Best 6 Star Character in Marvel Future Fight OR

Best 6 Star Character in Marvel Future Fight OR

Best 6 Star Character in Marvel Future Fight

All Marvel’s comic strip characters are major players in the Marvel Universe, but there are some that you might be more familiar with than others.


Captain America (Sharon Rogers) is arguably one of the best heroes in Marvel Future Fight, even when judged against characters that can only be bought with real currency! Especially if you can obtain the Starlight Armor uniform for her, she becomes unstoppable during missions. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do, provided that you don’t spend your Crystals on other purchases. In addition, if you buy Starlight Armor before any other uniform, you can get it for as little as 500 Crystals.

Ask any player who’s spent a couple of weeks on Marvel Future Fight and they will all tell you the same thing: Luna Snow is an OP character. When you get your “Selector: 6* Premium Character” on day 7 from starting the account, there is no better way to use it than on this hero. Not only is Luna Snow super powerful, but to get her at 6* directly – for free – is an offer no one should pass on. In fact, it’s a great idea to save the 6* Mega Mastery Ticket you get on day 6 for her, as well. You’ll never regret this use of resources, especially once you get to see her in action. (Source: www.bluestacks.com)


You have got the option to customize the characters. You can select the costume of your favourite characters as you want to. Marvel Future Fight is a mission based game, you will proceed in the game by completing the missions. You can accomplish these missions in multiplayer mode by adding friends into your side.

You have to stop the destruction of the world. Pick three characters of your choice and make a team. Only one character can fight at a time but you can replace him with the other character whenever you want. You have to fight against them with these characters in order to stop him from destroying the world. Marvel Future Fight game gives a feature of default attack mode. In this mode, your character will automatically move forward toward the enemy and attack them with the help of Artificial intelligence. Every character is equipped with weapons to attack the enemy. (Source: gameskeys.net)


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