Citric acid vinegar weed killer

Citric acid vinegar weed killer

Citric acid vinegar weed killer

Citric acid vinegar weed killer is a natural spray for backyard gardens, just as serious about herbicide-kills weeds with a 20% concentration of acid. With a pH level of 4, this formula is safe for flowers, plants, trees, and other vegetation, and has been tested in tens of thousands of acres. It’s made in Eugene, Oregon specifically for organic use, which is guaranteed by OMRI.Looking for a natural alternative to chemical weed killers? There are a number of non-toxic remedies you can easily concoct with everyday household items. Unlike chemical-based killers, these home-made solutions won’t pose a risk to pets, children, or wildlife.



If you already have a traditional chemical weed killer (such as one containing glyphosate), don't throw it out quite yet. Highly effective glyphosate weed killers can still be safe for pets as long as they are used appropriately, according to a study from the University of Maryland. Whether you are ready to try a new pet-friendly product or want to use up an old product in an animal-safe way, here's everything you need to know about how to keep your pets away from potentially unsafe weed killersTina Wismer, DVM, and the senior director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, says that many pets get exposed to weed killers when they are outside with their owner while gardening and lick a wet weed that has just been chemically treated. In order to avoid this, make sure you keep pets inside while spraying any chemicals, and keep them away from the treated area until the weed killer is fully dried.

One natural weed killer to keep those unsightly greens at bay? "Keep the lawn long, so it takes longer for seeds to work their way down the ground," says Leslie Reichert, founder of Green Cleaning Coach. Or try the old-fashioned, labor-intensive method: "Sometimes you can't control exactly where the weed killer disseminates when sprayed. If you're afraid of brown spots in your lawn, a weed puller and a bucket can be your best bet." (Source: www.realsimple.com Even professional landscapers are known to use this simple, natural weed killer. If your garden is infested, use a weed whacker to address the culprits, then lay down yesterday’s newspaper. Newspaper blocks beginning weeds from growing and new seeds from forming by shutting out sun and air. Top it off with mulch and the weeds won’t show up, Reichert says. The newspaper will break down eventually, too, so there’s no clean-up. (Source:www.realsimple.com))



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