Beyond the Boundary Future Star

Beyond the Boundary Future Star

Beyond the Boundary Future Star

A project created by Srinivasan Venkatesan and Suhaib Haji Razik, this is a manga and anime set in a world where people have the ability to create an alternate dimension inside themselves. It is a striking manga with an intriguing story that explores society and politics and the effects these decisions have on people.



The 'Future Legend' award won by Behrendorff, was announced at the WACA's Premier Cricket Awards, and is for the "Rising Star" of Western Australian cricket under the age of 23. The left-arm paceman made his first-class debut against Victoria in November, where he took 4-76. In just four matches he snared 13 wickets at 31.07. He also played five Ryobi Cup matches, with 3/45 being his best return against Queensland.

A major improvement in Gaia Early Data Release 3 (Gaia EDR3) with respect to Gaia DR2 is the precision to which the motions of stars across the sky, the so-called proper motions, have been measured. The precision has increased by a factor of 2 because of the larger number of observations processed for Gaia EDR3 and the larger time difference between the first and last observation. We illustrate this through visualizing the motions of stars across the sky using the new Gaia EDR3 proper motions. The image above shows for 40 000 stars within 100 parsec distance from the sun how they move across the sky over 400 thousand years, each trail representing the displacement of one star. To make this more dynamic the following animation shows in short steps the displacements of these stars 1.6 million years into the future. (Source: www.cosmos.esa.int)


The Beyond the Boundary program has a vast range of contacts and they were able to contact Hockey Australia to get me some work alongside some of their HR and sport science staff. I have only completed some of my placement due to time constraints, but so far it has been a rewarding experience. I look forward to doing more of my placement and also watching the Olympics, where the Kookaburras and the Hockeyroos will hopefully take home the gold.

animeblurayuk.wordpress.com)Beyond the Boundary – I’ll Be Here is a two-film-collection, known as Past and Future, which not only summarises the TV Anime series but expands upon it with a brand new story and a new enemy threat. It sounds like the perfect collection for fans of the franchise; but unfortunately when all is said and done they are nothing but a rushed experience that is glorified with the high-quality-animation from Kyoto Animation. (Source:



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