Child Care Assistant Director Resume OR

Child Care Assistant Director Resume OR

Child Care Assistant Director Resume


online.resumehelp.com)Child Care AsI have been working with kids since I was in middle school. I started mentor younger kids while I was in middle school. When I got into high school I babysat on weekends. I graduated from Spaulding High School in 2013. After that I started working for a home daycare full time called Little Sprouts. We had 12 kids full time and 3 part time. While I was working there I was taking classes to get my LNA which I got December of 2013. I then got a job nannying for a family with three kids. The oldest was four years old, the middle was two, and the youngest was two months when I started. I am currently still at this job now (Diann's daycare) I had to take the job because I needed to get my CDA and for that you need to work at a daycare. I deal with a lot of children that have behavior problems. It can be a very stressful job but I am a very patient person and it's very rewarding when you can help change a child life for the better and help them cope and understand their behavior. I am CPR certified and I over 40 hours of professional development hours. (Source:sistant Director Resume


Child care directors have high-level positions. Their job is to manage staff and provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for children and babies between the ages of six-weeks-old and five-years-old. Child care directors often design the curriculum for various age groups and order educational equipment, games and materials needed for growth and enrichment. They also ensure that each learning space has the proper furniture and resources for safe play, rest and learning.

It's important that a child care director's beliefs regarding child development and education mirrors the values of center they run. When applying to this type of position, research the learning center, pre-school or nursery that you're applying to. Find out what they're educational, behavioral and safety goals are, and research the philosophy they use in caring for children. Make sure that your personal beliefs and educational background match those needs and values. This will help you best determine if the job role is a good fit for you. (Source: www.indeed.com)



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