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Everything in its place. So, make your own spot - create a serene space for your new little human. From helping customers make sense of care for every stage to making small lifestyle changes for a more sustainable planet, strawberry nursery is more than just a place for new life. It's a place for life to thrive.This main Strawberry Nursery page serves as a directory for strawberry nurseries. This directory seeks to be as comprehensive and all-inclusive as possible. So, if you are aware of a strawberry nursery or other location that offers strawberry plants for sale, or if a new strawberry operation is set to open its doors in your area in the future that is not already included in the directory, please let us know about it by emailing or leaving a comment below.


Everyone loves strawberries. And, just about every gardener loves to reap the sweet harvest of home-grown, plump, sweet, delicious strawberries each year. Once a green thumb has decided to begin Growing Strawberries, the next step is procuring plants. In today’s internet-connected world, a gardener doesn’t even have to leave the back yard to obtain strawberry plants. They can be ordered right from any computer. To help those who want to get the best online deal, Strawberry Plants .org keeps a comprehensive directory of the varieties and suppliers who will mail plants directly to your door. The full list is here and easily browsed by variety: Buy Strawberry Plants.Lassen Canyon Nursery grows strawberry plants for both the commercial grower and the home gardener. We have been in business for over 50 years.

Our company is committed to growing the finest quality strawberry plants in the world. We strive to go the extra mile for our customers providing not only top notch plants, but also the finest customer service in the industry. We are ready and able to assist both the commercial grower with many acres of strawberries and at the same time we can give advice and moral support to the backyard gardener who just needs a few plants to fill in that bare spot in the yard. For information on bulk pricing, technical support or other information, contact our representative in your area. Inquiries about our plants, nursery, or this web page can be sent to info@lassencanyonnursery.com.Remember that the growers who sell to grocery stores are professional farmers. Professional farmers have greater resources to ensure a higher quality of fruit. They control the water, fertilizer and other inputs to insure they have the best crop. They schedule the harvest so the berries will arrive to the store in the best possible condition. On top of that, these farmers are usually located in some of the best growing locations in the world for growing strawberries. (Source:www.lassencanyonnursery.com)



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