AS Georgia Tech Buzz"

AS Georgia Tech Buzz"

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Hello, my name is Patrick Bashe and I am a co-founder of Georgia Tech Buzz. I’m just a student here, but I decided to combine my love for journalism and my love for life into a blog dedicated to Georgia Tech. We’ll post on anything that we think is cool, funny, and probably weird. This is a blog for all of the students and people who love Georgia Tech.



Buzz is the current official mascot of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Buzz is usually represented as a stylized yellowjacket with yellow-and-black fur, white wings, a yellow head, and antennae. Buzz is almost never drawn with six legs, but rather with arms, legs, hands (in white gloves) and feet (in black Converse high tops), like a human. Invented in 1972 and restyled in 1979, Buzz reflects the tradition of referring to Georgia Tech students as "Yellow Jackets." Buzz is also one of Georgia Tech's emblems and trademarks, one that they defended in a 1998 legal conflict with the Salt Lake Buzz.

The term Yellow Jacket or Yellowjacket has been used to refer to students and the various sports teams as early as the 1890s. Fans of Georgia Tech would often wear yellow jackets to sporting events in support of the early Georgia Tech teams. The early football teams, lacking gold fabric for jerseys, wore yellow jerseys. John Heisman told the Atlanta Constitution that he wanted his teams to be referred to as the Yellow Jackets in October 1905. In November 1906, the Atlanta Journal portrayed a University of Georgia football player being attacked by a yellowjacket with the words "Somebody's about to get stung" as the caption. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Thank you for your interest in booking Buzz for your event! Please submit requests via the form below a minimum of four weeks prior to the requested appearance date.Due to the time demands on our mascots, we may not be able to fulfill every request. Please understand that Georgia Tech sporting events take priority. Appearance times cannot overlap. You will receive a confirmation approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your event if a mascot is available.

The Buzz is rethinking the way we do digital media by empowering individual content creators at Georgia Tech to pursue the stories they are passionate about. We operate with the assumption of innovation by creating immersive digital experiences. Disclaimer: We aim to give a voice to any and all students, and a space for them to say whatever they want to say. Publications on the Buzz reflect the opinions of that individual author and not our platform our its creators. (Source: medium.com)



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