Chrono Resume ORR

Chrono Resume ORR

Chrono Resume


Time tickers, or “time-tracking tools”, allow you to keep an eye on your time. Chrono Resume is not just a time-tracker, but a resume maker too. Eliminating the headaches of forgetting to include your job title, start-time, and duration, Chrono Resume creates a professional-looking resume for you.



The Combination Resume format (AKA Hybrid or Chrono-Functional) generally makes a good impression. Although it includes a detailed Experience section as in a Chronological resume, that section is preceded by one or more sections that call the employer’s attention to the skills, experience and accomplishments the job seeker wants to emphasize. These sections can have headings like Summary (or Profile), Competencies and Selected Achievements. These same headings may also be found in Chronological resumes. In fact, opinion varies widely as to exactly when a Chronological resume becomes a Combination. If you look up these terms on the Web you’ll find contradictory definitions. That doesn’t matter. The point is to organize your resume in a way that makes you look good without seeming to have something to hide. Below is the sample combination resume format. Please review the links below the example for additional resources.

While chronological resumes are the most common resume format, they aren't always the most effective. Chronological resumes work well for job seekers who have a strong, logical work history. Functional resumes tend to work better for job seekers who may not have a logical work history, or have gaps in their employment. The functional resume is designed to allow you focus on job specific skills and accomplishments that relate to the specific position being applied for. If your job history isn't very impressive, due to employment gaps, or if it just doesn't make sense, a functional resume is probably your best option. (Source: www.careerprofiles.info)



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