Buying a Car Online OR

Buying a Car Online OR

Buying a Car Online

Car shopping is fraught with peril. In the past, the car-buying process was much more physical—most often a trip to a dealership to examine a proposed vehicle before actually driving it. Airlines may be a better example of turning everything online. But the hope with digital advertising—and the car-buying process today—is that more people will be more likely to meet the product they’re considering. Online car browsing actually has a long history.



No matter what your background or your lifestyle, buying a car online is becoming a popular way of car shopping. Particularly at this time, you may prefer not to visit a site. The good news is that many dealers have a range of options that have been put in place to support you remotely. From a more practical perspective, it offers everything you need – a showroom and often car financing options – within just a few convenient clicks. (Source:

The most significant disadvantage of buying a car online is not being able to drive and feel it before the purchase. But this problem can be solved by arranging a test drive or visiting manufacturer's virtual tours. If you do want to get behind the wheel, be sure to book an appointment in advance as vehicles are being thoroughly sanitised between customers to keep everyone safe and well. (Source: news.jardinemotors.co.uk)


While vehicles and other goods bought at retailers fall under the Consumer Rights Act, the Government has set out online consumer protection regulations in the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013). Chief among the legislation included in this is that there's a 14-day 'cooling-off' period when a buyer can decide whether or not they want to keep the goods. Within the 14 days they can hand back the product with no questions asked. The law applies equally to both new and used cars.

When buying a car online, it is vital to buy from a reliable seller. What this means is that it is a good idea to research the dealership and get an opinion of what they are like – whether that is through word-of-mouth or whether it is through online review sites. Always make sure the dealership you are purchasing a car from gets good reviews as it can help put your mind at rest when making a large purchase. (Source: news.jardinemotors.co.uk)


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