AWhat Is Blue Vervain Good For

AWhat Is Blue Vervain Good For


AWhat Is Blue Vervain Good For

Know this health supplement in advance before you buy it. Here, a survey of people who have tried it and their experiences.

Blue vervain is a perennial plant that is known to be in use for fighting the symptoms of depression. It may also be helpful in promoting sound sleep. Vervain may aid in reducing inflammation and pain, alleviating stomach disorders like diarrhea, and protecting you against parasitic infection. It has also been studied for its antitumor and brain-boosting effects. In this article, find what is blue vervain, how it is good for you, its uses, and potential side effects.


What vervain does appear to do is increase urine output. Increased urination may help prevent the formation of kidney stones. But rather than increasing the amount of water and sodium in the urinary tract the way most diuretics work, vervain increases urine output by irritating the kidneys. This irritation can hurt the kidneys more than help, especially over the long term.There's a lot of folklore surrounding vervain. One of its nicknames is "Herb of the Cross" because certain sources state that it was used to stop Jesus' wounds from bleeding after he was taken off the cross. Vervain is also believed to have been used by Hippocrates (the "father of medicine") and was revered by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese and later by the Druids.Key Uses: Specific for stiff or tight neck and shoulders. For intense, fanatical people who have absurdly high standards for themselves or others, strain to live up to these standards, and have the emotional and mental strength, but not the physical strength (digestion, sexual centers) to live up to their own standards (Wood, 2009).

Stiff necked overachievers, hard driving, fanatical, driven to a cause, get burned out, frazzled, and overwhelmed (McDonald, Easley, and Chalmers, 2016). For people who have emotional/bodily tension that’s built up and has nowhere to go (McDonald, Easley, and Chalmers, 2016). Kiva Rose is quoted as saying Blue Vervain is for “when you’re so irate and uptight you could dismember the nearest living creature (McDonald, Easley, and Chalmers, 2016). Tourrette’s syndrome specific (Easley). Combines well with motherwort and pulsatilla for generalized anxiety (McDonald, Easley, and Chalmers, 2016). Good for PMS in women with tension, anger, and intense food cravings during their lutela (2nd half) phase that’s dominated by progesterone (McDonald, Easley, and Chalmers, 2016). (Source:www.eclecticschoolofherbalmedicine.com)



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