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Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects

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Bruce Nagel and Partners Architects is a New York City architecture firm that has rapidly risen to the top of the architectural world. With a wealth of experience in the field, they have won numerous awards, including the Pritzker Prize, the American Institute of Architects' Gold Medal, and more. The team is a highly sought-after choice for both residential and commercial projects. Listed below are some of their most notable projects.


If you are looking for an architect who can provide the best design solution for your needs, Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects is an ideal choice. They have the necessary know-how and skill to design and build buildings that stand the test of time. While some architects are more traditional in their design, Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects is forward-thinking and futuristic in its approach. Here's what you can expect from them:

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Bruce Dean Nagel earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He went on to obtain his Master of Architecture from Harvard University. He has been practicing architecture in the Hamptons for 36 years. He first opened his own office in East Hampton and later expanded it to Southampton and East Quogue. In addition to his architecture practice, Bruce Nagel also opened an ARCHITECT'S GALLERY in Westhampton Beach.

Architect in New York City

The architectural office of Bruce Nagel + Partners is a leading firm in the city. The firm specializes in custom homes, retail, institutional, and restaurant projects. The firm also has a gallery of Bruce's work, featuring both personal and professional photographs. Some of these photographs can be purchased and enlarged upon request. To find out more about the firm, read on. The following is a brief description of its work.

Bruce Nagel is a highly-regarded architect who founded his firm in 1983. Nagel earned his master's degree in architecture from Harvard University, and has designed the home of filmmaker Steven Speilberg. The firm is based in East Quogue, New York. He also served as a senior associate for Gwathmey Siegel and Associates from 1979 until 1985. The architect credits his success to hard work, talent, and faith.

Another firm founded by Ngai is Alexander Gorlin Architects. They specialize in luxury homes. Gorlin was awarded the Rome Prize in Architecture, and they are renowned for their use of natural materials and natural light. Alexander Gorlin graduated from the Cooper Union School of Architecture and Yale School of Architecture and his work has been featured in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Among their many awards, Bruce Nagel + Partners has received numerous honors. The firm's work has been featured in HC&G Interactive Design Awards, in the East Hampton Star Newspaper, in Luxe Magazine, and in the New York Times. This firm has a long list of satisfied clients and a reputation for excellence. Its work has been published in a number of magazines including Architectural Digest, The Independent, and Residential Design.

Architect in Chicago

One of the best architecture firms in Chicago, Bruce Nagel & Partners, offers a comprehensive range of design solutions. The firm's talented architects are known for their futuristic designs and the ability to make spaces that seem to defy time. These architects are highly skilled and experienced and constantly keep up with industry developments. The result is architecture that is aesthetically appealing and functionally functional. Here's what they have to offer:

The company specializes in residential, commercial, and landscape architecture. It is based in Chicago and has won numerous awards. The firm is a world-renowned and licensed architect. Its Chicago designs are environmentally conscious and sustainable. The Chicago office was recently awarded the 2015 Redevelopment of the Year Award by the Chicago Commercial Real Estate Association. This award-winning firm has the right mix of creativity and technology to create the perfect environment for its clients.

In addition to a modern design aesthetic, Bruce Nagel's firm has also introduced a more contemporary approach to the firm's branding. The firm's new logo makes use of a more modern typeface and color palette. The addition of a persimmon red accent emphasizes the firm's most prominent work. The plus sign in the logo also evokes collaboration between Nagel and his partners in architectural design.

Located in Chicago's western suburbs, Bruns Architecture has completed over 1,500 dream homes. The firm's focus on residential design includes restoration of estate properties, urban renewal, and interiors. This firm is a leader in the field of residential architecture in Chicago and has a proven track record of producing beautiful buildings. The firm's extensive portfolio includes residential buildings, office space, and multi-family residential towers.

Architect in Rome

Bruce Nagel and his partners are well-known in the architecture industry for designing luxury hotels, high-end retail spaces, and Ivy League universities. Each has expertise in a different niche. They all share the common vision of creating architectural wonders that inspire. Architects have a responsibility to understand their clients' desires and the culture of their locations. Bruce Nagel and his partners are architects based in Rome.

The firm is located in Rome, but has branches throughout the world. In addition to New York, Bruce Nagel & Partners also have offices in Chicago and Dallas, and has a branch office in Florence, Italy. The firm is internationally renowned, and is present at all architectural services throughout the country. Listed in Architectural Digest, Bruce Nagel & Partners is a great choice for a modern or classical design.

With offices in Chicago and the Hamptons, Bruce Nagel & Partners is the premier architecture firm. With over 40 years of experience, their work is futuristic and beautiful, and they've successfully delivered numerous projects. The firm also uses quality materials to create visually stunning spaces. With the firm's expertise and knowledge, Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects has a reputation for delivering unique projects for their clients.

Architect in Dallas

There are many reasons to hire a top Dallas architect, and Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects are one of the best. This firm has proven its worth in the competitive industry, capturing the top spots on the best architects list and consistently delivering award-winning projects. The firm consists of some of the most talented architectural professionals, who work together to create visually appealing spaces. Read on to discover the top reasons to hire Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects for your next project.

The firm's philosophy is based on contextual design and is renowned for its innovative approach. Its designers explore every possible option to create transformational spaces that respond to the needs of their clients. Working in an open studio environment, the partners share ideas and work together to realize their clients' visions. All partners have a crucial role in actualizing their clients' dreams. The team collaborates closely with their clients to create a memorable design.

As a leading international architect, Bruce Nagel has quickly gained recognition for his work. With branches in Dallas, Chicago, and Florence, Italy, this Dallas architect has achieved international recognition. A large presence in Rome and the US ensures that the firm attends every architectural service across the nation. Whether you're in the market for a new home, an upgrade to an existing building, or a completely new apartment complex, Bruce Nagel + Partners Architect is a great choice for your next project.

Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects - Award-Winning Architecture in Chicago

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If you are looking for a top architecture firm in Chicago, you'll want to look no further than Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects. This firm has a long and rich history of creating award-winning projects, and their portfolio is open to public scrutiny. Read on to find out more about the firm's experience and background.

Bruce nagel

For complete architectural design solutions, look no further than the award-winning professionals at Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects. With a futuristic flair, this Chicago-based firm is known for designing spaces that defy time. Their skills and know-how allow them to bring ideas to life, making their buildings truly outstanding. In addition, their extensive portfolio of work showcases a variety of projects, from private residences to corporate headquarters.

The team at Bruce Nagel and Partners Architects is an award-winning design firm that is renowned for its creative designs and attention to detail. The firm's projects are based on extensive analysis, resulting in pieces that complement their surroundings while providing a transformational environment. In addition, the firm has received numerous prestigious awards including the prestigious AIA Chicago Honor Award, the American Institute of Architects' Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Architecture, and the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Peapod Founder & CEO

In 2009, Peapod Founder & CEO Bruce N. Nagel and three partners were named winners of the prestigious Peapod Architects Awards. The awards recognize the excellence in design, sustainability, and innovation, and celebrate outstanding design. Bruce Nagel and his firm were named to the prestigious list by the American Institute of Architects. They are also members of the American Institute of Architects, and their work is recognized by the World Architecture Festival.

Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects is a well-known architecture firm with offices in Chicago and the Hamptons. The firm's work is futuristic, incorporating technology and high-end materials to create beautiful and comfortable spaces. Its visionary designs have garnered numerous awards and accolades, and Bruce Nagel's personal residence was named a 'Best of Show' in the International Building Design Awards.

The firm's reputation is global. Its headquarters are located in Westhampton Beach, and there are branches in New York, Chicago, and Rome. In addition, Nagel has a presence in Italy, and is often seen at architectural services across the country. Its newest location, STUDIO, was opened in East Quogue, and the firm expanded to ARCHITECT'S GALLERY in Southampton in 2016.

Award-winning firm

The acclaimed architectural firm has been designing Hamptons residences for more than three decades. Bruce D. Nagel has an impressive background in architecture, and earned a Master of Architecture at Harvard University. After graduating, he worked on numerous celebrated projects. He later went on to lecture at the Boston Architectural Center and guest critic for various architecture design schools. As a result, his reputation for creating beautiful architecture is well-deserved.

The firm has an impressive list of clientele, including a number of large-scale retail projects and private residences. In addition to commercial projects, Bruce Nagel and his team specialize in residential custom homes and hospitality, retail, institutional, and office buildings. In addition to the offices of the firm, Bruce Nagel maintains a personal gallery where you can view his work, and purchase his photos. Custom sizes are also available.

The Pence Place Family Housing Apartments, located at 521-531 Pence Street, Columbus, IN, were designed by the firm. The apartment was featured in Progressive Architecture's June 1, 1985 issue. Bruce Nagel and Dan Rowan were the project architects. The Steven Spielberg Apartment I, located on the 52nd floor of Trump Tower in New York City, was designed by Bruce Nagel and Dan Rowan. It was also the former home of tennis pro Justin Gimelstob.

The firm has received several awards for its innovative design. In 2011, it was recognized with the HC&G Interactive Design Award. In 2014, it was also recognized by the American House Magazine. Its work was featured in Hamptons Magazine, The Independent, Luxe, and East Hampton Star, as well as in the New York Times. These accolades further demonstrate the firm's dedication to integrating the client into the process of design.


Bruce Nagel and Partners Architects are among the leading architecture firms in the United States. They are based in the Hamptons and Chicago, and work under the direction of Bruce Nagel. With 40 years of experience, Bruce Nagel and his team have designed numerous private residences, churches, and hotels. Their work is renowned for its attention to detail and use of quality materials to create visually attractive spaces.

A Greco-Roman temple-like estate encases an older structure at its core. The client wanted to renovate the home while keeping the older structure intact. In order to accomplish this, the firm designed an enclosing frame of white stucco-clad columns that extend outward. The structure blends curved and flat planes to create a serene and comfortable setting. The interior is accentuated with colorful furniture and accents.

The firm's award-winning work is impressive. Five residential buildings were honored with the AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Honor Award. They also received a Grand Award from Builder Magazine. The firm has worked on many environmentally-conscious projects, including a home in New York City that is 100% carbon neutral by 2030. The house has several environmentally-friendly elements, including solar panels, brise-soleil on west-facing windows, and many more sustainable features.

The firm has been featured in various publications including The Independent, Luxury, The Real Deal, and East Hampton Star. Several projects have been featured in East Hampton Star Newspaper, Luxe, and American House Magazine. Additionally, the firm was featured in the AIA Peconic Chapter Honor Design Award. These are just a few of the many awards the firm has won. These accolades are indicative of their reputation as one of the best firms in the industry.

Bruce Nagel + Partners Architect Architecture Building Design East House N

The team that designs 69 Main Street includes three former colleagues who all bring different areas of expertise to the project. The firm has a track record of high-end retail spaces, hospitality, and Ivy League schools. For more information about the firm, read this article. Also, read the interview with Bruce Nagel, who discusses the design process and what to expect when working with the team.

69 Main Street

Bruce Nagel + Partners Architect Architecture is a firm that designs residences in New York. They are known for their outstanding architectural designs. You will be amazed at how well they can integrate your vision with their expertise. Their team of designers can provide you with many different options, including the design of a new house, addition, or remodel of an existing one. You can find out more about their services by visiting their website.

The three partners in this firm are former colleagues of Nagel, and they each bring expertise in a different field. While Nagel is known for designing high-end retail spaces and hotels, they are also adept in Ivy League universities. Their work spans multiple disciplines, which are essential to creating beautiful spaces that are functional. The firm's East Hampton projects include the Henry Shyer House, which was once owned by Sean Combs.

A project by Bruce Nagel + Partners involved a remodel of a former New York apartment complex. The project was designed by Dan Rowan and Bruce Nagel, and was completed in 1983. The project involved a renovation of the former Arango Apartments. The original owner of the building, Howard Peter Guber, hired Gwathmey to renovate it, and the former owner is now a tennis pro.

Another award-winning Chicago architecture firm, BN+PA is known for environmentally-friendly designs. This award-winning architecture firm also specializes in residential design. In 2015, the firm won the Chicago Commercial Real Estate Redevelopment of the Year Award. The firm's East Loop headquarters are located at 207 E Buffalo St. Suite. These offices are the perfect hubs for architectural innovation and design.

Bruce Nagel

In 1983, Bruce Nagel started his company. He received his MA in Architecture from Harvard University and worked as a senior associate at Gwathmey Siegel and Associates from 1979 to 1985. Upon graduating, he opened his own office in East Quogue, New York. Nagel attributes his success to hard work, talent and faith. This is an award-winning architect specializing in churches and schools.

The firm's work has been recognized by numerous awards and honors. The firm's design for the Francois deMenil Residence on 428 Further Lane in East Hampton, NY was a collaboration between Nagel, Dan Rowan, and other architects. However, the project ended in 2007, and the partnership ended. In 2011, Nagel worked with another firm on a garage compound and completed the restoration of Toad Hall.

The architect's firm requests a written program from the client before designing the house. Based on this information, the firm designs the exterior of the house and the interior from the general layout. The interior design will be based on the general layout and paint colors. Architects often collaborate with interior designers to incorporate the homeowner's personality and taste. The team's expertise translates into high-quality architecture that will last for years.

Other notable projects include the Arango Apartment located at 944 Fifth Avenue, in Columbus, IN. The project was supervised by Bruce Nagel and Dan Rowan. The building's owners, Howard Peter Guber and Patricia Gimelstob, grew up in this home. The family moved to Columbus in 1977, and they bought the property from the Lundgrens. Eventually, they added a building to the Zwerneman house, which the family owned.

Judith DiMaio

Judith DiMaio, Bruce Nagel and Partners architect architecture building design East House N is a project from the firm Bruce Nagel & Associates, which moved to Westhampton Beach in the spring. The partners were once colleagues, and their work is inspired by their varied backgrounds. Each has expertise in different areas, including the design of churches and Ivy League universities.

David Walker

David Walker, Bruce Nagel and Partners are among the most renowned architects in the world. The firm was founded in 1983 and is based in East Quogue, New York. Before that, he was a senior associate at Gwathmey Siegel and Associates. He attributes his success to his talent, faith and hard work. Listed below are some of his projects.

A licensed architect in New York and Illinois, David Walker is a member of AIA and NCARB. He holds a certificate in Construction Documents Technology, as well as a BFA in jazz performance from the City College of New York. Walker manages the firm's Chicago, Illinois office. In addition to being a registered architect, David Walker is also a certified Construction Documents Technologist.

Among the firm's accomplishments, the firm has won numerous awards. In 2011, the firm won the HC&G Interactive Design Award. The company also has been featured in the East Hampton Star Newspaper and the East Hampton Star. Its work has been featured in The Real Deal, Luxe, and the East Hampton Star. The firm has also won the AIA Peconic Chapter Honor Design Award.

Chris Scorgie

After a decade in New York City, Nagel and his partners relocated to Westhampton Beach, New York, last spring. The firm combines the expertise of three former colleagues. They each specialize in one aspect of architecture, such as high-end retail space or Ivy League universities. The team's first commission was an East House in Manhattan. Since then, Nagel has built a successful portfolio in the Hamptons and beyond.

In addition to their Chicago office, Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects maintain branches in Chicago and Dallas, and have an international presence with a branch in Florence, Italy. The firm is recognized nationally and abroad, and their Chicago and Rome branches attend all architectural services around the country. Their impressive portfolio of work has earned them accolades and awards from all over the world.

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