Carlson School of Management Resume Template

Carlson School of Management Resume Template

Carlson School of Management Resume Template


Your resume is among the first things an employer will see when you apply for a job. Unfortunately, your resume can seem like a jumbled collection of random experiences and achievements. To avoid this, use a resume template to help organize and prioritize your experience into specific categories.



When copying a resume sample for your job application, all you need to do is pay attention to the contact, work experience, and education details. If you have different skills than those included in the resume example, be sure to replace them and list your skills on your resume the right way. The more complex your job history is, the more you'll need to adjust the resume sample. While you can keep most of the information from our ready resume examples, we encourage you to read our guide on all resume sections, so that you can be sure all parts of your resume have the right information presented in the right way.

Your resume should be one-page long, but in specific situations it is still acceptable to have two-page resumes (read more on the ideal resume length here). On average, candidates with fewer than 5 years of experience shouldn't need more than one page for their resumes. If you happen to need more room, pick a two-column resume template – that will increase the amount of information you can display. If you have more experience and can't sum it up on one page, a two-page resume template is perfectly fine. (Source: zety.com)



All of our 500+ free resume examples were written by Certified Professional Resume Writers, who have extensive experience in creating resumes for candidates from all industries and career paths. Each guide provides a professional resume sample along with a set of tips & practical examples to help you make your own resume with ease, for any job title or position. To help you win the job, your resume must also look good and have a proper format, so we strongly advise you to also pick a professional resume template you can quickly fill in online and download in PDF or DOC.

While your resume highlights your accomplishments in a format that more closely resembles a list, your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to tell your story through a narrative, and to provide examples of your work using a portfolio or links to projects, volunteer activities, photos, etc. Your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be a regurgitation of your resume, rather it should compliment it and show an employer another way to understand who you are as a potential employee. (Source: www.miamioh.edu)


Through a wide range of services and resources, the Graduate Business Career Center (GBCC) prepares Carlson School students for successful internship and job searches, and connects students to top companies across the country. The GBCC offers extensive services and resources to help you with all aspects of your career development, from career coaching and mock interviews to internship placement and negotiation strategies.

Selected to participate in two-year leadership development program, focusing on core management competencies such as communication and strategic thinking. [Note: you can highlight the specific competencies on which you are focusing.] (Source: management.buffalo.edu)


Recruiters spend seconds deciding whether to place a résumé in the trash pile or interview pile. To increase your chances of securing an interview, you want create a résumé that effectively markets your qualifications in an error-free and easy-to-read format. By reducing the time and energy spent on formatting your résumé, the CRC résumé template helps you focus your attention on developing the résumé content that markets your unique experience and skills.

Notice that the after version shows results with actual percentages and describes the value that the employee brought to the company. Take the time to think about the skills you developed that would be transferable to your future jobs and also try to show you were successful at the tasks you performed by using those skills. Our recommendation is to research job openings for positions you would plan to apply for in the future and see what skills and qualities the companies are requesting for those jobs. How can you show that you have developed those skills in your past positions already? (Source: management.buffalo.edu)


MBA, MHRIR, and specialty Master's alumni have access to Graduate Business Career Center (GBCC) job postings through TalentLink. You may also identify key networking contacts at your target companies or in your desired industry or functional areas through TalentLink. You will find this information under the Organizational Research tab.

The university campus is situated between vibrant urban neighborhoods and is just a 10-minute drive from the city’s famous Walker Art Center and professional sports arenas. Carlson is in an ideal metropolitan area for MBA studies, with 18 Fortune-500 companies headquartered in the dynamic twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. (Source: www.clearadmit.com)


The Carlson School full-time MBA program concentrates its academic experience on global and experiential learning. The program requires 64 credits across two academic years. Students’ education begins before the first fall semester with online “pre-launch” webinars, survey, career assessment, and accounting pre-work. Subsequently, orientation in late August prepares students to dive into the fall semester’s 20 credits of core classes, which include Strategic Management, Data Analysis, Financial Accounting, Operations Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Economics. Five more core credits are completed over the spring semester, including digital age competition and leadership classes. Students also begin taking electives and credits towards the Enterprise Program in the spring semester. The Carlson School Enterprise Programs enables MBA students to collaborate with Fortune 500 business managers to identify and resolve challenges. In essence, the program lets students operate as a professional consultancy firm serving multiple clients—all while applying their classroom knowledge and high-level strategy.

Challenging to complete while working fulltime. The environment was great. Expandeed my knowledge of many business discipline including accounting an marketing. Traveling with classmates to Europe to complete businesss consulting projects was priceless. (Source: www.indeed.com)

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