Chickens for Sale Craigslist: OOR

Chickens for Sale Craigslist: OOR


Selling Your Chickens For Sale on Craigslist


When selling your chickens for sale, it's important to know your product inside and out. Don't just post your listing on Craigslist - research other listings in your area to see what other chicken owners are charging for the same breed of chicken. Price your chickens correctly and answer potential buyers' questions. Be prepared to counter offers and haggle. Listed chickens for sale on Craigslist often end up getting a lot less than what you're asking.

Sell your surplus chickens at a livestock auction

If you have surplus chickens that you no longer want or need, you can sell them at a livestock auction or through local poultry swaps. If you have trouble finding a buyer for your chickens, you can always post a listing on Craigslist or use social media like Facebook to reach out to other poultry enthusiasts. Posting photos and detailed information about the chickens is a good idea, and it's a good idea to contact potential buyers privately before they view your listing. You'll have to quarantine any unwanted birds, as well as sell them at a higher price, but that's a good starting point.

Before you put up an ad on Craigslist, you should do your research. Research the market and the price per chicken for similar breeds. Don't price your chickens too low. Make sure to answer any questions prospective buyers might have, as well as prepare yourself for haggling and counter-offers. It's not uncommon to sell your chickens for less than you paid for them!

Don't sell your laying hens on Craigslist

If you're planning to sell your laying hens, consider avoiding Craigslist altogether. This is because people are usually looking for chickens between six and 12 months of age, and it is best to sell your hens between these ages. Laying hens are in high demand, and they require a lot of time and feed. Alternatively, you could consider selling roosters, which don't have much demand and are more difficult to rehome.

Identifying a hen's gender

If you've been wondering how to tell a hen's gender, you're not alone. The HSUS recommends that you adopt an adult bird from a humane society or animal control center rather than purchasing a chick or hen from a Craigslist ad. Sadly, many chickens end up in traditional shelters and can't be identified by their combs. Luckily, you can adopt one and save her life.

Luckily, there are several simple methods for identifying a hen's sex. First, look for a tiny protuberance beneath the cloacal fold. Gently press on the fold and see if a bulb-like protuberance emerges. If it does, it's a male. If not, the chick's gender is still unclear, but there are a few things you can look for that can help you make an informed decision.

Getting free laying hens

Getting free laying hens on the internet can be very beneficial, but there are some things that you should avoid before committing. It is important to remember that these hens are most likely "stewing hens," which are laying chickens that have been slaughtered for their eggs. If you find a hen sitting in an isolated area with no other human contact, it is probably a sign that the hens are suffering from a health problem.

Firstly, it is important to know that hens start laying eggs at fifteen to twenty-four weeks of age. You will need to invest a lot of time, feed, and space into raising these birds. In addition, you can also look for breeding pairs if you're unable to afford laying hens. In this case, you might want to look for a couple of pullets that will be available at a reduced price.

Buying from a local farm

Purchasing chickens from a local farm is a great option if you are looking for a specific breed of chicken. Many breeders are very knowledgeable and are always willing to answer your questions and answer your concerns. Local swap meets are an excellent place to buy chickens. Typically you can attend these for a small entrance fee. Swap meets are a great way to meet other local chicken lovers and look at the birds up close and personal.

Before posting a listing, be sure to do your research. Browse other listings in your area to see what the going rate is for the breed you're selling. Be sure to price your chickens appropriately. Prepare yourself to answer any questions potential buyers may have. Lastly, be prepared to negotiate and receive counter offers. You will be better prepared with these tips than if you were to sell your chickens to the first person who comes across them.

Another option is to purchase chickens from a local farm. Farm supply stores often have chicks for sale in the spring. While they don't carry as many different breeds as mail order hatcheries, local farmers typically have a large number of chickens for sale. These farmers may also have helpful staff who can advise you on raising and caring for your own chickens. If you are interested in purchasing chickens from a local farm, make sure to check the Facebook marketplace for listings.

Craigslist Chickens For Sale Near Me

craigslist chickens for sale near me

If you're considering listing your rooster for sale on Craigslist, there are some important tips to keep in mind. Make sure to research prices and breeds in your area, as well as the general market price of the same breed. Price your chicken competitively, but don't price it too low to scare away potential buyers. Be prepared for counter offers and haggling if potential buyers have questions about your chicken.

Jennifer Barrow's husband warned her to get rid of Steven the rooster

A Craigslist ad featuring a mean rooster has garnered a lot of attention after a woman in Milton, Massachusetts posted a picture of the rooster and a warning from her husband. In the Craigslist ad, Jennifer Barrow described Steven as an "a-hole rooster." She claimed Steven had attacked people, dogs and even tools. However, her husband said that Steven's behavior is normal with other chickens.

The ad for Steven the rooster has been making its way around social media, as a screenshot of the ad has been spreading around the Internet. Jennifer Barrow and her husband live in Milton and adopted the rooster Steven from another man. Steven, however, has a spur on his leg that punctured her husband's leg. The spur is a natural defense mechanism for roosts against their natural competitors.

Livestock auctions may find a buyer for a rooster

Selling a rooster isn't an easy task. Some people only want hens for the eggs, while others live in city limits and don't want roosters. Regardless of your reasons for selling your rooster, there are ways to find a buyer. One of these ways is livestock auctions. You can find roosters at livestock auctions and local classified ads.

Listed in the "Livestock / Poultry / Pets" classifieds, these ads can be canceled at any time. It's important to include relevant information in your ad, including pictures, so people can get a better idea of what you have to offer. While the internet is a great way to market livestock, be aware that selling livestock on social networking sites like Facebook is not recommended.

The best way to market your rooster on Craigslist is to take actual photographs of it. While you don't have to take professional photographs, people prefer to see actual photos of a chicken. Craigslist allows four photos per post, but the more pictures you upload, the better. Use your cell phone's camera to take photos of your roosters. Make sure the lighting is good and the surroundings are clean. Try to get close-up shots of any unique features on the bird.

Listed roosters on Craigslist are ideal for urban homesteaders and suburbanites. These urban homesteaders usually don't allow roosters in their homes, so they need to find a new home. It's also important to think about how your rooster will be disposed of. If you can't find a new owner for it, consider donating your rooster to a farm animal sanctuary or a chicken rescue group.

Using stock photos on craigslist is sketchy

Unless the pictures are taken from an actual photo of the item being sold, using stock photos on Craigslist is a sure sign of a scam. These images can often be quite realistic, but are most likely fakes. You can double-check to see if a photo is authentic by performing a reverse search. You can do this by right-clicking the image and choosing "Search Google for Image." If the photo links to another ad, it is likely a stock photo. Alternatively, you can simply ask to see a picture of the item by holding it up next to the newspaper. If they don't provide any pictures, back away slowly.

Pricing craigslist chickens

There are a few things you should remember when pricing craigslist chickens. For starters, you should never overprice your chickens. The key to pricing your chickens right is to prepare ahead of time for counter offers and haggling. By following these tips, you'll be better prepared for any potential buyers' questions. After all, they're looking for chickens to enjoy.

Before you bid on a chicken on Craigslist, you should find out the health history of the bird. A sick chook can ruin your chicken-rearing plans. Always ask for references. Check the seller's feedback to find out if the seller is serious about selling their chooks. If you're looking for a cheap chicken, you may find a chook on Craigslist with a poor history.

Another important tip is to be aware of the potential scammers on Craigslist. If you post a craigslist ad containing pictures of roosters, you should expect to receive unwanted contacts. It's best to post pictures of roosters in the flesh, not a picture of an egg or a chicken taken from the internet. Also, make sure to thoroughly check your ad before posting.

Chickens For Sale on Craigslist

craigslist chickens for sale

If you are considering selling your chickens on Craigslist, you'll find that there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips will help you get the best deal on your chickens and prevent bad experiences caused by no-shows. There's nothing more frustrating than losing valuable time to no-shows. The following tips will help you get the best deal and have a happy chicken!

Problems with craigslist chicken coops

Chicken coops purchased on Craigslist are not always of good quality. Many sellers will lie about the materials used in construction, knowing that it will be too late to fix problems once they have been discovered. Many coops are made of thin, cheap materials and look like they will fall down at any time. Moreover, the communal nesting box is typically of poor quality. As a result, problems with a Craigslist chicken coop are often inevitable.

Although the design of a chicken coop on Craigslist may look appealing, it might not be of high quality. A chicken coop bought on Craigslist does not have a return policy. Buyers will probably pay in cash, and they will be stuck with it. Because of this, it's best to buy a chicken coop from a trusted seller, or have a professional construct it for you.

Another problem with Craigslist chicken coops is that the run wires can be flimsy and are not durable. Additionally, a Craigslist chicken coop that is not made to professional standards may be poorly constructed, or may have too much or too little ventilation. Moreover, chicken runs may be unprotected due to gaps and seams. Therefore, it is important to inspect the chicken run to determine its quality.

In order to prevent diseases from affecting chickens, you must make sure that your coop has adequate space for roosting and laying. According to Britton Clouse, the ideal space for chickens is 2 square feet per hen. The coop should be lined with wood shavings and be at least 2 feet off the ground. The walls and roof should be vented, at least one fifth of them. Ventilation is necessary for proper health. A coop should also have an opening higher than the roosts.

Problems with craigslist chicken coop ads

The problem with buying a chicken coop from Craigslist is that it can be hard to tell if the design is good enough for the number of chickens you intend to keep. Many advertisements overstate the number of chickens they can house. Craigslist chicken coop ads can be tricky to read because they can sometimes be overly enthusiastic about the product. Buyers should avoid buying chicken coops from Craigslist unless they are willing to purchase the entire chicken coop from a seller with a positive reputation.

First of all, Craigslist chicken coop ads tend to be poorly built, and the run wires are often flimsy. Because they are not subject to any professional standards, the coops sold on Craigslist are often poorly constructed. In addition, they often do not meet basic building standards, which means they have poor ventilation or overly excessive ventilation. The coops on Craigslist are often not even made of durable materials, and the frames are often cracked or rotted.

How to Find Chickens For Sale Near Me on Craigslist

chickens for sale near me craigslist

The next time you look for chickens for sale near me, consider swap meets. These events are often a great source of poultry supplies and inventions, but be aware that there is a risk of disease transmission due to intermingling of animals. Alternatively, you can check your local feed store or Tractor Supply Co. They may sell chicks in a bright galvanized tank. Stores that order chicks generally have them available in early spring, and they often come from hatcheries.


Buying Welsummer chickens for sale on the internet is an excellent way to get a breed that will live up to its name and lay large, dark brown eggs. These birds can lay up to 250 eggs a year. Bantams, on the other hand, lay around 150 eggs a year. The dark eggs come from the inclusion of a substance called Porphyrin in the egg's shell. This is the same substance that gives hens their speckled appearance.

A Welsummer chicken is a breed that originated in the Dutch town of Welsum on the Ijssel River. Although its exact origin is not entirely known, it is believed to be a cross between local landrace fowl and foreign breeds. This means that Welsumers can integrate well with other breeds of chickens. They fall somewhere in the middle of the pecking order and don't tend to be bossy.

Welsummer chickens for sale on the Craigslist website have 45 active listings. The highest discount is 67 percent. However, if you don't know the exact coupon code, you can use CouponXoo to find it. It is important to note that some results might only apply to specific products. Make sure you verify that all items on your order qualify before submitting your order.

Assorted Cochins and Dark Brown Layers are available for $4.95 each, while Dominiques and Barred Plymouth Rocks are $15 ea. Be sure to check out the delivery dates. The best time to purchase Welsummer chickens is a few weeks before they'll be arriving at your door. A good price range will be around $4.00 per hen. You'll find an excellent deal on Craigslist if you look hard enough.


If you're looking for McMurray chickens for sale on eBay, Craigslist is a great place to start your search. You can buy variety packs of McMurray chicks, or purchase an entire barn's worth of roosters. Depending on the breed, McMurrays can be shipped across the country and are a great choice for new chicken owners.

Murray McMurray Hatchery is one of the largest breeders of rare breed chickens in the US and is a highly recommended source for hatching eggs. These chicks are usually day-old but you can order older or younger chicks. They ship to anywhere in the world, and each one arrives in a reinforced box. Whether you want a male or a female, Murray McMurray chickens for sale on Craigslist come in a variety of breeds and colors.

Breed-specific breeders

There are numerous reasons to choose breed-specific breeders for chickens for sale. These farmers focus on genetics and quality of the breed. They choose only the best birds for breeding and demand top dollar for their wares. Moreover, they will be happy to answer questions about the chickens they sell. You can easily find a breeder near you if you follow a few tips.

A good place to look for chicks for sale is at a feed and animal supply store. Many of these stores sell chicks for sale by the dozen. You can browse their selection and pick one that fits your needs. It can be challenging to buy livestock, so a breed-specific store will be a good option for you. You will also find some breed-specific breeders near you, so you don't have to worry about your chickens being sick!

If you're a beginner, consider looking for breed-specific breeders near you. Hubbel Spring Farm specializes in pure heritage chickens. The farm sells free-range livestock and is also certified by the National Poultry Improvement Program. The farm is located in Texas and offers shipping and local pick-up for their chicks. In addition to providing a great selection, they also have a low minimum order and use sustainable energy.

Sebright chickens are considered ornamental and do not lay many eggs. Sebright males lack the typical rooster feathers. Sebright hens are very active. A bantam breed, the Serama is named for King Rama of Thailand. They can grow up to two feet tall and weigh anywhere from one to nine pounds. Despite their size, they are also very friendly and good companions. Their feathers resemble hair and their oversized wattles are easily noticeable. They are great for people who want to keep small chickens as pets.

Swap meets

If you're looking to get new poultry, you might be interested in a swap meet for chickens. These events are great for new and experienced chicken owners alike. They also provide the opportunity to interact with other farm enthusiasts and learn about the different types of chickens. Here are some tips for shopping at a poultry swap meet. To avoid losing out on any good chickens, come prepared with plenty of water. Make sure you know what breeds to look for, as prices can vary wildly. For instance, different chickens can cost different amounts as chicks or as started pullets.

When visiting a swap meet for chickens, make sure to bring your animals in a carrier or box. Many small animals are dangerous to transport unaccompanied, so you might want to bring your animals in a carrier. It's also a good idea to bring a friend with you, as well. The swap host doesn't want to lose money by being alone with their new animals. While swap meets are fun and educational, you should respect others' needs and don't be intimidated.

While the majority of poultry swap meets focus on chickens, there are also many other kinds of livestock you can find there. If you're interested in a specific breed of chicken, you can visit a local swap meet for the chance to meet a poultry lover who's interested in buying your own. Purchasing chickens at a swap meet will increase the diversity of your breeding program and provide you with a variety of colors and personalities.

Farm supply stores

If you're looking for chickens for sale near me on Craigs list, you may have to go through a mail order hatchery. These stores typically sell straight runs of chickens, without separating males from females. If you're lucky enough to live near a farm supply store, they'll probably have chicks for sale. If not, you may also want to contact your neighbors, who may be incubating chicks.

If you're not lucky enough to be able to visit a farm supply store, you can always find chickens for sale on Craigslist. Many of these sellers have several thousand birds to choose from. You might want to check out several listings before deciding on which one to purchase. Visiting a local farm supply store may be the easiest way to find the perfect chicken for you. You may be able to barter with some of them, but it's important to know which chicken breed is right for you.

Chicken supplies are essential. Make sure to get a brooder for your chicks, and then invest in a chicken coop, including feed and waterer systems. Chicken nesting boxes should be lined with paper shredding material. Also, you should include small grit in the floor of the coop, and you should invest in hard-bristle brushes to clean their feed pan and waterers. If you're not interested in buying new chickens, you can look for used tractors for sale near me on Craigslist.

Whether you want to get a rooster or a chicken, keep your eyes open for the right breed. Local farms often carry appropriate chicken breeds for the climate in your area. Additionally, you can keep an eye out for ads in your local newspaper. You can also check animal shelters in your area. While many have chickens for sale, there are still large shelters that have livestock. You might be able to find one of these chickens online or on a bulletin board.

Live Chickens For Sale Near Me on Craigslist

live chickens for sale near me craigslist

There are plenty of ways to sell live chickens on Craigslist. Here are four of the most effective: use stock photos, price your chickens correctly, and get rid of them. Then, you can sit back and relax! The money will be rolling in! Listed below are the tips that you need to know if you want to sell live chickens on Craigslist. They will help you make money and get the animals off your hands!

Selling chickens on craigslist

When it comes to rehoming your chickens, selling chickens on Craigslist may be the best option. However, you should be sure to place your ad properly to maximize your potential sales. Place your ad in the farm and garden area. Also, make sure to contact prospective buyers prior to accepting their offers, as no one wants to waste their time with a no-show.

When selling chickens on Craigslist, you should take actual pictures of your flock. You can post up to four photos per listing, and the more photos you have, the better. A good cell phone camera will take excellent photos. Make sure to use proper lighting and set the hens in clean surroundings, and try to get close-up shots of their unique features. This will give potential buyers a more realistic impression of the quality of your chickens and help you make the most money.

Before you list your chickens on Craigslist, make sure to do some research about your competition. Take a look at other listings in your area to see what the current market value is for similar breeds. Don't price your chickens too low or too high, as you will likely have to deal with haggling and counter-offers. If you do all of these, selling chickens on Craigslist will be a breeze!

Before you post your ad, consider creating a social media account or creating a group on Facebook. Ask your friends and family to "like" your page. Once you have your account set up, you can post photos and details of your chickens for sale. If you have a buyer, make sure to send a private message. Remember, this is a business and a relationship should be developed with your potential buyer.

Pricing chickens

There are a few important factors to consider when pricing chickens for sale on Craigslist. The most important of these is the breed of chickens you are selling. Chickens are not cheap, so you should avoid pricing them too low. You should also be prepared to field questions from potential buyers. If you do not know your product or the market, pricing chickens on Craigslist is risky. A small price decrease may not be enough to keep your chicken selling business going.

The quality of your photos will set your listing apart from the competition. People want to see actual photos of chickens. You can post as many as four photos, but the higher the quality, the more your listing will sell. Even phone cameras can take good pictures, so make sure you use them. Make sure the lighting is good, and you get close-ups of any unique features of your chickens. This will increase your chances of a successful Craigslist ad.

You should ask as many questions as possible before making a purchase. Remember that chickens on Craigslist often come from people who do not have the time or desire to cull sick or bad birds. Also, they could have come from poor breeding stock. Invest some time and effort in researching the chickens before you buy them. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you can and do an examination of them. You can avoid bad experiences with no-show buyers by being proactive and reaching out to them.

Getting rid of chickens

Getting rid of chickens on CraigsList is not a legal or ethical way to dispose of them. While dropping them off at a local animal shelter is fine, chickens do not have the skills to survive on their own. They are also easy targets for stray cats and resident raccoons. Also, dumping them in a landfill has many negative effects, including the likelihood of euthanasia.

The most common mistake people make when selling their chickens on Craigslist is offering them too cheaply. While offering chickens for free may be tempting, it gives the impression that you're desperate for cash and have no other option but to sell them. This message can be particularly damaging to those looking to get rid of their chickens for $10. Backyard chicken breeds are usually bred for egg production and feathering, not for cockfighting, and should be priced accordingly.

If you have a broody hen that has never laid an egg, you may want to consider giving her the eggs and raising them for free. Your local area may have a surplus of fertile eggs, and a friend or neighbor with chickens might be interested in giving you some of them. Of course, you should offer half of the chicks as a thank-you for her generosity.

If you're planning on selling your chickens on Craigslist, you'll want to make sure your photos do them justice. A lot of buyers will want to see actual photos of their chickens, so use your phone's camera for photos. If possible, try to get close-ups of the distinctive features of your chickens, and don't forget to include some of the most unique shots you can find.

Game Chickens For Sale on Craigslist

craigslist game chickens for sale

If you are looking for game chickens for sale on Craigslist, there are several places that you can turn to. The Cackle Hatchery(r) website, for example, lists grown birds for sale. Read on to learn more about the different breeds, their prices, and other information. Here is a list of recommended breeders. You can also check your local newspaper or craigslist.

Cackle Hatchery(r)'s listing of available grown birds for sale

If you're looking for chickens for sale or want to start your own flock, Cackle Hatchery is a great place to start. They've been hatching birds since 1936 and ship nationwide. Their selection includes more than two hundred different breeds of chickens, including meat birds, egg layers, and bantams. In addition to chickens for sale, they also sell poultry supplies, books, and other products to make your poultry raising experience a success. The hatchery sells White Leghorn Chickens, Brown Leghorn Chickens, Isabella Leghorns, and Standard Bronze.

For the most part, Cackle Hatchery ships baby chicks from February to September, but sometimes the hatchery does not have enough stock to keep them all. Because Cackle Hatchery follows nature's rhythm, it offers a great selection of breeds year-round. In addition to chickens, you can also purchase turkeys and other types of game birds.

For those interested in rare breeds, Rare Poultry Farms in central Illinois has a good selection. Their hours are 8:30am to 9:30pm and they sell a wide range of fowl. Ringneck, Chukar, and Hungarian partridge chicks are also available. They also sex-mark chicks and sell different types of chickens.

For a variety of breeds and ages, browse the website of The Chicken Farm of Missouri LLC. The farm sells day-old chicks, free-range chickens, and Rhode Island Reds. The list includes prices and shipping options. You can also check out their Facebook page for more information. A friendly staff is available to answer your questions. This is a great place to buy your birds!

To purchase live birds, you can contact Stromberg, a chicken delivery service and hatchery. Stromberg's website offers an easy-to-use navigation system, a list of available birds, and a detailed listing of essential land equipment. Once you've chosen the breed of chickens you're interested in, Stromberg will deliver them to you. Whether you need your chickens to be for hunting, for breeding, or for food, Stromberg is the place to go.

In addition to the listed breeds, you can also find a variety of other kinds of poultry. If you're looking for a large breed, this is a great place to start. They also sell different types of chickens, including guinea hens, pheasants, and ducks. In addition to selling chickens, this farm offers other kinds of poultry and supplies.


Many people wonder what the best breeds of game chickens to buy are, and Craigslist is an excellent place to do so. There are many breeds of game chickens to choose from, and each one has its own unique personality and characteristics. For example, Silver-Laced Wyandottes are a very popular breed, while Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are more traditional choices. But if you're unsure which breed is right for you, consider raising a mixture of different types of game chickens.

If you're looking for a game chicken to buy, consider Old English Game hens. They are hardy and fairly reliable brooders. However, if you want to keep them together, you should be prepared to put up with some rooster antics. They are territorial and aggressive and can fight with each other. Old English Game hens, on the other hand, are great for brooding and are a great choice if you have an open space.


Before you post a listing for your game chickens, you should do some research. Take a look at other listings in your area and find out what the going rate is for the particular breed of chicken you have for sale. Make sure not to price your chickens too low, but at the same time, be prepared to respond to questions and negotiate. There's nothing worse than a counter offer or haggling match.

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