APrickly Pear for Sale

APrickly Pear for Sale


APrickly Pear for Sale

2 prickly pear paddles (unrooted cuttings) about 5-10 inches long ready to eat or feed. If planting is desired, let freshly cut portion form a callus or scab and plant in sandy soil. Do not water until it shows signs of growth. Thereafter, water sparingly. Artistic Solutions prickly pear paddles and plants are fresh and organically grown in SW Florida. Can be eaten by humans as well as pets, they can also be planted. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper version, they are not the same! Avoid disappointment and only order from Artistic Solutions! In Florida, about nine species of Prickly-Pear can be found. This is one is a spineless prickly pear, the Burbank spineless or Barbary fig ( Opuntia ficus-indica). Instead of long spines, the Barbary fig cactus, like all prickly pears, has glochids. Glochids are tiny, thin, and abundant hairs on a cactus pad that can be even more painful and harder to remove than a typical cactus spine. Flowers are red and the cactus is cold tolerantas long as you plant it high so water doesn't pond around it. Since i tdoes not have spines, only glochids so not elatior.


Q Patty • May 11 I am planning on planting Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus soon (should hopefully come today from your nursery) in a garden area in my yard. What I plan to do is - dig down about 6", fill in 2-4" with landscape rock, then about 1" pea gravel, then a mix of pea gravel/sand/dirt - about 6-8". Total depth about 12". is this deep enough to grow Prickly Pear? and is this enough drainage for it?Upon the Farm and set in rows is a fortress of Prickly Pear Trees. These spiky hardy desert like plants produce fruit from the pad of the tree once a year to the pleasure of those daring enough to pick them. Even the skin of the fruit has fine needle like spikes, so delicate that if your standing near enough to one of them and a gush of wind comes along then you will more than likely be scratching and itching all the way home until the next day at least. You won’t see them fly and stick into you but you sure as will feel them!

With a wide selection of prickly pear cactus that contains different features and characteristics, all types of shoppers are guaranteed to find perfect matches to their requirements. The prickly pear cactus are available in different sizes and processing powers to fit different production needs for business and personal entities. prickly pear cactus sellers on Alibaba.com are strictly scrutinized to ensure that they comply with all quality standards.Revamp your home or business with marvelous and premium prickly pear cactus available at Alibaba.com at unrivaled discounts. The prickly pear cactus are loaded with outstanding traits derived from cutting-edge technologies and innovations that produce magnificent designs to deliver optimal outputs. The prickly pear cactus are manufactured from sturdy and durable materials that give them long lifespans while being efficient consistently. They enhance users’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability. (Source: www.alibaba.com)



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