Back to the Future Star Wars Mcfly Cafe Anakin

Back to the Future Star Wars Mcfly Cafe Anakin

Back to the Future Star Wars Mcfly Cafe Anakin

The dark and gritty Star Wars universe has a surprisingly light-hearted side with the release of a cartoon that pays homage to the series. The Star Wars Mcfly Cafe leaves out the violence and instead pokes fun at the culture and consumerism of the futuristic society.


Was that Great, leave a comment on what you thought and liked about my back to the future and star wars mashup. Jedi Elimination round 2 will be posted it a few hours who will be eliminated next? Thank you all for following, i have reached 200 followers. Do yoy maybr think entrie could win? You can when time comes vote for my Mashup blog if it makes the top 4, maybe more mashups in the future? Dc comics or marvel mashed with star wars and etc. Write in the comments what next, should i mash ul with star wars, have a good one i see you around.....

Yes, you have a point that there are basic tenets of the Star Wars films that assume connections with 'reality': objects are called similar things in that universe as they are in ours; characters with names like Luke whose origins are biblical; human beings existing as one of the primary 'races', so on and so forth. But there is a huge difference between representing a common language among multiple cultures in a film universe (contrasted, of course, with a healthy helping of other languages) with the one of the assumed audience and placing anachronistic and otherwise completely ridiculous references to very specific aspects of reality into the film. What does that accomplish? It takes you completely out of being immersed in the film's universe. It is the stuff of sci-fi parodies See: Space Balls truck stop scene, almost anything in the Space Quest adventure series (particularly Monolith burgers), etc... (Source: originaltrilogy.com)



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Sagan also complained about Han Solo’s boast of doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. According to the script, this was an “obvious” lie on Han’s part to make his ship sound impressive, so Sagan missed that. But then, post-Lucas, the Kessel Run was explained in Solo: A Star Wars Story as a distance shortcut and not an elapsed completion time, so…. (via digg) (Source: kottke.org)



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