Bloodhound Puppies.

Bloodhound Puppies.


Bloodhound Puppies



A blood hound dog is an animal that has been bred to track other animals for sport, for finding missing people or for finding livestock. Traditionally, a blood hound will work as a tracker for hunters by following a prey's scent and tracking it to its source in order to hunt down or find the prey.

Bloodhound puppies are adorable, but they grow into large independent, often messy, sometimes challenging dogs... Please investigate this breed before you consider getting a bloodhound... (Source: bloodhoundranch.com)


Bloodhound puppies are easily distinguished by their outward appearances, which are strikingly reminiscent of the hounds themselves. The outstanding feature of these large dogs, which is believed to be the basis of the breed, is their ability to smell things that most animals cannot smell. At birth, blood hounds are reportedly born with an apetite for learning and so are responsive and intelligent for a pup. This, combined with the love for learning that all dogs seem to possess, make them perfect for learning.

Though the bloodhound is a breed of canines that hunts from just scent, it’s name is definitely not evidence of its taste for blood. The bloodhound is typically a royal dog, its name speaks of the fact that it is blooded. (Source:www.petlandkennesaw.com)


Animal breeds have changed drastically over the years and are a great way of showing the passing of time. One such breed that has advanced and evolved into a highly-valued family pet is the bloodhound. It isn't just their prolonged nose that has made this breed so popular but also the fact that they are loving, unique, and easy to keep.

We mainly love our dogs and try to honor each one from the time they are a wrinkly rowdy puppy until they are an old white faced senior. (Source: bloodhoundranch.com)


These adorable little canines are also accomplished hunters for many reasons. One of these major reasons is their sense of smell. It is over 1,000 times stronger than a human's and their superior fang muscles are meant for gripping the prey. The breed is a mix of English Foxhound, Irish, and Basset Hound. This breed is said to have an even stronger sense of smell than German Shepherds.

(SOLD) Ruby F2 is a big beautiful black and tan female. These pups were born 5/10/21. She is $1800. She is from one of the best bloodlines in the breed. The sire is from Traditions Bloodhounds and from Better Hands. The instincts of the parents are very impressive and the disposition of the sire and dam are both excellent. Past pups from this breeding have been outstanding tracking, trailing, and as indoor pets. They are all around great. Contact me at cwylie@hotmail.com or call or text 678-316-2858. This beauty gets to go home to Ciara and William. She will be a great addition to the family. (Source: cmkga.com)



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