Casio Scientific Calc OR

Casio Scientific Calc OR

Casio Scientific Calc


The Casio Scientific Calculator featured 240 functions for you to use for solving equations. The Casio Scientific Calculator was now included in the Casio TI NSpire series of intelligent calculator platform. It was a tool that was useful for students and educators. Before taking a tour of hundreds of additional popular Casio calculators.


Read more Read more FEATURES Ideal scientific calculator FX-991 Es plus 2nd edition is perfect for Engineering, polytechnic and science students Natural Text Book Display Natural text book displays text as written in a text book. This feature makes number reading easy and fast Design Highly visible, easy-to-press cursor keys and function keys Read more Two-way attachable Hard case Hard case that's attachable and detachable in both the directions 2 Level Authenticity Check Before and After purchase, with QR code feature. Scan QR code to check for authenticity. Number of Functions : 417 Support Statistic Trigonometry, permutation & combination, logarithmic, integration, differential, simultaneous & polynomial equation, vector, matrix, complex numbers, Base-n calculations and many more Read more Excellent Quality: Wear-Resistant printing, Drop-Resistant body The Casio scientific calculators undergo rigorous quality tests and only those models reach the customer which deliver maximum durability Japanese Trusted Quality Casio Calculators comply with ISO 14001, and ROHS policies and abolish usage of harmful substances. 3-Years Casio Scientific Calculator comes with 3-years of surety (given by manufacture). Read more

New CASIO Standard Scientific Calculators with Natural textbook display format!! CASIO's original "Natural Expression Input Display" and "Natural Expression Output Display" make it possible to display fractions, exponents, logarithms, powers, and square roots just as they are written in the textbook. The result is enhanced student comprehension and improved math class efficiency.The FX-991ES PLUS has a matrix display and solving equations has never been easier as this is one of the new functions. Another is random Integers where you specify the range of random integers you want to generate and the FX991ESPLUS will display them. The number of memories has also been increase from 7 to 9. The FX991ESPLUS has many functions that can be use to solve many problems. Our users say they love the fact that the scientific calculator use two types of power, one solar and the other battery so is ECO friendly and you are safe to take it into an exam without it failing not to work. Others opinions of the product is that they think that it is one to the best calculator that you can buy. One of the advantages that we are told about is that the result that you get you able to use the same figure in the next part of the sum, without having to round up numbers or to re-type up the whole digits which can lead to errors. Other great functions that we are told about was that you are able to use the calucator to work back wards, such as in algebraic equations. This can make life so much easier or so our users tell us. The high technical specifications make this the most powereful Scientific at this price point.You can use this calculator from School to University and on into work (Source: www.amazon.com)



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