Behold The Coney Island - Get a First Look at Proposed BK Casino

Behold The Coney Island - Get a First Look at Proposed BK Casino


Behold The Coney Get a first look at proposed BK casino

Coney Island, one of the world's iconic tourist spots, is getting a billion-dollar makeover. Manhattan mogul Joseph Sitt has ambitious plans to construct a casino, indoor water park and hotels along the boardwalk.

The casino would help revitalize Coney Island, providing year-round employment and world-class entertainment to Brooklyn and New York City. But opposition could arise.

What’s Outside?

Coney Island was an iconic American landmark that combined highbrow entertainment and avant-garde creativity. Its bawdy excesses, cheap theatrics, and technological advancement shaped American culture for more than a century and inspired some of America's greatest fictional fantasies.

Visitors were astounded by its array of attractions, from rides that made strangers experience intimate physical contact or even fall head over heels into the crowd (such as the Barrel of Love) to Lilliputia, a half-scale city designed to look like 15th-century Nuremberg. Here lived natives from distant lands like 19 near-naked Wild Men from Borneo and a tribe of Spanish-speaking Filipinos who spent their days shooting poison darts through reeds.

Up until the 1960s, Coney Island enjoyed a golden age of dreamlike fantasy that inspired so much art and literature. But crime and deprivation began taking its toll, leading to works of urban realism such as Sol Yurick's 1965 novel Warriors (adapted into a film directed by Walter Hill decades later), Hubert Selby's 1978 novel Requiem for a Dream and Darren Aronofsky's 1997 film The Requiem.

Ric Burns and Lisa Ades' forthcoming documentary Coney Island is the latest in a series of films chronicling this iconic American destination that has always been at the center of modern American life. Through rare archival photographs, newsreel footage, interviews, quotes read off-camera by Eli Wallach, Frances Sternhagen, George Plimpton, Judd Hirsch, Lois Smith, Vincent Gardenia, Jerry Orbach - among others - viewers get an in-depth look into this once-in-a-century amusement empire.

What’s Inside the Hotel?

Coney Island once boasted the Elephantine Colossus Hotel, built in 1885 and known as the first tin-sheathed building to be shaped like an animal. According to Ephemeral New York, this landmark building was known as The Elephantine Colossus.

James Lafferty designed the elephant hotel, a 176-foot high and 203-foot long structure featuring 31 rooms, a cigar store and events bazaar in its belly. On its hind legs were spiral staircases leading up to higher floors. There was also a howdah on its back as well as a gilded crescent perched atop.

This hotel was a favorite destination for both tourists and locals who would take the subway to Coney Island to view this bizarre structure. Unfortunately, like other gimmicky architectural creations on Coney Island, it soon was replaced by more conventional hotels. Unfortunately, in 1896 the elephant burned down and its site was later incorporated into Luna Park. You can still visit American Coney Island today - and indulge in Dearborn sausage hotdogs shaped like elephants at American Coney Island fast food restaurant!

What’s Outside the Hotel?

What else is there to do on Coney Island besides enjoy the iconic mermaids of the boardwalk? Well, aside from an amusement park and various restaurants and bars - one with plenty of neon lights! Plus, best of all? You can walk right there from your hotel!

For an extra special treat, visit Coney Island Sea Battery! It boasts over 1,000 historical artifacts and is worth the hike. Alternatively, spend your time on the beach or at the waterpark - you can even rent a scooter to get around! So why wait? Check out all of the hotel amenities today!

BTS JHope  J Cole Reflect on Careers for On the Street Watch the Mea

BTS' J-Hope and American Rapper J Cole Reflect on Careers for "On the Street"

J-Hope's latest solo release, "On the Street," is an upbeat and sentimental song that thanks his fans for their support. It serves as his last single before beginning compulsory military service in South Korea.

"On the Street" pays homage to his B-boy roots while honoring those who have supported him throughout his journey. It's an upbeat song with a melancholy vibe.

1. Recalling His First Concert

J-Hope made history this past weekend when he headlined Lollapalooza, becoming the first Korean artist to headline such an important music festival in America. His performance was filled with powerful vocals and captivating dance moves that left audiences mesmerized.

J-Hope has recently embarked on his own solo projects, though he remains part of the K-pop sensation known as BTS. Last July, he released his debut solo album titled Jack in the Box after BTS announced a temporary break to pursue their individual interests.

His new single, "On the Street," offers a look back at both his past and current career while providing encouragement for fans. Additionally, it features an appearance from hip-hop superstar J. Cole in the video for the song alongside member of boy band Fifth Harmony.

On March 15th, BIGHIT MUSIC (BTS' label) revealed that J-Hope would begin his military service this year - making him the second member of their band to enlist and ensure all members complete their commitment by 2025.

Though the timing was unexpected, J-Hope is taking his military enlistment process in a responsible way that won't harm his relationships with his BTS teammates. Additionally, he's working on his solo debut mixtape which should be released in March.

J-Hope is an accomplished musician and fashion enthusiast. Recently, he attended Paris Fashion Week with Jimin and appeared on Ryan Seacrest's New Year's Rockin' Eve medley as well as at Korean awards shows with a selection of his solo tracks.

He's one of the more outgoing members of BTS and known for his bubbly nature and friendly demeanor. He enjoys engaging with fans on Instagram and Vlive, but unfortunately has also become a victim of cyberbullying, experiencing multiple incidents of harassment.

J-Hope enjoys reading and listening to music when not performing or dancing. Additionally, he loves spending time with his family by the seashore.

Recently, J-Hope completed his own music documentary entitled 'J-Hope IN THE BOX' that will be available on Disney+ next month. This behind-the-scenes look provides an insider's view into his journey to create his solo debut album.

2. Reflecting on His Military Service

As BTS' J-Hope prepares to join the South Korean military, he's released one last single with American rapper J. Cole - and it's incredibly special.

On The Street, inspired by J-Hope's dance show that launched in 2015, pays homage to when he first found his calling as both singer and dancer. It is a song about all of the paths one can take in music industry success while paying respect to those who have supported him throughout their journey.

Before joining BTS, J-Hope spent most of his life in Fayetteville, North Carolina. At twelve years old he started rapping and realized his ambition was to be a rapper; receiving a musical sampler for Christmas that enabled him to start producing music under the names Blaza and Therapist before joining local group Bomm Sheltuh which led to the release of his debut album 4 Your Eyez Only in 2016.

After graduating high school, he moved to New York and attended St. John's University, earning a degree with distinction in 2007. In addition to his studies, he was an active member of Haraya - a pan-African student coalition - and served as assistant basketball coach at Sanford High School.

Though he was an impressive basketball player at high school, he chose not to pursue a professional sports career. Instead, he focused on developing his music career.

He has since earned a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, a Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Album and three Soul Train Music Awards. Additionally, he received eight BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Recent surveys reveal that veterans serving as commissioned officers are significantly more likely to have a civilian job lined up upon leaving the military than NCOs or enlisted personnel. About 50% of NCOs and enlisted personnel say they have a job secured upon returning from service, while commissioned officers boast over twice this percentage.

The video for J-Hope's song 'On the Street' depicts him dancing around New York City, with scenes shot on top of Seret Studios in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood. This stunning view is reminiscent of J. Cole's music video for 'Simba' from The Lion King; some speculate this could be an homage to Cole.

3. Taking a Look Back at His Music Career

J-Hope has been an iconic part of the BTS fandom for over a decade, and his rise to stardom is no small accomplishment. In this video, the Korean rapper takes a moment to reflect on his music career and how it has evolved throughout the years.

At first, his focus was on learning dance but eventually moved onto singing and rapping. Additionally, he began competing in national dance competitions before joining a K-pop group.

He quickly rose to fame as a dancer, and Big Hit Entertainment took notice of his talent. They then recruited him into their group as an apprentice. While living with fellow member Jimin, who serves as both roommates, he formed an unbreakable bond.

Since joining BTS, he has released several songs and mixtapes that have received positive responses from fans worldwide. Furthermore, his work on social media platforms and lyrical content have cemented his place as a star.

His music career is not without controversy, however. His lyrics can be harsh and he has been accused of making controversial remarks.

J-Hope's music addresses social issues that face his community, such as racism and sexism. Additionally, he emphasizes the value of family.

His songs aim to foster an atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing their problems. Additionally, his lyrics contain a sense of humor which adds to his appeal and keeps listeners captivated.

He has been candid about his personal struggles and how they have affected him as an artist, even going so far as to describe his music as a form of therapy.

His music career began when he was in middle school. He had an avid interest in composition and songwriting, yet was discouraged by his parents from following through with their plans. With practice under his belt and plenty of inspiration from fellow students, he eventually created some original compositions.

After graduating high school, he chose to pursue a career in music. He began as both a dancer and singer but quickly discovered his true passion lay with singing and rapping. With aspirations of becoming an idol trainee within K-pop industry, he eventually joined BTS for their performances.

4. Paying Homage to His Fans

J-Hope of BTS recently took to social media to pay his fans a tribute. He posted a picture with American rapper J. Cole, who has long been an idol to the members of BTS.

Cole and BTS have been friends since their debut in 2013, and they often cover his songs. One of their early releases was a reworked version of his "Born Sinner" track which would later be included on their anthology album Proof.

Cole also features a verse in the song that serves as an inspirational ode to his fans. In the chorus, he thanks them for their support and encourages them to keep chasing after their dreams.

K-pop star K. Dot has an important message for himself as she prepares to enlist in the South Korean military soon. While this may be a sad development in his life, it also marks a new chapter in his career.

He composed the song with the intention of paying homage to his fans, and it truly is a touching moment. It's an earnest, straightforward track that expresses his affection for them - the perfect way to say goodbye before he departs the scene.

But 'On the Street' doesn't just reflect his fans' support - it serves as a reminder of how far he's come as an artist. With this song, he hopes to leave an imprint on his music career before joining the military.

The song is accompanied by a video that takes viewers on an unforgettable journey that pays homage to hope's street dance roots. The video starts with an aerial shot and pans down onto people living their daily lives on the street. Additionally, the song includes an emotional speech from young man about his aspirations of becoming an artist.

J-Hope's lyrics are an inspiring testament to what it means to be an artist and how important having the right support system is. It's a poignant message that will likely be remembered for years to come.

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