Bilgin Yachts' 263 Foot 80 Meter Tatiana

Bilgin Yachts' 263 Foot 80 Meter Tatiana


The 263 foot 80 meter Tatiana the largest private yacht

The Tatiana is the largest private yacht in the world. Its interior and exterior features luxurious amenities and features, including a 9-metre swimming pool, spa, hammam, massage room, and bar. It also has a well-balanced and optimized superstructure, which allows it to reach 19 knots with zero dynamic trim.

Bilgin Yachts' Tatiana

Bilgin Yachts' 263 foot Tatiana is the first 80 meter superyacht in the company's line. It is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey. The yacht's sleek exterior features aggressive lines and sleek interiors. Accommodations include 16 guest cabins and eight owner's suites. Power is provided by twin 2,560 kW engines and a generator.

Bilgin Yachts is building three units of its 263 series. The second is already sold and the third is due to be delivered in 2023. This new series of yachts emphasizes eco-friendliness. The yachts feature an exhaust system that provides 100 percent clean air emissions. The Tatiana has a top speed of 19 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The Tatiana has eight staterooms, including a master suite and three VIPs. It also has crew quarters that can house up to 24 people. The Tatiana was sold to a three-time repeat Bilgin client in October 2015. Her design was created by Unique Yacht Design and has an interior that is modern, sleek, and attractive.

The interior of the Tatiana is a stunning example of attention to detail. There are six cabins, including a master suite with a king-sized bed. The luxury yacht also has an elevator and a movie theater. In addition, there is a gym and beach club. The Tatiana is currently listed for $775k per week.

The two-deck TATIANA boasts a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. The yacht is fitted with Unique Yacht Design's naval architecture and H2 Yacht Design's interiors. In addition, it boasts a large aft deck. There is a full service spa, as well as a 1,200 square foot beach club.

Bilgin Yachts' Tatiana is the first superyacht built by the company. She is 80 meters long and 262.5 feet wide. This makes her one of the world's largest yachts. She was recently displayed at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Tatiana features eight staterooms, including a master suite and two VIP cabins. The interior also includes a movie theater and a gym. Tatiana also carries up to 25 crew members. Tatiana is perfect for private yacht charters. It is the ideal yacht for a family or a large group of friends.

Tatiana features an elevator, which makes access to any part of the yacht a breeze. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity and air conditioning throughout. There is also a spa on board. All of this makes it a truly luxurious yacht. Tatiana also boasts a helipad, which is an excellent feature for cruising.

Bilgin 263 series

Tatiana, the largest private yacht in the Bilgin 263 series, has been in development since 2016. She will feature eight suites on her 8-deck design. There is an owner's cabin on the top deck, three VIP cabins on the main deck, and four guest cabins on the lower deck. The yacht can carry up to 23 crew members to provide an impeccable level of service.

The Tatiana is one of four models in the Bilgin 263 series. Her interior is more spacious than the two other models. The Owner's deck is located directly above the main deck, and there is an additional shaded area aft of the main deck. The interior also includes a pool, and the wheelhouse is moved to the top deck.

The 263 foot 80 meter Tatiana features a private owners suite on its top deck, a fully equipped gym, and a sauna on the portside lower deck. There is also a large movie theater and a private office on the bridge deck. A luxurious skylounge with a sports bar theme is also included on the Tatiana.

The Tatiana is the first in the Bilgin 263 series and is scheduled for delivery in 2021. She was designed by Unique Yacht Design and will meet the highest IMO Tier III standards. Her special exhaust system will provide 100% clean air emissions.

The 263 foot 80 meter Tatiana is the largest private yacht in Bilgin's 263 series and is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey. Her exterior design is by Unique Yacht Design and her interiors are by H2 Yacht Design. The yacht's two MTU engines will provide a range of 11.0/5000 nautical miles while cruising at 12.0 kn. She also has eight deluxe suites and twenty crew members to help ensure the ultimate in luxury travel.

The 80 meter Tatiana will be the first 80-metre yacht in Bilgin's 263 series. She is scheduled to be delivered to its owners in 2022. The company expects to have two more projects in the 80-metre series in the coming years. With this new model, Bilgin has cemented its place as one of the leading Turkish superyacht builders.

The Tatiana will feature a beach club that will be accessible from the main salon via a dramatic staircase. The space will include a nine-meter internal swimming pool, skylights for natural light, and a bar. It will also have a massage room and a hammam. Another unique feature of the yacht is that it will feature a state-of-the-art SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) power and propulsion system.

Bilgin 263 model

Bilgin Yachts' newest boat, the 80-meter Tatiana, is now available for sale. The superyacht is built in Turkey and has eight cabins, a private owner's deck, and can sleep 16 guests in eight staterooms. This luxurious superyacht also has a 30-foot freshwater swimming pool and offers world-class views from every angle.

Tatiana is the first of three 80-metre Bilgin 263 models. This 1,670-GT vessel features interior design by H2 and exterior styling by Unique Yacht Design. The yacht is designed with zero emissions and complies with the latest IMO Tier III certifications.

Bilgin Yachts is currently building three units of the 263 series. The second hull has already been delivered, NB76, while the third is currently under construction. The Bilgin 263 series focuses on eco-friendliness, with a special exhaust system that provides 100 percent clean air emissions. The company's CEO, Emrecan Ozgun, says Bilgin 263 is "a stunning yacht that avoids all the design cliches that have become so common in yachts."

The Bilgin 263 model Tatiana was launched in February 2020 and is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey. Its hull is made of steel, while the superstructure is constructed of aluminium. Interiors were designed by H2 Yacht Design, and the yacht was recently given the model name Tatiana. Its eight deluxe suites accommodate 12 guests. The crew on board is made up of 20 members.

The Tatiana is 80 metres long and has twin MTU 16V 4000 M73 engines. The engines produce 2,560kW, making the yacht fast. Tatiana has a transatlantic range of 5,000 miles. It is designed with an advanced stabilisation system that decreases side-to-roll roll.

This luxury yacht is designed to pamper guests with everything they could ever need, from a movie theater to a gym. The Tatiana's eight cabins can accommodate 12 guests and has plenty of amenities and features for all types of guests. It also features a steam room, piano, fully-equipped gym, and a classic swimming pool with jacuzzi. It is also equipped with an elevator for easy access.

The Tatiana's owners live on top deck, with a lavish owners' apartment and gym aft. The interiors are contemporary, with a warm palette and mirrored surfaces. The owners' wishes for comfort and style have been translated into the yacht's interior design by H2 Yacht Design.

Luxury Motor Yachts - The 80 0m Tatiana Superyacht

80 0m Tatiana Superyacht  Luxury Motor Yacht  Superyachts com

There are many reasons to own a luxury yacht. These include comfort, luxury, and attention to detail. For example, the eight cabins on board the eighty-foot Tatiana were designed with comfort in mind. A movie theatre, elevator, beach club, and fitness center help you enjoy your stay on board.

Bilgin 263 is the largest yacht ever built by a Turkish shipyard

The 263 series of yachts is the largest yacht ever built by a single Turkish shipyard. The Bilgin 263 was launched in February 2015 at the company's Istanbul main facilities with a private ceremony. It was sold to a repeat client in the following year.

The Bilgin 263 is 80 meters long and is the company's largest superyacht. It is also one of the largest yachts to sail in Turkey. It was designed by Antalya-based Unique Yacht Design, which completed the exterior design and naval architecture. Interior design was completed by H2 Yacht Design. She will sleep up to 16 guests.

Bilgin Yachts is focusing on eco-friendliness and has included environmentally friendly features, such as an exhaust system that will guarantee 100% clean air emissions. The exteriors of the Bilgin 263 series are clean and stylish, while the interiors are luxurious. Interior designers from H2 Yacht Design of London created the interiors.

Bilgin Yachts is not only building a 263m superyacht, but is also working on a larger 85m model due for delivery in 2023. Both projects will be the largest yachts ever built by a Turkish shipyard.

The first hull of the 80-metre Bilgin 263 series has been launched at the company's West Istanbul facility. It will undergo outfitting before it is delivered later this spring. This is considered a milestone in the company's development.

Bilgin is also planning to launch another 80-meter yacht in the next two years. The second in the Bilgin 263 range, Tatiana, will be launched in spring/summer 2020. It will have a cinema lounge with a 75-inch screen and a bar area. The yacht will also have a gym and a sauna.

Bilgin Tatiana is IMO Tier III compliant

Bilgin Yachts' new Tatiana superyacht is a unique model, built to IMO Tier III standards, which makes her the most eco-friendly private yacht in Turkey. Her displacement hull form and naval architecture were designed by Unique Yacht Design, and the interior lines were designed by H2 Yacht Design. Bilgin's CEO is a big proponent of environmentally friendly solutions and the company has taken this to heart with the new superyacht.

The Bilgin Tatiana boasts a unique owner's apartment on the top deck, a full gym, and a sauna on the lower deck of the port side. It also has a spacious movie theater and a private office on the bridge deck. The luxury yacht can carry up to 20 crew members and features a maximum speed of 12 knots.

Bilgin Yachts' 263-class models are known for their eco-friendliness and are certified to meet or exceed IMO Tier III emissions regulations. The Tatiana is the first vessel in the line to achieve this certification. The company has also promised two 50-meter sister ships to arrive in 2022.

Bilgin Yachts has built three 80-meter-long yachts in the 263 series, including the Tatiana. The first model was completed in April 2020, and the second one is already under contract. The third hull is planned to be delivered in 2022, and has a completely new layout.

Bilgin Yachts' 80-metre M/Y Tatiana is an impressive superyacht. She has undergone successful sea trials and is expected to be delivered to customers on 14 August 2020. She is equipped with MTU IMO III propulsion systems. It is also incredibly seaworthy, and boasts extensive living spaces.

Bilgin Yachts is an Istanbul-based shipyard that has consistently increased its range. With a new hull in construction at its Yalova facility, Bilgin Yachts has increased its overall length and is now the 12th largest shipbuilder by length. With three projects on the way, Bilgin Yachts is on track to reach a total length of 392 meters.

The Bilgin 263 series is designed for ultimate comfort and eco-friendliness. Its SCR systems are installed on both the main engines and generators. Moreover, it is IMO Tier III compliant. The design features sharp lines on the exterior and contemporary interior spaces.

Bilgin Tatiana is owned by Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry is a billionaire who is also the owner of the 80 0m Tatiana Superya yacht. Mistry is the son of the late Pallonji Mistry, who was a former chairman of the Tata Group. He is believed to be one of the top ten richest people in India by 2021. Mistry's net worth is estimated to be $15 billion. He owns a number of expensive properties including a large house in Mumbai and his own private jet.

Mistry bought the yacht from Bilgin in Turkey. This yacht is currently sailing around the Bodrum area in the Marmara Sea. She is under the flag of Malta. Her owner has said she is in good condition and is well worth the investment.

The Mistry family regularly spends time on their yachts. The Mistrys have also put several of their yachts up for charter. The purchase of the 100 million Tatiana was thought to be financed by Indian banks and financial institutions, as well as retail shareholders. This could raise questions about the Mistry family's financial interests.

Tatiana is a luxury motor yacht that was built by Bilgin Yachts. It was designed by H2 Yacht Design and Unique Yacht Design, and is equipped to accommodate up to 12 guests. The vessel has a movie theater and a fully equipped gym. The yacht also includes a swimming pool and a deck jacuzzi.

Lurssen Yachts Titania Yacht Charter Price

TITANIA Yacht Charter Price  Lurssen Yachts Luxury Yacht Charter

A luxurious yacht such as the TITANIA is the ultimate floating 5-star resort. Its staterooms are the epitome of luxury, with world-class on-board amenities. TITANIA is a luxury yacht that has been a hit with yacht charterers for over 30 years. The price of a luxury yacht charter is often determined by the number of guests and the length of the trip.

TITANIA's staterooms are the epitome of luxury accommodation

The TITANIA is an elegant and spacious luxury yacht that offers seven staterooms, each with its own private Jacuzzi. The ship can accommodate up to 12 passengers. It also features two master suites, one of which has its own private Jacuzzi and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. There is also a VIP cabin on the bridge deck and four guest cabins on the lower deck. Access to all decks is easy and the interior is flooded with natural light. It features sumptuous furnishings in beautiful color palettes. The light, airy aesthetic ensures total comfort.

Families usually choose the Family Stateroom when travelling from Southampton, England to New York City. These spacious accommodations include authentic built-in storage and two bedrooms, offering plenty of room for a large family. There are two bathrooms and a fridge in each suite.

Silversea staterooms offer the best space-to-guest ratio. They also come with a private balcony. Many of them have a stunning view of the sea. And you can even customize the amenities in the staterooms to suit your preferences.

It offers world-class onboard amenities

Whether you're looking for a cruise to a tropical island or cruising to the Caribbean, Lurssen Yachts offers luxury yacht charters with world-class onboard amenities. From two deck spas to underwater lights and helipads, the Lurssen fleet is full of incredible amenities. There's something for every member of your group, from children to adults.

Guests can expect top-notch security, communication and office systems on board these luxury superyachts. A world-class gym and two-storey owner's suites are included. In addition, there are several family-friendly features, including elevators, swimming pools, shaded deck jacuzzis, and zero-speed stabilisers.

In addition to the numerous amenities on board, guests can also enjoy world-class dining. Guests can enjoy a delicious lunch at the onboard restaurant, or enjoy a luxurious night at the onboard club. There's even a spa on board, with masseuses and beauty experts on hand to pamper you.

Lurssen Yachts is a world-renowned superyacht builder. Its 158-metre Dilbar, and 180.6-metre Azzam are among the largest vessels ever built. The shipyard is committed to creating the finest yachts possible. Its future superyachts will be unrivalled in terms of technology and design.

Madsummer, one of the most recent launches, offers world-class onboard amenities. It has a 12-metre swimming pool, dedicated spa, and helipad. A stunning master suite, adorned in colour, is on the bridge deck. Madsummer also has a self-playing Steinway piano. The luxurious Madsummer is currently accepting reservations for winter cruises in the Caribbean.

Kismet, the largest superyacht in the fleet, is another impressive model. This charter yacht offers the best in design and amenities. Kismet also offers an ideal setting for entertaining. It is already accepting bookings for winter cruises to Bermuda and the Caribbean. A highly-trained crew is on hand to make sure guests have a great time while aboard.

As with any luxury vacation, luxury yacht charter is about relaxing, spending quality time with loved ones and creating memories. Avoid hassles and technical problems by enlisting the help of a specialist yacht charter broker. A specialist yacht broker can help with pre-trip paperwork and help choose the ideal yacht.

It is a floating 5-star resort

The Titania is a luxurious motor yacht with luxurious amenities and lavish on-deck features. This luxury yacht is ideal for crewed charters in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Her amenities include a beach club, a theater, a sauna, and a kids room.

The Titania was constructed by Lurssen in 2006. It was originally named Apoise and was designed by Zuretti Interior Design. She can accommodate up to 12 passengers and 20 crew members. She has an aluminium superstructure and steel hull. Her two Caterpillar engines provide a range of over four thousand nautical miles. With an impressive crew of twenty one, she can accommodate 12 guests in luxury.

The Titania is a floating five-star resort that boasts state-of-the-art technology. Its top-of-the-line amenities and state-of-the-art navigation features make it ideal for a luxury charter. Guests can enjoy the sunset while on board this magnificent yacht.

The Titania is a luxurious megayacht that was built in 2006. The yacht was last refitted in early 2018. It features seven cabins that can sleep up to twelve guests, with a 30-day capacity. It is an ideal option for large groups or families who want to experience luxury on the water.

Titania Yacht Charter Price Lurssen Luxury Yacht Charter Price - Listed below are a few examples of luxury yacht charter prices. Please note that availability is always subject to change. The prices listed are for the yacht and not for the crew or owner.

If you wish to charter the Titania Yacht, contact a professional charter broker. They can show you sample itineraries and provide you with detailed prices and information. This information is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract. While CharterWorld Limited makes every effort to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee the timeliness or usefulness of the information contained herein. All prices and details are subject to change without prior notice.

The motor yacht Titania sleeps up to 12 guests in seven luxurious cabins. The master suite is spacious and boasts a private spa pool. It is also fitted with a luxurious study. Another VIP cabin is situated on the bridge deck. The four double cabins on the lower deck are all equipped with marble bathrooms.

The Tatiana Bilgins, Bilgin Yachts' Largest Yacht Ever

Tatiana Bilgins largest ever yacht  now ready for the camera

Bilgin Yachts has launched their new 80m M/Y Tatiana, which is their largest yacht ever. Scheduled for delivery on 14 August 2020, the yacht has just finished its successful sea trials, demonstrating her seaworthiness and ability to reach 19 knots. She offers extensive living quarters, and will accommodate up to 14 guests.

Tatiana Bilgins is the largest yacht ever built by a Turkish shipyard

The Tatiana Bilgins is the largest yacht ever to be built by a Turkish shipyard. Originally, Bilgin built boats in wood until 2014. The company is now building the yacht out of steel and aluminum. The design features a long, narrow beam and attractive curves. The yacht also has a sporty profile and sharp bow. The company says that the design was created to meet the client's fuel efficiency demands. It was tested by the Maritime Advanced Research Centre in Gdansk, Poland. The Tatiana yacht has an internal volume of 1,689 gross tons.

Bilgin Yachts has been in business for over a century and combines traditional Turkish craftsmanship with advanced technology to create some of the world's most beautiful yachts. The company's flagship yacht, Tatiana, is an 80-meter motor yacht. It will debut at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show, and will be followed by two sister ships in 2022 and 2023.

The interiors of the yacht feature lots of textures and silks, as well as polished bronze and stainless steel. The ship's designers used light to enhance shapes and create interesting shadows. Stones such as onyx were also used unconventionally, including in headboards in the guest cabins.

Tatiana Bilgins has eight luxurious cabins, including the owner's suite. A dedicated owner's deck is also included. There are also two VIP suites and four guest cabins on the main deck. There is also a cinema room and gym on the lower deck. She can also accommodate up to 25 crew members.

The interiors of the Tatiana Bilgins are a modern interpretation of a classic yacht with a contemporary design. The owner of the yacht has extensive experience as a yacht owner, so he wanted a yacht that would provide a luxurious and comfortable environment for her family. The interior design was created by Jonny Horsfield of H2 Yacht Design. The yacht's design combines spacious living areas with a spacious spa and beach club. The exterior decks feature a warm, rich theme.

She is the most environmentally-friendly yacht in her class

The Tatiana Bilgins is one of the most luxurious and eco-friendly yachts in its class. She has an impressive array of amenities, including a massive spa and beach club. She is powered by two MTU 16V 4000 M73 Diesel engines and can hit a top speed of 19 knots. The yacht is also designed to comply with IMO Tier III certification.

Bilgin Yachts has built a number of luxury yachts, including Tatiana, an 80-metre motor yacht. She's the largest new build in Turkey and is also the most environmentally-friendly yacht in her class. She is a true eco-luxury yacht, boasting a zero-speed stabilisers system and a 100% clean air exhaust system.

Bilgin has also worked with Rolls-Royce to develop the most effective SCR solution for MTU 4000 series engines. The company also incorporates eco-friendly features into every new build. The Tatiana also boasts a large aft deck.

Bilgin Yachts is a family-run business based in Istanbul. It is famous for building luxury yachts ranging in size from fifty to one hundred and twenty-five meters. Its Istanbul facility is spread over 60,000 square metres and employs around 400 skilled craftsmen. The 80-metre Tatiana is undergoing trials and has exceeded its performance expectations. It achieved a speed of 19 knots during her first trial cruise.

The Tatiana has eight cabins. Her master suite is on the private owner's deck, while the other four include VIP staterooms, twin cabins, and a third cabin for children. Its interior features a spacious main salon and upper salon. Other interior spaces include a movie room and a beach club.

Luxury Motor Yacht TATIANA Available For Charter in the Croatian Adriatic

TATIANA Yacht Charter Details Bilgin Yachts CHARTERWORLD

Interior design

The interior design of luxury motor yacht TATIANA is characterized by attention to detail. She can accommodate up to 12 charter guests in six staterooms. The yacht has an elevator, a movie theater, and a beach club. There are also two crew cabins located on the lower deck.

The yacht TATIANA has an interior design that reflects the brand's environmentally-friendly practices. It is spacious and modern with a light and balanced colour palette and plenty of natural light. Her interior design was created by renowned German designer Joachim Kinder.

The interior design of TATIANA yacht charter features sleek lines, which create an open, airy atmosphere. Large windows provide excellent views. The interior is made of light oak, wenge, and beige leather with splashes of granite and onyx.

If you're looking to charter a yacht, it's a good idea to start by looking for a professional charter broker. They can provide you with a sample itinerary. In addition, it's a good idea to talk with a charter consultant before signing any documents.

The interior design of TATIANA yacht boasts a stunning central staircase and a stylish geometric gangway. Its interiors also feature an outdoor swimming pool with a lowering swim platform. Other interior features include a wet bar, chaise lounges, sun pads, a barbecue, and an al fresco dining area.

Guest accommodation

Bilgin Yachts have built the 45-metre motor yacht TATIANA, which is currently available for charter with a EUREUR130,000 per week rate reduction for May charters. Designed by Joachim Kinder, this yacht offers modern luxury and spacious interiors for up to 12 charter guests. Her interiors feature a neutral colour scheme and ample natural light.

The luxurious TATIANA yacht offers a relaxed atmosphere on board, with eight luxurious cabins for up to 12 passengers. There is a main saloon with an elevator and two VIP staterooms, as well as two double cabins and a twin cabin. The crew offers impeccable service and a full complement of onboard amenities. This yacht is suitable for all types of charter groups and can offer a tailor-made charter experience.

The TATIANA has a summer port base in Monaco and is available for charters in the West Mediterranean. She is also available for charters in the Balearic Islands, Italy, and the South of France. A full beam VIP stateroom is located on the forward main deck and includes an electric bed, mini-fridge, and ample storage space. The ensuite bathroom includes a music system and is separated from the bedroom by opaque sliding glass doors.

Bilgin Yachts are currently building three units of the 80-metre Bilgin 263. The Bilgin 263 has an emphasis on eco-friendliness. It has a special exhaust system to ensure 100% clean air emissions. It also has an interior with a strong contemporary feel.

Movie theatre

If you enjoy high-tech movies, you'll love the movie theatre on the TATIANA Yacht Charter. This ship is outfitted with 21 televisions, each with an independent movie player and satellite receiver. It also features an Apple TV and blue-ray players, plus local television channels. Additionally, there are local inputs for video cameras and gaming consoles.

Designed by H2 Yacht Design, the interiors of the 147-foot Tatiana Yacht Charter are bursting with entertainment features. The movie theatre is an excellent option for watching your favorite film or enjoying a night of stargazing. There's also a plush sofa with a day bed behind it.

There's also a private owner's suite on the upper deck. A 20-member crew is available to attend to all of your needs while you're onboard. The master stateroom features a private office space, spa area, and a private jacuzzi. The main deck also features a home cinema room. The lower deck also houses a private bar and beach club, as well as lounge spaces on hydraulic balconies. There's also a massive alfresco dining area and another pool.

A movie theatre on the TATIANA Yacht Charter is a fantastic addition for a luxury yacht charter. The upper deck of this luxurious yacht is outfitted with red leather cinema-style seats. The cinema is also equipped with Atmos surround sound and has three-dimensional corrugated leather panels. Guests can enjoy a movie on the deck or in the open air on the top deck.


The luxury motor yacht TATIANA is a tri-decker with an upper deck dominated by a full beam master suite. It has deluxe en-suite facilities and contoured lounge seating, as well as a spa and massage room. There are also sunpads on the aft deck and a versatile flat screen TV. The yacht has six suites, including a master suite with king-size bed and two additional twin cabins with pullman berths.

The TATIANA yacht is equipped with an elevator, so guests can easily access any part of the yacht. In addition, the yacht boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and air conditioning throughout. You'll be able to relax and enjoy every moment of the charter.

The TATIANA can accommodate 12 guests in 6 luxurious cabins. The owner's stateroom is located on the upper deck and features a massage room, a private steam room, and a spacious bathroom. A large TV is also available in the owners stateroom and is framed by large windows. An additional stateroom is located aft of the master suite, and it has separate access to the upper deck.

The 80-meter TATIANA is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey. Designed by Bilgin Yachts, she has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. Her elegant interior boasts a classic grey colour scheme. It has a streamlined, modern design.


The luxury motor yacht TATIANA is one of the largest yachts available for charter in the Croatian Adriatic. It is constructed by Bilgin Yachts and was delivered to its current owner in 2021. The yacht features six cabins, including a master suite with a king-size bed, a secondary suite with two queen-sized beds, a spa, and a swimming pool. The yacht is equipped with zero-speed stabilisers for maximum comfort. TATIANA's other features include a cinema, elevator, beach club, and a gym.

The Troyanda is a luxury yacht with five staterooms and a convertible gym, with capacity for 10 to 12 guests. The master stateroom is on the main deck and features a lounge, study, and bathroom. The yacht also has two twin cabins with two pullman beds each.

Beach club

TATIANA yacht charter offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort. With a capacity of twelve guests, the luxury motor yacht is equipped with a private cinema, elevator, gym, beach club, and movie theater. In addition, the vessel features a huge alfresco dining area and a swimming pool.

The yacht's interior features a contemporary, monochromatic design. The yacht features a private owner's deck, two VIP staterooms, four double cabins, a twin cabin, and a spacious convertible salon with a bar and a curved sofa. The yacht also includes a Jacuzzi and a luxury cocktail lounge on the top deck, along with ample space for sunbathing.

Tatiana offers guest accommodations for up to twelve guests in eight suites. There's a master suite, two VIP cabins, four double cabins, and one twin cabin. In total, the yacht has ten beds, including three king beds, four queen beds, and two single beds.

This luxury yacht boasts two MTU 16V 4000 M73 Diesel engines. She has a top speed of 19 knots and cruises at fifteen knots. She has received IMO Tier III certification, making her the most environmentally friendly yacht in her class.

The 80-metre TATIANA is the largest luxury yacht built by Bilgin Yachts. It boasts an aluminium superstructure, an elegant interior, and unique yacht design naval architecture. Her hull is broad, enabling super-sized deck space and reducing space utilisation.

Photographer Rupert Peace Captures Memorable Moments on Board Lrssen Superyacht Titania

On board Lrssen superyacht Titania with owner John Caudwell

The owners of the Lrssen superyacht Titanian enjoy some fun activities aboard their yacht, including Scuba diving, sandboarding, and water skiing. Titania's photographer, Rupert Peace, has captured several memorable moments while on board.


Titania is a luxurious superyacht that underwent a complete refit in 2018. She features a gym on the sun deck, sauna and night club and a full-sized spa. She also features a selection of water toys and a multi-talented crew, including two Michelin-starred chefs and a mixologist. The yacht is also equipped with zero-speed stabilisers.

Owner John Caudwell enjoys entertaining his guests and hosting parties on Titania. This luxury yacht has four decks, five restaurants, a beach club, a gym, a spa and a swimming pool, and she can carry up to 12 guests and a crew of 21. The yacht's interior has been designed by Zuretti and she's powered by twin Caterpillar engines. The steel hull and aluminum superstructure give her great speed and range.

The owners of Titania spend four weeks on the yacht each year, but the yacht is also available for hire. In high season, it can be chartered for EUR630,000 per week.

Owner John Caudwell

Lrssen superyacht Titani dispenses 1894 gross tons and was built to Lloyds specifications and MCA compliance. Its owner is British billionaire businessman, John Caudwell. Born into a working class family, he made his fortune through a mobile phone retail business and is now known as the "British Richard Branson of the sea." In 2010, he purchased the yacht for EUR34 million and had it refitted and repainted.

The Lrssen superyacht Titani combines elegant living with high-end luxury. Her spacious decks can host parties for 200 guests. She also boasts a beach club that turns into a floating nightclub in the evenings. The yacht also carries a two-tender tender and limo. She also has four jetskis, a sailing dinghie, 10 bicycles, a fully-equipped gym, and a sauna.

The Lrssen superyacht TitaniA is one of the most impressive vessels on the charter market today. It was built by the Lurssen yard and is capable of traversing oceans with timeless flair. Owner John Caudwell shares his experiences onboard the vessel while cruising the beautiful waters of Antigua & Barbuda.

Scuba equipment

Owner John Caudwell owns several yachts and enjoys spending several weeks of the year on the open water. The largest of his yachts is Titania by Lurssen, which is 73 meters long and has a gross tonnage of over 2000 tons. Titania was originally built in 2006 as a 67-metre yacht, but Caudwell has since extended her to 73 meters.

Among the amenities on board the superyacht Titania are two SCUBA tanks. One is for the owner and the other is for charter guests. The owners' roomy decks are large enough to hold dockside parties for up to 200 guests, while the beach club is converted into a floating nightclub. The yacht Titania also has two tenders and a limo for guests to use while onboard. The yacht also has four jet skis, two sailing dinghies, and 10 bicycles. In addition, each cabin features Creston Control A/V systems, satellite television, and extensive music libraries.

Besides having an impressive interior space, Titania has an onboard elevator, a cinema, and a fully-equipped glass gym. It also has an on-board personal trainer, a sauna, and a massage room. Aside from that, the Titania boasts a full-sized jacuzzi on its pool deck, and an extensive audio-visual system.


John Caudwell is the owner of the Lrssen superyacht Titani, which can accommodate up to 12 guests and can cost up to EUR630,000 per week during high season. The British billionaire acquired the yacht at auction in 2010 after it was previously known as Apoise. The luxury yacht boasts two master suites and a skylounge cinema.

Aside from the expansive decks, the Titania also boasts a sauna and a nightclub. Guests can also relax and exercise in her fully equipped gym. The yacht is also equipped with two tenders, one of which is a limo. There's also a large jacuzzi on the pool deck. The luxury yacht also boasts a complete audio-visual system and a high-speed internet connection throughout.

The superyacht Titania was bought by billionaire businessman John Caudwell for EUR34 million. The vessel features state-of-the-art amenities and an inflatable water park.


The kayaks are among the toys on board the 239-foot Lurssen superyacht Titania, which was built by the renowned Lurssen brand in 2006. The kayaks are great fun for the charter guests, as well as for the owners. Photographer Rupert Peace catches the action with his professional camera.

The boat is built for luxury and John Caudwell enjoys entertaining and hosting parties on board. The yacht has five restaurants, a beach club, an in-house gym, and a water park. Titania's interior has been designed with health and philanthropy in mind.

The luxury superyacht Titania features a fully-equipped gym located on the sun deck, a private cinema, a sauna and a nightclub. The yacht also has a fully-equipped glass gym, complete with a personal trainer. Titania also boasts an extensive audio-visual system, internet access, and wifi throughout.


On board the Lrssen superyacht TitaniA owner John Caudwell bikes around the decks on his bicycles. The owner is a billionaire businessman from the UK who bought Titania in 2010 for EUR34 million. The vessel features a nightclub, an inflatable water park, and an extensive audio-visual system.

Titania displaces 1894 gross tons. The yacht has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Her teak deck is a highlight, which adds to her luxurious feel. It's also MCA-compliant and built to Lloyds specifications. Owner John Caudwell grew up in a working class family in Staffordshire and began selling mobile phones in his early twenties, founding a company called Phones 4u. His passions include health and philanthropy.

John Caudwell's charity work includes helping children and a Lyme disease foundation. He also enjoys hosting parties on his Titania superyacht. Guests can charter Titania for up to 12 guests. The luxury vessel also boasts a skylounge cinema, a gym, and five dining areas.


Jetskis are a fun way to explore the ocean on the Lrssen superyacht Titani. Titania's owner, John Caudwell, is a billionaire with extensive charitable interests. He is one of the most prominent owners in the world and has many yachts on the water. This yacht is no exception.

Titania is a luxury vessel displaces 1894 gross tons. It has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. It has a teak deck and is MCA compliant. Owner John Caudwell owns several yachts and spends several weeks per year on the open sea. His largest yacht is the 73m Titania by Lrssen. Previously named Apoise, this luxurious superyacht has room for up to 12 guests. It also has two master suites and a skylounge cinema.

John Caudwell's superyacht Titania has several unique features. Her main deck features an elegant beach club with a gym and sauna. Titania also has a fully equipped glass gym, a personal trainer and a spa. In addition, the superyacht Titania has a team of highly qualified chefs and is currently undergoing a major refit. It also has a satcom and wifi throughout.


Titania is the fairy queen in Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Titania has an icy mantle and rocky core. The surface of Titania could be about 50 km thick. In addition, Titania's ocean may be about 190 K, very close to water-ammonia eutectic temperature. The structure of Titania's ocean will depend on the planet's thermal history.

It is a rocky planet

Titania is a rocky planet with a complex surface structure. It has a system of vast scarps and canyons. The interior is thought to be expanding due to an accretion disk. While scientists have not yet been able to determine what caused these structures, there are theories.

Titania is covered by numerous impact craters, though its surface is less heavily cratered than its sister moon Oberon. This suggests that Titania formed from an accretion disk and underwent an early endogenic resurfacing event. Only once has the Uranian system been studied up close, when Voyager 2 took images of Titania in 1986. The spacecraft mapped 40% of Titania's surface.

Oberon has a density of 1.63 g/cm3, making it higher in density than most other planets and moons. It also has a rocky core and an icy mantle. The icy core is believed to be composed of ammonia and may have a liquid ocean layer at the core-mantle boundary.

It has an icy mantle

Titania is believed to have an icy mantle and rocky core, but its composition is unknown. It has an orbit around Uranus which is tilted. Its radius is about 520 km and its mass is 58% that of the moon. Titania is the smallest of the four moons. Its pressure is approximately 0.58 GPa (5.8 kbar). The origin of its icy mantle is unclear. It may have been shaped by a lava flow or by ejecta from nearby impact craters.

Titania was once covered in impact craters. While they are now mostly leveled out by endogenic resurfacing, some remain. The largest crater, Gertrude, is over 325 km in diameter. Titania's infrared image shows crystalline water ice on its surface, but the rest of the surface is made of non-ice solids.

Titania is 436,000 kilometers from Uranus and orbits the planet in eight and a half days. The orbital distance is less than that of Oberon, the second largest of Uranus' moons. It completes a rotation around Uranus in 8.7 days and is tidally locked to Uranus. It may have a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide with low pressure.

Titania's name comes from the Queen of Fairies in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. William Herschel first discovered the moon in 1787. Titania is the largest moon of Uranus and the eighth largest in the solar system. It orbits close to Uranus and shares its extreme seasonal cycle with Uranus. It experiences permanent night and day for about half a Uranian year, which is 42 Earth years.

Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to have visited Titania. It photographed 40 percent of Titania's surface, but with a low resolution. No other spacecraft has visited the Uranian system, and there is no mission planned in the near future.

It has a rocky core

The moon Titania is believed to have a rocky core and a thin icy mantle. Its mass is 58% ice and 58% rock, and its radius is 520 km. Several theories exist for its composition. Some suggest that the moon may have an icy mantle and a liquid ocean at the core-mantle boundary.

Scientists have long speculated about what Titania's composition might be. The icy outer layer contains equal parts ice and rock, and the rocky core may contain organic compounds and carbonaceous materials. Observations made through infrared spectroscopy support this concept. A rocky core, then, is thought to have a rocky surface.

Titania has numerous impact craters, many of them bigger than the combined total size of the other 22 moons of Uranus. The biggest craters on Titania are 325 kilometers in diameter. However, the craters on Oberon are even larger, suggesting that Titania may contain liquid water at its boundary with the rocky core. Titania and Oberon are likely to have the same ratio of rock and ice, but they may have different amounts of each.

The geological features of Titania include grabens, craters, and valleys. Grabens are huge parallel faults that cut through the surface of Titania. The largest graben is the Messina chasma, which runs from the equator to the south pole.

While we do not have a space probe that has visited Titania, we can at least see images of it. Voyager 2 was the last spacecraft to visit Titania, and the images reveal fascinating features. For example, Voyager 2 took pictures of Titania in 1986, at a distance of 220,000 miles and 350,000 kilometres.

The moon Titania is the largest moon of Uranus and the eighth largest in the solar system. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1787 and was named after the Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Titania orbits the planet close to its equatorial plane, and shares a unique seasonal cycle with Uranus. It experiences permanent night and day for about half a Uranian year, which is 42 Earth years.

Titania's rocky core may be the result of an initial heating process that resulted in a significant amount of antifreeze. Then, continued heating may have separated the ice from the rocks and formed a rocky core and icy mantle. The eutectic temperature is 176 K.

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