co curricular resume

co curricular resume

co curricular resume


The introduction of Co Curricular Activities helps those hiring you have a glimpse into your hobbies, your interests and your individuality, outside the world of academics, tests and scores. The information provided by the Co Curricular Activities transforms you from a bunch of data to a human with varied interests and passions in the eyes of those recruiting you. In case you feel your Co Curricular Activities may seem disconnected from your desired job profile, but if you list out the soft skills you develop because of these activities, you can make your resume look more polished and appear more skillful than the other competitors. Having established the importance, let us have a look at the Co Curricular Activities list for Resume.


Before adding our special skills in our resume we need to understand exactly what co curricular activities are. Co curricular means different programs, activities as well as learning experiences that imply you are part of experiences that mirror or are connected to the academic structure you are currently part of. The co curricular activities are not graded and do not give you the opportunity of improving your grade. However, these activities shape up your personality, approach to different problems and your creative outlook, skills most of the companies are looking for in a candidate. However we tend to confuse co curricular activities with Extra-Curricular activities and before we move to the Co Curricular Activities List, let us look at the difference between Co Curricular Activities and Extra-Curricular Activities.

Generally people tend to get confused between the two. Co Curricular Activities are basically different pursuits that are closely related to the academic structure. In a course, co curricular Activities are mostly extensions of the academic learning experience. Extra-Curricular Activities on the other hand are not offered by the institute itself and is not really connected to the academic structure as such. In practice, this difference may seem a little fuzzy to follow. For example, sports and athletics activities are considered Extracurricular Activities, while something like a science fair is considered a Co Curricular activity since participation in a science fair results in academic learning to a great extent. However, both these terms do not necessarily follow their true meaning and can be used in place of the other while making a resume. Let us now look at why the Co Curricular Activities List is important. (Source: leverageedu.com)



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