical progression from "White Album" and shows that the band hasn't lost their creative touch.

"Say It Ain't So"

In a recent album review, Weezer panned their self-titled debut, claiming that it didn't live up to the hype. "Piece Of Cake" is a fine example of the band's lack of lyrical heft. The song was released as the band's third single, and the band's inclusion in the Hindsight episode only helped to further burnish the sleazy ethos. However, the album's shortcomings were not easily overlooked.

"The Farm," the first song on the album, is a pop-infused anthem that riffs on the Beach Boys' sandcastle innocence. In fact, the track has become a Top 10 hit. But what's best about the album is that the group's new guitarist, Andrew Cuomo, updated the Beach Boys' innocence for a new generation.

"Pork And Beans" was featured on the deluxe version of The Red Album. This off-kilter rom-com features Rivers Cuomo as an office manager who keeps talking about a contractor. It was an instant classic in 1994. The track's "Pink Triangle" successfully crossed the line between creepy and funny. It's also a great track to have as a B-side to "Undone."

"Grapes Of Wrath" is a song that resembles a high school English syllabus and does not quite click with the listener. Despite the innocuous sound, the song carries the Weezer sin message. It is also a track that features Indian classical singer Amrita Sen and sitar virtuoso Nishat Khan. This song would have been a better fit on a Sugar Ray album.

Where Did I Go Wrong With My Framing?

Where did I go wrong with my framed

If you're a photographer and you've ever stumbled upon a shot that doesn't look right, you've probably wondered: Where did I go wrong with my framing? This article will give you tips for framing your photos, from choosing the right frame to warping the photo. Plus, you'll learn how to choose a decorative mat that adds visual interest. Read on to learn how to avoid framing mistakes!

Problems with framing

The Frame Problem can be referred to as the problem of why we cannot say something is true. In this article, I'll discuss the problems associated with framing. I'll also talk about the various solutions to the frame problem. The first is the startbackground method, which is not the most robust solution. The second method is defined text background, which is the better solution. Neither method is complete, so I'll explain framed instead.

A problem statement should be two or three sentences long. It should be accompanied by reasons why the problem is worth solving. You can also use the problem framing table to clarify your problem and identify the information you need to provide as background. This way, you'll be able to better frame your problem. After all, it's a good idea to think of the problem as a series of questions instead of one big problem.

The frame problem is a well-known technical problem in logic-based artificial intelligence. Its broader interpretation led philosophers of mind to embellish it and make it into an important controversy. During the 1980s, the frame problem erupted into a controversy. The debate focused on the implications of the frame problem for cognitive science. However, the controversy continues to rage. You can read the full paper here. It's well worth the read.

In the workplace, problem framing is a useful strategy to resolve problems. You can motivate your team to use problem framing. Problem framing is applicable to almost any situation. Ideally, problem framing follows a basic set of guidelines. The components are: context, issue, relevance, objective, and objective. They will help stakeholders understand the problem. This approach is effective for teams, as it can help them get back on track and re-orient their priorities.

Choosing the right frame

Whether you are showcasing a piece of contemporary art or a work of old masters, the frame you choose should complement the style of your artwork. Think about the overall look of the room, the mood you want to create, and the dominant colors of your artwork. In addition, make sure that the frame's style ties into the dominant colors of your art, which is very important when you are framing a modern piece of art. For example, a black and white photograph looks classic in a black and white frame. On the other hand, a colored piece of artwork would look better in a wooden frame with minimal detailing.

The right frame will make an art piece stand out in any room, but it is especially important when framing a piece of work of art. It will highlight the work and provide a sense of separation from the world. A good frame will allow you to enjoy your piece of art for years to come, and a bad one can detract from the artwork's appeal. However, if you are unsure about the framing process, here are some helpful tips for you:

Wooden frames come in a variety of designs and colors. Some are plain, while others are ornate. Choose a wooden frame if you want to bring out the beauty of your art. White frames tend to be simple and neutral, while black frames are more formal and accentuate the contrast between light and dark photos. The colors of wood frames will complement your artwork as well as compliment the colors in the photograph. Lastly, you can experiment with metal frames if you have a collection of old masters.


When framing an artwork, there are several factors that can cause it to warp. Wood frames are the most susceptible to external forces, such as humidity and temperature fluctuations. The shifting moisture content of wood causes the frame to expand and contract. This uneven distribution of moisture results in warping. Here are some tips to help you prevent warping when framing your artwork. You may also want to buy a frame made of other materials that don't warp as easily.

The first step to prevent warping when framing an art piece is to find out the cause of it. If you're working with an antique wood frame, the process of straightening it may not be as easy as replacing the glass. But if you can't afford to buy a new frame, you can try the same steps to straighten a warped one yourself. First, remove the picture and glass from the frame and lay it face down on a flat surface. Next, place a damp rag along the backside of the frame. Finally, tighten the clamps daily until the warping has disappeared. Don't tighten them too much, however, because it may break the frame.

Adding a decorative mat

Adding a decorative mat to your framed picture is a great way to enhance your art. Not only does it make your framed picture more visually appealing, but it also helps focus attention on the art piece itself. Colorful mats will distract from the artwork, while a neutral color will complement it perfectly. Most artworks on paper look good with a border between the edge of the piece and the frame. In contrast, if the artwork is predominantly white, a black or gray mat can add a striking contrast to the piece.

Another mistake many people make when framing their framed pictures is adding a decorative mat. You may not even need an accent mat, and in some cases you may want to gild the lily. While the mat doesn't have to be a decorative material, it adds interest. Try matching it with the artwork. You can also frame your artwork in a way that highlights its unique characteristics.

When framing a piece of artwork, a frame shop will ask you whether you want to mat the artwork. A mat is a thin paper-like material that provides a decorative backdrop for the artwork. The regular mat, however, has a hole in the middle and sits behind the foam mat. Mats are important because they help protect your artwork and keep it looking great for years.

Once you've decided to add a decorative mat to your framed picture, you need to choose a good method to apply it. A simple way is to use archival tape. Apply two thin pieces of tape to the back of your picture. Make sure that the tape doesn't touch the back of the mat. After that, apply the remaining pieces of tape horizontally across the back of the picture, but make sure they don't touch the front of the framed picture.

Securing a framed print

Securing a framed print can be a tedious task, but it can be done safely if you take the time to decide exactly what you want. This article will walk you through some tips for securing your framed art. The next step is to carefully measure the frame, and to use a sturdy metal hanger to keep the art in place. The thickness of the metal plate should not be greater than the depth of the frame rabbet.

Off set clips - Offset clips are metal brackets with offsets that screw into the back of the frame. These brackets extend out far enough to overlap the stack. They are the perfect depth for holding stretched canvas in most frames. Otherwise, you'll end up frustrated, and your artwork won't look right. Off set clips should be used sparingly. If you have a very expensive or special piece of art, make sure the frame has the proper depth and width to hold it securely.

A frame can be as elegant or as simple as you want it to be. Frames come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Although the final decision is purely personal, you should keep in mind where your work will be displayed. A decadently carved frame might look out of place in a contemporary living room. On the other hand, contemporary galleries usually opt for simple and modern frames to make sure the focus is on the work of art.

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