Biomedical Engineer Fresher Resume ORR

Biomedical Engineer Fresher Resume ORR

Biomedical Engineer Fresher Resume


Biomedical engineering is a dream career for those who are truly passionate about the future and want to improve the health and well-being of the planet. As a biomedical engineer fresher apa it is important for you to display this passion for the career field in your resume and CV.

Biomedical Engineer


He is Atheena Milagi Pandian shortly Atheena Pandian from a traditional country India. He has been working hard to build his personal brand over the past 10 years. He was really interested in biomedical sciences especially in medical equipment calibrations, Biomedical updates, and Biomedical related fantasy literature. Medical equipment first appeared in his life when he was at the age of seven. Then he had got his first medical equipment as Stethoscope. He always remembers himself thinking about it was the best thing in the world. He was often playing it whenever he could. but some time later, he really noticed that he could do a lot more things with his medical equipment, During his teenage, he has passion towards on Biomedical Engineering and he plans to design some biomedical projects and research. Due to this impacts, he got under graduation and post-graduation degree in Biomedical Engineering from one of India's top university named as Anna university located in Chennai, then he felt to learn more in hospital management so he did his Master of Business administration in Hospital management and currently he ia in the profession to create some quality biomedical engineer to the world.

Getting into any profession requires some primary qualifications and qualities and biomedical engineering is no exception. To get to be a Biomedical Engineer, one has to undergo thorough studies and rigorous training to acquire the vital skill critical in serving societal needs. Passion and desire to pursue Biomedical engineering program must be coupled with proven capabilities. An essential prerequisite for one to enroll this course is an excellent comprehension of biology, physics or any other related discipline as exhibited by the performance at the qualification level. (Source: biolyse.ca)


One of the most challenging and life-determining decision is about the career path one chooses to undertake. Whether it is driven by passion on the need for jobs depending on the marketability of such careers, it often involves much brainstorming, and a slight mess can dramatically impair one’s quality of life or limit performance and productivity. Moreover, in this exceedingly competitive generation, the choice you make concerning your career will eventually give you a competitive edge over your compatriots. Invention, exploration, and adventure into new and more productive courses have proven vital in shaping economies of countries, and task-oriented disciplines get greater admiration. Biomedical engineering is one such course that has gained love as well as fear since its inception.

Performing quality technical calls and services for Imdad's clients and to provide them with the needed technical support through… , maintenance and repair of the biomedical equipment. Job Responsibilities Perform maintenance ... ’s degree in Biomedical, Electronics or Mechatronic Engineering from an... (Source: www.bayt.com)



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