Cleaning Service Resume Examples OR

Cleaning Service Resume Examples OR

Cleaning Service Resume Examples


The Cleaner is the unsung hero of many buildings. He/she makes sure the premises are clean, orderly, and safe for everyone. Sometimes, referred to as the janitor, the cleaner is needed anywhere. If you want to apply for the job, don’t just submit any Cleaner resume. It may be a blue-collar job, but companies have standards. (Source: www.resumeok.com)


The key to writing a winning cleaner resume is to make your potential employers realize how much they need you over all the other cleaners and cleaning services out there. To make yourself stand out, detail your skill set down to the smallest specialty because you never know who might need perfectly polished silver or the help of someone who knows how to get water marks off wooden tables. This is the one place it's perfectly all right to brag, so don't be modest.

Expected to promptly notify management of spills and emergency situations, need for major and minor building/facility repairs, lights that are out or broken, broken equipment and fixtures, damaged structures, ruptured pipes/plumbing, problems with heating/cooling and ventilation, and any other observable safety issues/concerns (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)



A Cleaner will facilitate cleaning and maintenance job duties in various facilities. The job duties include performing cleaning duties to keep the buildings clean and in orderly condition. The day-to-day activities listed on the Cleaner Resume include the following – cleaning, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping designated facility areas; performing and documenting routine inspection and maintenance activities; carrying out heavy cleansing tasks, making minor repairs and adjustments, stocking and maintaining supply rooms, and following safety and health regulations.

Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor who makes assignments. Work is performed independently within the framework of established policies and procedures. Refers unusual problems to supervisor for resolution. Work is reviewed for accuracy and patron satisfaction. - Performs other related duties as assigned (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)


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