Boosie is back with Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, his new album'''

Boosie is back with Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, his new album'''

Boosie is back with Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, his new album'''

On May 26, 2015, Boosie released Touch Down 2 Cause Hell his sixth album. It's been nearly five years since his release, but Boosie is finally back, and is eager to be reunited with his fans who have been following his work. He was an artist while he was in jail. He spent much of his time thinking about his comeback album. His most recent singles are catchy and enticing and his lyrics are infused with a uneasy feeling of death in the near future.

Torrence Hatch is a rapper to watch, even though he is five years older than Kanye West. He's 32 and his crooning voice is reminiscent of Scarface's. "Touch Down 2 Cause Hell" is his sophomore album and is a wonderful new chapter in his career. He is a renowned rapper for his sassy attitude and the bold style.

Torrence Hatch who is 32 is a rare hip-hop star. His unique style of rap has earned him a fan base. He seems like a gloomy version of Scarface. It's a short, memorable listen that is an excellent debut album for a new artist. The okra-fed croon and sultry delivery make Hatch an incredibly likable ally.

Torrence Hatch, an award-winning songwriter with four Grammys has been compared to Kanye West or the late great rapper Eminem. Although West is older than he appears however, he's just some years younger. He is a great rapper, but his style of rap is very similar to Scarface's. His okra-fed croon is similar to the one of Scarface. However, his delivery is different from West's.

Although his croon may not be as catchy as Kanye West's, the vocals of Hatch are more captivating. While his raspy, okra-fed vocals are like Scarface's, but he doesn't sound like it. His rapping style is more subtle than Kanye West and his voice is more imposing. His okra-fed croon resembles to the okra-fed croon of Kanye West.

While Torrence Hatch might be couple of years older than Kanye West's, his voice is like an Okra-fed voice. The young rappers sound like Scarface, only with a less tense voice and a higher pitch. The rapping on Touch Down 2 Cause Hell is a distinctly African American record. The rapping sounds similar, but Hatch is a little more distinct than West, which makes it sound more authentic.

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