Butler Hire Price.

Butler Hire Price.

Butler Hire Price.

butler hire price

The butler hire price can vary a lot depending on the needs of the client. Some may want to only hire the butler on a daily basis, while others might want a full-time live-in butler. The cost of the butler's services varies widely and can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a day. If you need the butler for several days, the average cost is $1,800.

Drag Race Holland Season 2 Episode 2

drag race holland sea son 2 episode 2

It's Drag Race Holland time again! This season, the contestants will compete in various challenges to win the championship. You'll see the new faces of drag royalty, like Vanessa Van Cartier, Vivacious, Miss Abby OMG and Tabitha. But which one will win the finals? Find out in this article! And, don't forget to vote for your favorite! So, watch Drag Race Holland Season 2 and vote for your favorite!

Vanessa Van Cartier

The first season of the reality show ended with Vanessa winning the competition. She was the reigning Miss Continental. The show featured drag queens from all over the world and has attracted a loyal following. In the second series of the show, Vanessa becomes the first Belgian queen to win the competition. The judges love her look, which is based on Delft ceramics. Vanessa's drag queen persona is inspired by her love of Belgian culture and the country.

The show's viewers were excited to see a transgender queen win, and this season, it was no different. Fans celebrated the new queens and the fact that they were not all cis gay men. In the Netherlands, "the Queen of Plastic Surgery" was crowned after a transgender contestant. Vanessa van Cartier is the first transgender queen to win the series, following her former drag sister Envy Peru.

The episode also features another first for the show. Vanessa feels slighted by her rival, Vivaldi, after her headpiece fell off during the Koffee Meid challenge. Her ego is hurt by Vivaldi's cell phone use during the competition. She later admits that she had it on her during the competition. The rest of the competitors feel that she violated the rules and should be disqualified.

Fans can also catch the new season of Drag Race Holland on WOW Presents Plus. This subscription service offers a seven-day free trial. After a week, you can subscribe to WOW Presents Plus for $3.99 per month. This season of the Drag Race series will premiere on August 6 on WOW Presents Plus. The show will premiere at 4 a.m. ET on WOW Presents Plus.


Vivacious is a Dutch drag queen who is the youngest among the six competitors of season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race. She prefers to huddle in a corner after performing and barely interacts with the other girls. Her drag persona resembles that of female Gremlin Greta in the movie Gremlins: The New Batch. Her drag costume is also an elaborate disguise, covering her face entirely. Despite her high-fashion image, she has an extremely humble appearance. Unlike her other competitors, Vivacious is at the bottom of the series.


After winning the Drag Race Holland Season 2 finale, Tabitha joins Fashion Sloerie. The gorgeous and talented drag queen is sure to have a big impact on the upcoming season. Watch her drag show performances and see if she can bring home the prize. Here's what you need to know about her. She's already a legend in the drag world, with her cutting humor and heart on her sleeve.

The show has been a hit since the first season, and Tabitha is the winner of the second season. She's the curviest queen and is a great example of camp drag style. The family resemblance challenge has her breaking down in tears, but she's not done yet. The snatch game is a great opportunity to bring home the trophy, and her performance in the second episode was a powerful message for the audience.

While some viewers were disappointed with Juicy's appearance in the talent show, others were enchanted. One of the women who's never won a drag competition says that she's confident in herself and will be herself in the show. Juicy's sister, Miss Abby OMG, encourages her. While Juicy crashes early, she still manages to win over the hearts of the audience.

Another newcomer to the show is Ivy-Elyse Monroe. The former Miss Abby OMG and Envy Peru are co-founders of Mermaid Mansion. She goes on to perform as a member of The Mermaid Mansion, which includes the other Drag Race Holland finalists. She paints her face and transforms into a dramatic drag. As with Envy Peru and Miss Abby OMG, she's also one of the judges on the show.

Miss Abby OMG

If you've been following the drag scene for any length of time, you've probably seen Miss Abby OMG and Envy Peru. Both are members of the Mermaid Mansion, a collective consisting of female drag artists from Holland. These drag queens compete against one another to win the Drag Race Holland title. Miss Abby OMG, who won the first season, has a daughter and a granddaughter. She's the drag queen with a "hood" attitude, and she's not afraid to use it.

The first week of the competition saw the emergence of several new faces. Megan Schoonbrood morphed into melting ice cream while Madame Madness was a glam gold Klimt painting. Miss Abby OMG's rainbow-colored outfit was reminiscent of the movie The Wizard of Oz. Despite the sassy appearance of the 'Van Gogh Effect, Miss Abby OMG's outfit was the most dramatic.

During the mini-challenges, the queens had to perform some old Dutch games in drag. The two queens who won the mini-challenge were rewarded with a trip to Amsterdam. After winning, they became team captains for the main challenge, which involved creating a drag version of Gooische Vrouwen. Miss Abby OMG's team had three members, including Envy Peru, Janey Jacke, and Sederginne.

Reggy B, a former beauty queen who has been on the competition for the past few years, has always wanted to be a star. Her infamously big mouth and fierce personality are a part of her charm. She takes her cues from popular culture and takes inspiration from the new generation. It's definitely not a show without Miss Abby OMG! You can't miss this drag queen!

Megan Schoonbrood

The second season of the drag race has brought with it some unexpected outcomes. The show introduced Madame Madness, a drag queen who appears to be based on Klimt's 'Madame in Gold'. The other queen in the competition was Miss Abby OMG, who is sporting a rainbow-inspired outfit. The judges had their own ideas about who would win, but Megan Schoonbrood came out on top!

Reggy was born with polydactyly, a condition that causes additional fingers and toes. She was once told that she would never be able to participate in physical sports or dance, but she proved that she had the talent to excel in both. The show also features episodes dedicated to the cast of the Holland season. Among the challenges, there are sewing and reality show genre blindness.

The show has also featured a special segment in which the queens competed with their own personal styles and personalities. Despite being 80% deaf in one ear, she managed to shine during the competition. The judges reacted positively to Megan Schoonbrood's disability and helped her adjust to her new life. She also won the 'Dutch' Tiara for her commitment to the LGBTI community.

The second season of the show has not been officially renewed, but it is possible to catch a glimpse of it in the coming months. Fred van Leer has hinted that the second season of the drag competition may be on its way. To stay updated on the latest developments, sign up for the show's weekly newsletter. You can find out when the show is premiering in the US on September 17!

Drag Race Holland Sea Son 2 Episode 4 2025

drag race holland sea son 2 episode 4 2022

If you're looking for something new to watch on TV, then you've probably heard of Drag Race Holland. The reality show is set in the Netherlands and follows the lives of drag queens and their fans. The second season of the show is scheduled to premiere on October 8, 2019.

Love Masisi

As one of the contestants of Drag Race Holland Sea Son 2 episode 4, Love Masisi is a powerful queen who is born in Haiti and raised in the US. She performed all over the world and even won an award for the best butt in the world. Currently, she's a judge on the American version of the show, Make Up Your Mind. You may recognize her from other television shows, including The Voice.

The competition is back! Last season, Envy Peru was crowned the first drag superstar in the Netherlands. This season, she'll be joined by 10 new queens. They include Ivy-Elyse, Juicy Kutoure, Keta Minaj, Love Masisi, My Little Puny, The Countess, Vanessa van Cartier, and Fred van Leer.

Ivy-Elise Monroe

Ivy-Elise Monroe made her debut in Drag Race Holland on episode four, 2022. She was Dutch-Javanese-Surinamese. Her performance was memorable as she served as the Queen of the Runway. The show has featured many controversial episodes of Drag Race and a rocky judging process. She is a true fan favorite!

The Drag Race Holland season two cast has been announced, and the competition will continue this month. Ten drag queens will compete for the title of Next Dutch Drag Superstar. RuPaul tells Fred Van Der Leer in the new promo video that this season's show is full of surprises. It will be exciting to see who will be the next "Drag Princess"!

The cast will feature eight queens, and the winner will take home a EUR15,000 cash prize, a crown from Fierce Drag Jewels, and a beauty editorial in Dutch Cosmopolitan. The winner will also be crowned on stage during the Amsterdam Milkshake Festival 2022. The Ivy-Elise queen hails from Amsterdam and is a founder of the Mermaid Mansion. Other queens include Envy Peru, Miss Abby OMG, and Miss X-O.

Pangina Heals

In Drag Race Holland Sea Son 2 episode 4 2025, the elimination of Pangina Heals was a heartbreaking moment. She had gone so far in the competition that she had already defeated Jimbo and sent her sister Lemon packing. But when it was time to leave, the sobs still rang in the werkroom. And Pangina's devastation was palpable.

As the season ends, the viewers are left to wonder what happened to the other queens. They are all shattered. The other queens have been eliminated. The competition was intense, and the drag queens stepped up to the challenge. Pangina is the first queen to host the show without ever having been a contestant on Drag Race. Pangina is third all-time in Non-Drag Race shows. She is the first queen to earn two golden RuPeters on the show.

After removing Lemon from the competition, Pangina was left with two options. Either she goes home with her crown. Pangina is the one to send Lemon home. The remaining queens respond with a muted "amen" to her question. However, Pangina's rap performance has no meaning and does not convince the judges. She uses her All Stars 3 talent show performance to show her point.


The premiere of Drag Race Holland Sea Son 2 was a mixed bag. Vivaldi made it to the finals, and many of the other contestants were disappointed that she remained in the competition. While the judging was questionable, there were no major scandals. In fact, there were a few instances where Vanessa Van Cartier seemed to be favoritism in favor of Vivaldi, and she was given a slap on the wrist.

Vivaldi was a key competitor in Season 1 and a true artist in the world of drag. Her wigs and makeup are impressive and she has the ability to transform into various looks - from glamorous to spooky! In the previous season, she provided Fred with wigs, and she's a hair queen who has a flair for fashion.

While the competition was fierce, the queens' performances were spectacular. The show's hosts, Vanessa Van Cartier and Fred van Leer, were very surprised. Keta Minaj - the winner of Drag Race Holland Season 1 - seemed to take the lead in this season. Both were able to win challenges and get closer to the top, and the winners of the competition were crowned on Sunday.

Vivaldi's knowledge of wigs

The queen's knowledge of wigs will prove to be beneficial to her during this season of Drag Race. Vivaldi is a true artist who has a knack for make-up and fashion. She has provided Fred van Leer with wigs in Season One, and she's ready to show off her intricate work on the Drag Race runway.

Watch Drag Race Holland online. You can catch new episodes on WOW Presents Plus. This reality show is available in the Netherlands on Videoland and is also available in the UK, Canada, and the US on WOW Presents Plus. The first episode aired in the Netherlands on Videoland. If you're in the United States, you can watch Drag Race Holland on WOW Presents Plus.

Lip-sync-for-your-life duels

If you love watching drag queens on reality television, you'll probably want to catch the new series, Drag Race Holland. This show is similar to RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Drag Race Thailand, and The Switch Drag in South America. It will feature 10 queens competing in weekly challenges, including lip-sync-for-your-life duels. The cast of the show will be revealed in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

In the season finale, Drag Race Holland will crown a Dutch Drag Superstar. To get to the final stage, the queens will have to record a video clip featuring a special guest. Because the finish line is so close, the bar is set high. Each queen will be required to write lyrics, perform them in a lip-sync battle, and even dance. This show will truly test their talent and show how much they have improved as a drag queen.

RuPaul's support

In his first appearance on a Drag Race international, RuPaul tells Fred Van Der Leer that he's "very happy" to be a part of the next season. RuPaul will be watching to see who will emerge as the Next Dutch Drag Superstar. In the upcoming episode, RuPaul will tell Fred that he's proud of the new queens and his efforts to crown them the next Dutch drag superstar.

RuPaul has always supported drag, and this show's fans are no exception. The frank, forthright, and forward-thinking personality has won the hearts of its fans and alums alike. As a result, this show has become a model for excellence. Whether it's a season one winner or a season four champ, the show has produced some of the most celebrated personalities in pop culture.

Raja also entered the Werk Room with a little bit of fame. She is known to fans of America's Next Top Model as Sutan. She worked on the show from 2005 to 2009, where she became a makeup artist. She has since built up a personal brand that has helped her sell albums and organize a worldwide tour. She has even hosted her own talk show.

Grammy Nominees - Jack Harlow and His Song "What's Poppin' Don't Mind Me Js"

song lyrics whats pop pin dont mind me jus

Jack Harlow released the song 'What's Poppin' in July 2020. The video was released on July 18 and 19 and starred Dababy. This song is about the popularity of the 'Glo-Up' trend on TikTok. The song is a hit among teens and young adults and has since become a popular single on the website. This song was nominated for a Grammy Award, as it was a huge hit during the summer of 2020.

Jack Harlow

It's easy to be skeptical of a white rap star who's been gaining massive popularity in a Black culture. While his music is certainly catching on, his charisma has also drawn criticism. Some think he's a "white boy" in a Black community. But Harlow is a millionaire, and he's in control of his image. He requires women to sign non-disclosure agreements before meeting him privately. Despite his modesty, he's a cult of celebrity. It's possible that he's doing something right.

The song spawned several memes and internet trends. It has been used in over 400,000 videos on TikTok, and its hashtag has over seven billion views. The song also inspired lip-syncing and a viral video trend called 'Glo-Up'. The lyrics of this song have also inspired a number of comic skits.

It is hard to say if Harlow owes the success of 'Whats Poppin' to his lyrics. Much of the success is attributed to Harlow's charm and likeability, and the song's music video, which was heavily critiqued for being "too candy-coated" and not deep. However, this hasn't stopped the song from reaching the mainstream. In fact, it was the music video that brought Harlow and Bennett closer together.

"Whats Poppin" is a song by American rapper Jack Harlow. Released as the lead single of his first EP 'Sweet Action', "Whats Poppin'" has already reached the top ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached the top five in the UK and Canada. It was nominated for Best Rap Performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Jack Harlow's 'What's Poppin'

One reason for the sudden public attention of Jack Harlow's 'What'S Poppin' don't mind me js' single is the singer's swagger and charisma. He may be a white boy in a rap genre dominated by Black artists, but his disarming charm and humility are attracting the attention of fans. Unlike some artists who have to fight the media to make their music and get airtime, Harlow is a natural star.

PoohBeatz and Harlow collaborated on 'What's Poppin' because the singer had the idea for the song. The two had previously worked together on a single by DaBaby, 'Suge,' but this time, they collaborated on a song by Jack Harlow. Harlow is a rising star in the hip-hop scene, with his effortless swagger and precise flow. He has an ear for a melodic hook, which is evident in the song's 'What's Poppin' remix.

Though Harlow initially aimed to keep his music simple and accessible, the success of his debut single has proven that he's more than a lyricist. The song features verses from Lil Weezy, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez. He also has a knack for delivering catchy lines, and his ability to rhyme is evident.

TikTok's 'Glo-Up' trend

If you're a TikTok user, you've likely seen the 'Glo-Up' trend. These videos are a compilation of people changing their appearance by making them look thinner, tanner, or even slimmer. Many of the videos follow a common theme: a dramatic body transformation, usually weight loss or adhering to the "ideal body" standard. This trend has become a social media phenomenon that's proving to be extremely popular, with over 31.8 billion views.

The 'Glo-Up' trend on TikTok has spread from one creator to another. This trend focuses on videos that show the creators' transformation from a teenager to an adult. These videos are a great way to generate positive engagement on TikTok. Other topics for such videos include a transformation of a teen into an adult, home renovation, or even a small business.

However, the 'Glo-Up' trend has been criticized for being harmful for many women. While the trend has been categorized as a social media trend for self-improvement, it is unsuitable for women. Despite this negative association, TikTok videos with the 'Glo-Up' hashtag have gotten more than 44 billion views, more than five times the world's total population.

The TikTok algorithm rewards videos that break trends. These trends are easily identifiable, because they are not all the same, and users put their own spin on them. This is also an opportunity to generate more likes, comments, and shares - and it's not difficult to do so. A great way to get started on a TikTok trend is to watch a trending TV show. The song from In the Heights became the choice of thousands of gossipers.

Grammy Awards

The Grammys are not only about music, but they also celebrate the careers of artists in other genres. This year's nominees span all genres from country to rap, from classical to jazz to hip-hop. But the biggest surprises are yet to come, so how can you tell who will win? This year, listen to these finalists' songs and find out which one will win best.

Billboard Music Awards

"Whats Poppin" by Drake is a catchy hit that's likely to be included on the next Billboard Music Awards. With its catchy beat, this song is sure to be a crowd pleaser. And if you're a teen, you'll be glad to hear that the lyrics make marijuana look like a fun, easy way to get high.

Black Butler Live Motion Movie Starring Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Goriki

Black Butler Live Mov ie Starring Hiro Mizu

If you are a fan of manga, you might want to check out the upcoming live action Black Butler film starring Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Goriki. Goriki plays the new master to Sebastian, played by Hiro Mizushima. While this film is definitely not for everyone, it is sure to be entertaining. Read on to find out more!

Shiori's household staff

Shiori's household staff include a bumbling maid Rin and a demonic butler named Sebastian. Shiori is the daughter of a noble family in England. Her job is to find clues and solve murders as ordered by the Queen. To accomplish this, Shiori makes a deal with Sebastian, the demonic butler of the Phantomhive household. Butler Sebastian protects Shiori but ends up eating her soul.

The series was first published as a manga in 2006 and spawned a television anime series in 2008 and a stage play in 2009. It was also adapted into a film and won the best Japanese manga award at the 2010 France Japan Expo Awards. The film is spearheaded by Asura director Kentaro Otani and Japanese actor Hiro Mizu.

The characters of the series include a maid named Kujo and an aunt named Hanae. The two have similarities and are often in disguise as members of the Genpo household. When the two try to keep Shiori alive, they come across a mysterious disease called Necrosis. Although the series is a YA novel, it does feature female characters who are based on real life.

The characters of Shiori's household are interesting. While the anime takes place in a future in which western and Asian cultures mix freely, the manga's setting is the nineteenth century. Hiro Mizu will play Shiori Genpo, a descendant of a prestigious aristocratic family. Shiori's gender identity will be revealed when she puts on male clothing and assumes the male name Kiyoharu. Shiori is in danger of losing her soul. Fortunately, her household staff are all female.

While the manga's setting is England during the nineteenth century, the anime movie is set in a Victorian era. Hiro Mizu plays Sebastian and other members of the household staff. Her personal secretary Charles B. Sato and Sebastian are Japanese, but the anime cast includes a host of talented Japanese actors. This cast is especially strong. There are a number of female characters in the movie, including Tomomi Maruyama.

Black Butler's demonic butler

The demon butler is a familiar figure from the manga, and it makes a nice comeback in the live-action version of the popular Black Butler manga. It helps the masters achieve revenge by being an unstoppable force in the world of black magic. His appearance is reminiscent of a typical rich man's butler, with a handsome tall frame, milky white skin, and sharp jawlines.

The Black Butler manga is based on the original manga series and is set in Victorian-era Europe. The manga is written and illustrated by Toboso Yana and follows the story of Sebastian Michaelis, a genius boy who is also bound to a demonic butler. Sebastian must aid Ciel in revenge after he eats the soul of a rich woman. While the manga series does have some homoeroticism issues, the show plays up the illicit sexual tension between the butler and his master, as it does in the manga series.

The series has a unique mythology. The butlers of the Victorian era are notoriously efficient and loyal to their masters. This is especially true of Ciel, who is the head of the Shanghai Mafia's Qing Bang gang. Like Ciel, Lau also runs an opium den and is often accompanied by Ran-Mao, the former Ciel Phantomhive's twin brother. The original Ciel Phantomhive, who was killed so that Sebastian could summon him, became a butler after taking revenge.

While the manga is set in a separate continuity, it does a good job fleshing out the characters. The anime, meanwhile, was released in 2008 and is much more consistent. The first season of the anime focuses on exploring the characters and world with minimal "filler." The second season, however, repeats familiar ground without really adding anything new to the story. Regardless of how much you love the manga, it is definitely worth a watch.

The anime version of the manga also features a demon butler. Ciel Phantomhive's demonic butler, Sebastian Michaelis, has been a part of her life for two years and has mastered everything under the sun and sky. He can do anything the masters of the phantom hive ask him to, but many people have no idea what his past is. The show features a large cast of characters that are all equally interesting.

Necrosis capsules

The plot revolves around a drug called Necrosis that kills people who ingest it. Apparently, drug makers used the essence of young women to create the deadly Necrosis drug. In the midst of an ongoing drug war, Sebastian and Grell are pushed to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse, but a mysterious woman named Hanae makes sure that nothing happens to them.

A reversal in the monarchy, big pharma's efforts to control the 1%, and sexism galore are all present in this sci-fi horror film. It does, however, adhere to the principles of manga, including its bleak Victorian setting and strange attitudes. This is an excellent film, but be warned - it may not be for everyone.

Hiro Mizushima's character

As a young man, Hiro Mizushima had little opportunity to act in the film industry prior to this project, but his character Sebastian was very well developed. He had a certain charm that endeared him to the audience, and the action scenes were very entertaining. The character was well-developed, with plenty of action scenes, and a question of whether he is good or evil. Sebastian was an angel once, but he's a demon now. He's a complex character that captivated me as I watched this film.

While the original manga sold more than fifteen million copies, the live-action movie will feature Hiro Mizushima as the titular character. Although the character remains unnamed, many fans will likely recognize Mizushima as the protagonist of the film. The character will be a man named Sebastian Michaelis, and Hiro Mizushima is set to make his acting comeback in this live-action film.

Although the film has a lot of fan following, the live-action version of the film has been delayed for several reasons. Apparently, there are still some technical difficulties with the live-action version. But this is not the case in the Black Butler Live Mov. Hiro Mizushima is a talented actor. As a matter of fact, he's been a part of other successful projects as well, such as the Black Butler Live Mov.

As a live-action adaptation of the manga, Black Butler tries to adhere to the manga's premise as closely as possible. The film has a bleak Victorian setting, peculiar attitudes, and quirky elements. If you're a fan of manga, this is the movie for you. You'll enjoy it if you like the original manga. Aside from being a fun watch, the film is also a great way to learn more about Hiro Mizushima's character.

The movie is set three hundred thirty years after the anime. The world is now a place where western and Asian cultures mix freely. Males are the only ones allowed to inherit titles in the family, so Shiori must put on male clothes in order to be the next leader of the Phantom Corporation. As the story unfolds, she must save Shiori's life from being destroyed by the villains, and ultimately, save her life.

Whats Poppin by Jack Harlow

whats poppin dont min d me just watching

Whats Poppin by Jack Harlow has just recently broken into the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song could even pass SportsCenter and even make it into the top ten! You can watch the music video below, or read on for the lyrics, Greeting card design, and more. We're sure you'll enjoy this new song! But before you go buy your copy, make sure you check out the lyrics and music video.

Jack Harlow's "Whats Poppin"

The track 'Whats Poppin' by Jack Harlow is one of the two songs featured on the Power Book II: Ghost television series. The singer has been gaining popularity with his raps ever since he was a teenager. The video for 'Whats Poppin' has over 400,000 views on TikTok, and has even received a TikTok by Charli D'Amelio.

After Harlow's cover art was released, some people took offense to the image of a Black woman sitting next to the rapper in a limousine. The controversy even spawned a discussion room at ClubHouse, including the head of the Generation Now label, DJ Drama. Ultimately, the debates faded, but Harlow noted that his most scathing critics are White people.

After recording several mixtapes with the collective Moose Gang, Jack Harlow began a solo career in 2015. He released his first commercial EP, The Handsome harlow, in 2015. While still a high school student, Harlow performed in numerous sold-out shows, including opening for Fergie in Louisville. Currently, he is gearing up to release his EVOLUTION EP.

While Jack Harlow has a very distinctive style and sound, many music critics and ardent hip-hop fans have trouble figuring him out. While he shows an obvious knack for delivering hits, Harlow still has plenty of room to develop as an artist. Although his style has grown considerably since his debut, it retains the childlike earnestness of his earlier work. If this is a good sign, it's worth the wait.

The Grammy-nominated single "Whats Poppin" was a surprise hit when it was released last year. The song also charted in 19 countries and peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album was released by Atlantic Records and was certified Gold or Platinum in the US. The song's success is a testament to how talented Jack Harlow is. He continues to grow and prove his worth as a rising star in the rap industry.

Music video

A new music video by Kelsea Ballerini is out, and it's not just any old music video. This one features a deer-antler-adorned young man, who faces persecution for wearing deer antlers. But, despite this, he's in love with a girl who has deer antlers as well. In the process, he nearly gets killed by the girl's disapproving father, who has deer hooves instead of feet. The video has also been incorporated into a horror movie, and there are some TV shows with similar themes, too.


"What's Poppin?' is a song by American rappers Jack Harlow, Dax, and Machine Gun Kelly. The song was written by Harlow and released on his Sweet Action EP in 2015. The music video features a number of famous YouTube personalities, including Ryan "Rhino" Burton of the YouTube comedy channel LoveLiveServe. Music videos are important for a song's commercial success. Since the song was released, over 400,000 TikToks have been uploaded, with over a billion views.

The video for "Whats Poppin'" has more than 74 million views. The song's remix reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is now a TikTok sensation. The song's popularity may even be on the verge of surpassing SportsCenter. If this song and video continue to gain popularity, it could become the new "sports" channel.

Greeting cards

If you have ever purchased a greeting card, you know that it's not just an item to put on a shelf. It's also an item that can be personalized for the person receiving it. The verses on a card were written somewhere, but the recipient never sees them. As soon as that person picks it from a rack of thousands, it becomes a personal item. However, not all greeting cards are created equally. One card writer said that she spent 28 years practicing her art and has trained her brain to recognize sound bytes in everyday life.

Whether you are a seasoned greeting card maker or a beginner, you should begin by identifying a niche in the market. By identifying a niche in which you can excel, you will be able to hone your craft and build a loyal customer base. Having a niche in your chosen field is also advantageous because it will enable you to master your production process.

Another way to view greeting cards is to see them as symbols of what's wrong with America. Greeting cards are a symbol that Americans aren't dealing with their problems or taking them personally, and it's a sign of a dysfunctional society. It's as if they are simply a way to get money out of people instead of dealing with their problems. So how can we fix this?

One way to create your own greeting card business is to sell them online. You can sell them through local boutiques, arts and crafts fairs, and farmers' markets. Small business funding can help you with these expenses, including legal fees. With the right business model, you'll be able to make your greeting card business successful in no time. Once you've mastered the art of creating unique greeting cards, you'll have no problem building a thriving business.

The Dan Bongino After Twenty22

The Dan Bongino after 2022

In The Dan Bongino after Twenty22, writer and public service professional Dan Bongino ponders the recent assassination of a fellow congressman. We also examine his public service career, vaccination mandates, and relationship with President Trump. Despite our expectations, we may be surprised by how far he has come. Regardless of his controversial views, you'll likely find something new in this fascinating and illuminating book.

Dan Bongino's assassination

Whether Dan Bongino's assasination is premeditated or not, his political ascension is a legitimate threat. The former Secret Service agent has been an outspoken conservative and author of two books. In 2010 he was transferred to the Baltimore field office, after which he retired from the service. His path to the Secret Service began in Brooklyn in the late 1990s, as he became a police officer. During the presidency of George W. Bush, he was given responsibility for the operational section of the presidential detail. During his first years on the job, he worked on a Presidential Protective detail.

While many have speculated that Bongino is a radical, the reality of his assassination is not so bleak. Bongino's assassination may have more to do with his political beliefs than with his media career, which has also been boosted by Trump's presidency and the growth of his business. As an internet sensation, he has become a master of social media terminology. He is able to talk about explosive revelations, and things happening behind the scenes. His skill at social media has made him a superior social media commentator to Alex Jones.

Although the news of Dan Bongino's assasination after 2022 has made the media and his followers more aware of the assassination plot, the author's assassination is unlikely to happen after 2022. It is possible that the assassination will occur due to a combination of political nefarious activity and sabotage.

Despite the threat of assassination, Bongino praised the president as the most corrupt president in the United States' history. While Bongino was critical of many things he did not do, he did praise Trump's leadership. As a result, the president frequently mentioned him in public and in his tweets. This is why the media coverage of Bongino was so disturbing.

Bongino's assassimation after 2022 is unlikely to stop the Trump administration from implementing its agenda. After all, the media is already highly influential and his assassination after 2022 is unlikely to dampen his influence. And, of course, the Trump administration does not like a liberal media presence. The former Secret Service agent, a Democrat, a Republican, and a lifelong New Yorker, is now one of the most influential voices in the conservative media.

His public service career

When he lost his bid for New York City Mayor, Dan Bongino was hardly a blip among liberals. He was a political powerhouse on the political left - but no one seemed to recognize him. His popularity grew to the point where conservative media started to recognize him. In the end, he became a thing. However, there is still a question mark over his political career after 2022.

After leaving the Secret Service, Bongino expanded his empire by pushing conspiracy theories about vote-counting anomalies and tallying manipulation. In addition, he leftned his accusations by saying that if there were no fraud, then the story would change. His suggestion that the story would change once the votes were counted proved to be fraudulent is a savvy strategy that helped keep the stolen election narrative alive.

In 2012, Bongino received a reported $500,000 for his campaign. He has one child and lives in the district. He hasn't been active in politics for much longer, but he decided to run for national office. In a bid to win the election, he jumped into an open congressional seat, despite the fact that he didn't have any political experience or election infrastructure. During the campaign, he mostly tooled around his Southwest Florida district with an aide, fueled by burgers from Five Guys.

Despite this hefty audience, Bongino has been a popular talk show host, attracting more than eight million listeners a week. In addition to hosting a radio show, he has a podcast that ranks in the top ten on iTunes. His Facebook page garners more engagement than all the other news organizations combined. In his public service career, he is on the rise.

The political commentator has also been active on social media, calling for massive boycotts of mandatory vaccinations. Yet despite his proponent of non-violence, he also makes calls for people to use violence, with inflammatory language. In this way, the public will see Bongino's views of the world and their influence on it. The question is: Will his message get through?

His views on vaccine mandates

Dan Bongino, a radio host with a conservative platform, recently voiced his opposition to vaccine mandates after 2022. While he has a vaccination history, he said that he might walk over his own employer's mandate if it is not changed. While he is vaccinated, he views vaccine mandates as odious, and has threatened to leave Cumulus Media if they do not change the mandate.

The conservative talk radio host Dale Jackson called Bongino a "virtue signaler" and accused him of ignoring his own company's requirement to vaccinate its employees after 2022. But Bongino's views on vaccine mandates after 2022 are not entirely skewed. The Cumulus Media policy requires that all of its employees get vaccinated before they work, so he's not exactly committing to a stand for the rest of his career.

Since Cumulus announced its vaccine mandate on August 12, it's reportedly fired several employees who refused to take part in the new requirement. As a result, some Cumulus-linked radio personalities have already left the company over the issue. Meanwhile, The Bongino Report, a news aggregation website, has said that the radio host has gotten vaccinated, despite the mandate. Cumulus did not respond to a request for comment.

In addition to the vaccine debate, the anti-vaccine movement has found a home on social media. After all, the anti-vaccine movement has been fueled by people who are opposed to the government's measures, and they have a large following on social media. The anti-vaccine movement has thrived thanks to the political and ideological shift. Despite these challenges, Bongino has kept up his activism and his website.

His relationship with Trump

After the election, there's likely to be a lot of talk about the relationship between Bongino and the President, but will that relationship last? The former NRA lobbyist, who served as Obama's top foreign policy adviser, recently sat down with a former President of the United States to discuss his book, "Wildland: The Making of America's Fury." The book explores the rage, fear, and division in the U.S. and how this can lead to a new administration.

Trump's rise to power helped to fuel the fervor for Bongino's books and podcast, and he found a vibrant vein of blood in the Trump movement. As a result, Bongino's following began to grow, and he was soon able to take over Rush Limbaugh's show and fill in for him. The Trump movement had just announced its intention to run for president, and the far right flocked to the former host.

In the fall of 2020, Bongino received a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Upon his diagnosis, he underwent a grueling course of chemotherapy and radiation, and in March was declared cancer-free. He will continue to be involved in Rumble's development until 2022, when he'll be able to focus on growing his business and preparing for his future.

While the current President is unsatisfied with Trump's political savvy, many people are still unsure if a relationship with Bongino will last. Despite a recent ban by YouTube, he's a top-rated radio show host, attracting 8.5 million listeners each week. He also has his own program on Fox News on Saturdays. His podcast is ranked as the number one podcast on iTunes. His Facebook page has more followers than any other news organization combined.

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