Broadway Stars of the Future OR

Broadway Stars of the Future OR

Broadway Stars of the Future

No matter what your favorite show is, chances are there’s a Broadway show you wish you could right now. And though only the brightest and the best of these musical legends can, weeded out and managed social media accounts, run a blog, and still hit their lines flawlessly, all while giving us the opportunity to grab the first row tickets.


Today is Monday, January 24, 2022 Broadway Baby Birthdays: Matthew Lillard Yakov Smirnoff Neil Diamond Barton Heyman Bamber Gascoigne George Bartenieff Helen Stenborg Maria Tallchief John Hudson Donald Saddler Ernest Borgnine Vicki Baum Robert Milton Estelle Winwood Edith Wharton E. T. A. Hoffmann Pierre Augustin Beaumarchais Frankie J. Galasso Frankie J. Grande Carrie Coon Phil LaMarr Dino Fekaris Edward Padula William Congreve.

It was a moment anyone in attendance at the BROADWAY STAR OF THE FUTURE AWARDS SHOWCASE will remember. That instant that deep, resonate voice, a teenage voice, was heard by us. We had all seen so many shows in our lives, from Broadway to touring companies to high school productions, but we had never heard a voice like this. Ever. A voice that could move mountains. Beyond talent, beyond professionalism, beyond power, beyond age. And I kept thinking, "That young man singing, the one holding the audience in the palm of his hands, is only eighteen years old." I wondered if Norm Lewis sounded like this as a teen. We had already been gifted with the finest high school talent from the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area that day, with more to come. But this young man, from the PCCA at Gibbs High School, took the stage, opened his mouth to sing "Hell Fire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the rest is history. Or will be. The young man's name is Noah Diggs, and at the end of the ceremony, he was crowned the Outstanding Actor of the BROADWAY STAR OF THE FUTURE (and will be venturing to New York City this summer to have a chance at the famous Jimmy Awards). (Source: www.broadwayworld.com)



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