Cactus nursery

Cactus nursery


Cactus nursery

The cactus nursery takes pride in helping their clients maintain their beautiful cactus plants throughout the year. However, it suffers by having fewer workers than are needed to power the equipment and do their jobs efficiently. They have a huge selection of cacti for individuals or businesses to choose from.Highly variable geophytic cactus, possibly through hybridizing. Slow-growing to 10″d. w/hairy center and summer blooms. Can take 10+ years for first flowers. Keep dry iHi, I have a Christmas Cactus, (pink flowering, 18″ long ‘paddle’ leaves), that is said to be from a cutting in Kansas, ca. 1865. Is there a possibility it is a rare, unknown or presumed ‘extinct’ variety!!!??? Do you know of any experts, collectors or breeders that might like a sample to check it’s DNA… Read more »


For a fabulous, intimate lighting accent, think small. Our 10-foot battery-powered Cactus Glimmer Strings® use tiny (some would say magical) LEDs the size of a grain of rice strung along shapeable, thread-sized silver filament to create an almost weightless, firefly-like effect. Weave them through wreaths and centerpieces, or string along banisters and trees, indoors and in covered outdoor areas. Compatible LED Remote Control (sold separately) allows them to be turned on or off at a touch.An electronic check, also known as an eCheck, is a form of digital payment that serves the same function as a physical check. By accepting an eCheck, The Cactus King receives funds by pulling them directly from the recipient's checking account. The advantages to using eChecks over physical checks are numerous, the amount to pay with eCheck is limited now the max amount is $500.

The Cactus King and other commercial nurseries that sell common landscaping plants are unable to operate in the same fashion. Mr. Rathburn is a trained, expert botanist within an already highly specialized portion of horticulture/botany (cacti and succulents). Our nursery is run by a team of ten, dedicated employees. Each team member must undergo months of intensive training before being able to fulfill even the simplest of customer requests.It's no surprise that our clientele see us as a destination, not simply a store to purchase another product. The Cactus King's customers frequently make the trip from different countries, cities and states. They enter with a look of magic and wonder on their faces. Botany students from surrounding universities come to observe and photograph our diverse collection of cacti and succulents. Brides and grooms to be often come to take engagement and wedding photos. (Source:thecactusking.com)



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