Beginner Real Estate Resume

Beginner Real Estate Resume

Beginner Real Estate Resume

Here are the real estate resume tips and tricks we learned along the way.


A great resume will sell your skills to hiring managers and get you that real estate job .. As a leading international resource for job seekers, Resume.io has developed more than 300 occupation-specific resume guides and resume samples , along with professionally designed, field-tested templates and an easy-to-use resume builder tool . Our tips, hacks, and comprehensive advice provide a strong foundation to build a stellar resume and take your career to greater heights.

As you write, remember that your resume is only one among many that hiring managers will have to go through. To elevate it from good to stellar, be creative and avoid clichés. Don’t use common phrases such as “customer-service oriented” or “lead-generator” unless they are in the job description or you know they will have an impact on the hiring manager. Instead, try to add personality with word choices. Try “personalized attention” or “attracts new customers.” Use a thesaurus if you need a helping hand to develop creative descriptions. (Source: resume.io)


9. Individual with strong writing and presentation skills, Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, as well as an MBA. Seeking to work as a Real Estate-Business Development Manager at ABC Properties Inc. to apply profound experience in managing multiple development projects, including ground-up and adaptive-reuse mixed-use residential and office buildings, parking garages and public spaces.

Your employment history should show a progression of success. Instead of writing a list of job responsibilities, tailor your work history to the job you want. Look at the listing. What achievements and attributes does the managing broker explicitly ask for? Make sure you use those keywords. Describe your greatest professional achievements at each job. Use detailed sales and listing data. The more specific you can be, the better. Because real estate is a cyclical industry, you may not have steady growth in sales, but you will have professional growth. Managing brokers understand the market’s cycles, so include actions you took during downtimes that led to business successes later. (Source: resume.io)




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