Azure Resume:

Azure Resume:

Azure Resume

A resume is an application for a job, which typically includes a cover letter, education history and work history. Resumes are often submitted via paper or online platforms.


Azure is a cloud computing program that companies use for storage, infrastructure and networking. It's a complex program that requires dedicated knowledge to run, often provided by Azure administrators. If you're familiar with this program and want to apply for Azure administrator positions, you can write a strong resume to appeal to potential employers. In this article, we discuss why it's important to write an Azure Administrator resume, six steps you can follow, and provide a template, example and tips for writing your resume.By writing a resume that explicitly targets your skills with the Azure program, you can show potential employers that you're capable of any Azure-related tasks they may require. An employer looking for experience using this platform may be interested in an application displaying what aspects of the platform the candidate is familiar with, what results they can get and how much experience they have. You can detail this information in your resume by showing what tasks you can complete and listing the number of years and your level of familiarity with the platform.

Many companies use an application tracking system to help them review resumes and find promising applicants. The ATS uses keywords programmed by the hiring manager and searches for them in resumes and cover letters. You can appeal to the ATS by considering what specific words are likely to be keywords for a specific position. An Azure administrator position may have keywords that describe the platform and the most common tasks associated with it. By including those keywords in your resume, you can increase the chances of moving forward in the hiring process.You can organize your resume from most important to least important to help the hiring managers read it more easily. After your immediate contact and identification information, your resume's next most important thing is your list of skills. This list is how you can demonstrate to potential employers that you're capable of the potential tasks they may need from you. Your resume is also a good place to list skills that you learned outside of your professional experience. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Creating & managing Compute, networking and storage concepts on Microsoft Azure. Migrating resources between different Subscription Configuring Microsoft Azure virtual machines, storage accounts, resource groups. Handle ling day to day service deployments on Azure Infra. Deployments of Azure Virtual Machines ARM as per the Client requirements. Experience in Administration & Taking back up of Azure VM's and taking File level & folder Level Backups. Configuring the Backup policies as per the requirement. Experience in restoring the backup as per the request. Administration of various Azure Services by using Azure Power Shell. Worked on Azure Active directory, Adding Users and group under Multifactor Authentications. Password Reset. Understanding on Azure Storage Explorer. Attaching new disk to VM’s. Resizing the VM. Monitoring the Health Status of the VM’s in Azure. Configuring Load Balancer, Application Gateway. Creating and managing Availability Sets, Auto scaling, load balancer as per project requirement. Managing day to day activity of the cloud environment.

Worked on deployment and Managing Services on both AZURE and AWS. Experience in Configuration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Services. Deployed IAAS, PAAS services. Understanding on Azure Site Recovery. Worked on both Windows and Linux platforms. Have understanding and undergoing self-training on Windows Power-shell. Knowledge on Azure and AWS Networking (V-net and VPN Peering, V-net to V-net Connection, P2S, S2S) Understanding on Load Balancer, Network Security Groups, Application Gateway, availability set. Understanding on Azure Backup and Recovery, Azure Storage, Azure Storage Explorer, AWS S3. Managing day to day activity of the cloud environment, supporting development teams with their requirements. Having a good knowledge on Azure SQL VM. Good understanding on scheduling database backup from Maintenance plan, Job activity and restoring database to SQL. Creating and managing Availability Sets, Auto scaling, load balancer as per project requirement. Hands on experience in Jenkins integration and azure pipelines. Worked on Kubernetes, integrated with Jenkins and DockerHub. (Source: pdfcoffee.com)

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