Coffee Resume Template OR

Coffee Resume Template OR

Coffee resume template


Living off of the substantial salary you made during your many years of business school, you’re now enjoying a life of leisure and relaxation. You have all your time to pursue that deep conversation, to play guitar and tennis, and to spend extra time with your family.



There are advantages both to working for an independent coffee shop and for a chain. While you can adjust the same resume to either situation, there are a few things to keep in mind. With many locations and positions to apply to, a large chain can be a great entry point into the world of coffee if you’re looking for a part time source of income and you have little experience as a barista. You’ll learn the basics, not only of coffee, but also of the hospitality and catering industry . Knowledge accumulated as a barista can also be applicable to other industry jobs.

For large chains, you’ll want a resume that conveys availability, flexibility, customer service skills and reliability. Chains are looking for people with large work windows who won’t get overwhelmed by picky customers and fast-paced situations. What’s more, the turnover rate in the food and beverage industry is extremely high. New employees often leave the position long before the company has recouped their investment in hiring and training. That’s why it’s important that your resume conveys the reliability these chains are looking for. (Source: resume.io)



Start your career summary with your years of experience in the industry and the main tasks you have performed. When deciding what duties to add, use the job description as your guide. For instance, if the job you are applying emphasizes expertise in Latte Art or the ability to use specialty brewing equipment use those phrases in your resume if you have that type of skill. The more your resume mirrors with the job description of keywords, the better fit you will seem.

Finally, end with your educational degrees/diplomas and certifications/licenses you may have that are pertinent to the job like your Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management Degree or a Certificate in Coffe Brewing Techniques. Usually, a Barista job does not require anything more than a high school diploma, but if you are applying to a 5-Star Hotel or posh catering institution post-school qualifications are usually required and necessary if you want to move up the ranks into managerial roles like managing a coffee emporium. (Source: www.resumeviking.com)


Friendly and fast-working barista with 2+ years of experience working at busy chain cafes in the Sheboygan Falls area. Skilled in customer service, coffee and food pairing, and inventory management. Knowledgeable on 40+ coffee varieties from around the world. Seeking to leverage exceptional service and dedication to great coffee to become the barista shift supervisor at Grand Cafe.

Given that more than half of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis, we all know someone who feels like a zombie (or a shriveled-up roast goat!) before they’ve had their morning cup of joe. Luckily, baristas are their saving grace. Baristas work in coffeehouses and cafes, making and serving a variety of coffee drinks both from a menu and to the exact specifications of their customers. Baristas may also be asked to prepare sandwiches, snacks, desserts and other light fare and take care of some of the dining room cleaning and maintenance. Working as a barista is often a great part-time or summer job for students and young people. Though it can also be a well-paying position for professionals in high-end coffee shops. Baristas brighten their customers’ days by preparing their favorite drinks just the way they like them. So how do you land this pleasantly caffeinated position? This guide, along with our custom resume templates and resume-builder tool, will show you how to: (Source: resume.io)


Pleasant and hard-working barista with 3 years experience in fast-paced cafes in Phoenix. Excellent customer skills, knowledgeable about coffee and food pairings, and experienced in inventory control. Worked with 40+ international coffee beans. 100% on-time attendance in the last year. Seeking to use customer service and coffee skills to take on shift supervisor role at Starbucks, central Phoenix.

I can work under pressure - with events for 50 attendees not uncommon - whilst maintaining excellent service skills and providing added knowledge for customers about bean sources and processing methods. I am food hygiene state certified and take pride in a clean and tidy workspace. Looking forward to applying and developing my knowledge and skills in your Starbucks store. (Source: sweetcv.com)


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