Business Operations Manager Resume OR

Business Operations Manager Resume OR

Business Operations Manager Resume


Results-oriented and self-driven Business Operations Manager with a pro-active approach and 2 years of extensive industry experience. Possessing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Donata is looking for a Business Operations Manager job within a company which offers flexibility and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.


Your resume should include all your skills that are relevant to your target job. Skills include both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the technical know-how you need to complete a job, such as data analysis or HTML. You can include hard skills in your core competencies section. Soft skills are harder to quantify, so they require more information to explain your aptitude. Some top soft skill examples include communication, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. Use several examples of how you use your key soft skills throughout your work history, profile summary, and resume title.

Business operations managers ensure that a company’s segments are all working harmoniously and to their highest potential. They’re responsible for coordinating activities and functions within these segments, managing the staff that fulfills them, and maintaining the company’s overall health in doing so. They’re also responsible to ensure they company’s financial success, evaluating and devising budgets, gauging new business and sales, and keeping the company’s finances on track. It’s the business operations manager’s job to effectively communicate company goals and objectives and make sure that they are being met, and in doing so operating within financial guidelines. They should also oversee new product and service developments initiated by the company. (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)


Summary : High-energy executive who leads organizations through change and challenge to profitable growth. Team leader dedicated to managing operations and projects flawlessly. Able to interface effectively with high-profile business clients, manufacturers, distributors, vendors, governmental agencies and media. Strong leadership competencies; consistently delivering on product vision, strategy and road-mapping.

www.qwikresume.com)Summary : Results-oriented and team-focused business leader with solid experience in operations management and team development. Proven track record of establishing successful businesses by implementing continuous improvements that lead to standardized processes and increased operational efficiency. Demonstrated ability to develop and motivate staff to maximize productivity and control costs through effective use of resources. (Source:


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