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Bryan silva's Mother | Future Starr


bryan silva's Mother

bryan silva's Mother


Bryan silva's Mother

Mrs. Robin Silva, whose name is also spelled Robin, is a housewife in the United States. She also has an older son, Phillip Silva, who has previously acted with his brother. Bryan's father is Michael Silva. He had two siblings, Shawn Silva and George Silva. It was reported that during the time of his arrest on July 29th, he lived with his mother and his brother, Daniel Silva. Currently, he is 15 years old.


For family reasons, his family moved to Charlottesville, Virginia when Bryan was young until he was 12. At 13 he moved back to Florida and lived with his father, but the following year returned to Virginia. A couple of months later, he was arrested for attacking a school principal and breaking and entering, and went to jail for three years. He completed his GED when he was 16 and still locked up.

His rap song, “Gratata” earned him his recognition – the song is an onomatopoeia for the sound of a machine gun being shot. According to Bryan, when he was 8, he was a street-trained musician. He gained a lot of popularity from his Vines until the app shut down in 2016. One of his most-watched Vines was Bryan flexing and yelling “Gratata,” other Viners remade the video, which brought more attention to the original version. In 2013, Vine was launched, in 2015 Twitter bought Vine and then shut the app down in 2017 even though it had more than 200 million accounts. (Source: www.wiki.ng)

Bryan Silva


On his YouTube channel, “Bryan Silva GRATATA,” two of his most viewed videos are “That FuFu Lame Sh*t I Aint Wit It! I’ll Send Some Shots At Your Fitted” and “You Haters MAD. That I’m On #Worldstarhiphop.?Yeah You MAD Cuz I’m #GODBRYANSILVA.” He stopped uploading videos to YouTube on 9 August 2015; his channel has 12 videos and a total of 138 views.

Before Bryan Silva was a YouTuber, but he stopped in August 2015. On Twitter he is followed by more than 50,000 people. Here, he tweets funny stuff and tells jokes. In recent times, his Instagram account was banned for putting up inappropriate information. More than half a million people unfollowed him. He has established a social media account for his cat, and he and the wife operate it. (Source: biographon.com)


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