Best Cfo Resumes ORR

Best Cfo Resumes ORR

Best Cfo Resumes


A career changing resume is a resume that supports your career change with tools and methods meant to align with your point-of-view. For example, a resume that focuses on finance may focus on quantitative analysis and financial data. A resume that focuses on technology may focus on quantitative analysis and programming skills.



Describe in what ways do you spearhead the firm’s financial, capital-raising strategies to drive profitability including reducing operating costs, increasing revenues, ensuring sufficient cash flow towards future business growth and economic outlook. What do you do to establish standardization in all aspects of financial planning that ensures alignment with strategic objectives? How do you ensure your company’s financial goals and objectives are met in a timely fashion? We also want to know if you have formulated and implemented any accounting and control systems, policies, and/or procedures. Perhaps you have you orchestrated any mergers or acquisitions? These are all important skills to include in your CFO Resume.

It is also extremely important to Keyword Optimize your CFO resume in order to make it past the dreaded ATS system. These Applicant Tracking Systems are designed to weed out 80% of the candidates who do not have the right keywords for that position. Not having the right keywords will mean you will automatically be rejected and receive a “Thank you but no thank you!”, without ever knowing why. This simple mistake can cost you the job as your resume will never even be read by a human. Your CFO resume needs to be keyword-optimized for EVERY posting you apply to! It is not difficult and our resume writers will show you how to do it! (Source: icareersolutions.com)


Most job seekers looking for a chief financial officer resume are looking for the perfect resume template. But the best CFO resume example is written by professional resume writers. Recruiters view hundred of CFO resumes for every position. Make sure your financial officer CFO resume is easy to read and presents you in the best light as recruiters will only spend seconds scanning your CFO resume. Make sure your summary section doesn’t contain fluff words and is ATS keyword optimized. The best CFO resumes are achievement-based and no more than 2 pages.

Outline your financial and human capital achievements in universal language and not just financial jargon. Appeal to the many types of audiences by whom your resume will be read. You may be most comfortable speaking in acronyms, such as ROI or DSOs, not all CEOs and executive hiring teams are comprised of finance people. While they may understand the finance jargon, you want to speak about finance in approachable terms to be understood by many types of executive management. This will demonstrate your ability to work with non-finance types in a subliminal manner. For example, consider changing phrases like reduced DSOs by 9 days to reduced accounts receivable by 14% and improved positive cash flow with tighter payment terms. (Source: www.linkedin.com)


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