Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue is the fictional street in Brooklyn where much of the action in the first season of "Girls" takes place. Atlantic Avenue is a street that embodies the messages of female empowerment that the show often sends.

Why Atlantic Av

Atlantic Avenue is a distinctive retail corridor in Brooklyn and New York City. From end to end, Atlantic is becoming a more and more attractive place to locate. At the eastern end of Atlantic Avenue destination businesses are taking advantage of great proximity to the Atlantic Terminal transportation hub and the basketball arena. Similarly the western end of Atlantic Avenue is experiencing a renaissance with its great proximity to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6, a regional park that families and young people flock to from around the region. Distinctive boutiques and historic 19th century architecture anchor the center of the Atlantic Avenue district from Court Street to Bond Street and attract people from all across the City. (Source: www.atlanticavebid.org)

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