Antilia Square Foot

Antilia Square Foot

Antilia Square Foot

antilia sq ft

Antilia is a Grade-I building with 3 helipads and a mandir. The Ambani family moved in late 2011. The design is by Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The Antilia has super-fast elevators. Located in the city of Dubai, Antilia is a luxury residential project that is also environmentally friendly.

Antilia is a Grade-I structure

The Antilia building in Mumbai is a Grade-I structure, and it is designed to withstand a magnitude-8 earthquake. It is also built to withstand military-grade explosions. In addition, it features nine elevators and an atrium. It is a multi-functional complex that includes a recreation centre that spans two floors and a temple.

The property has a total area of 400,000 square feet. The project is estimated to have cost between 6,000 and 12,000 crores of rupees. It is estimated to be the second most expensive billionaire's home in the world, after Buckingham Palace. The building is said to have maintenance costs of 2.5 crores a month.

It has super-fast elevators

The Antilia is a lavish, multi-million dollar mansion, built by Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India and sixth richest man in the world. The building stands at 550 feet high and features over 400,000 square feet of living space. Its six lower floors are devoted to parking, while nine super-fast elevators whisk you up and down to the various floors.

The elevators are one of the fastest ways to go up or down in Antilia. The Ambanis don't like waiting for elevators, so the elevators are super-fast. There are three elevators for guests, one for each family floor, and one for the parking area.

The building features nine super-fast elevators and has a glam ballroom fully set up for lavish events. It is also equipped with multiple swimming pools, dance and yoga studios, and a health spa. The building also includes a helipad on the roof. Besides its high-tech features, Antilia has a highly protected structure and can survive an earthquake of 8.

It has a mandir

Antilia Square Foot has a Mandir, and the building has 27 storeys. It has three rooftop helipads and six floors of car parking. It also includes a 50-seat movie theater, three floors of hanging gardens, nine elevators, and a spa. It is also earthquake-resistant and can accommodate 600 people.

The mansion is situated on a peninsula in the heart of the city, and is home to Mumbai's richest man, Mukesh Ambani. It is the most expensive private residence in India, and stands out from the city skyline. The Antilia building has over 600 staff members to cater to all the different needs of the residents. Car parking is available on six floors, and the building has space for 168 cars.

The construction of Antilia began in 2004 and lasted over six years. Its construction was completed in 2010 and the Ambanis moved in late 2011. The Ambanis are ardent followers of Vastu Shastra, a religious architectural doctrine. Vastu seeks to achieve spiritual harmony by establishing directional alignments.

It has three helipads

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia is a 27-storey building with three helipads and six underground parking floors. According to Forbes Magazine, the building cost about $2 billion to build and is home to 600 staff members. It is named after the mythical island of Antilia, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean.

There are nine super-speed elevators for moving around the property. Separate elevators are provided for the family, staff, and guests. There are also three helipads located on the top of the building. The helipads are not yet operational because the permissions from the relevant ministries are still pending.

The property has three rooftop helipads and six parking levels with space for 168 cars. It also has a spa and a swimming pool. The Antilia complex is safe and secure and can withstand a quake of eight on the Richter scale. The building also includes terrace gardens, a helipad, and a temple. The top floors of the building serve as the Ambani family's living quarters.

It has a five-star hotel

Antilia, built by Mukesh Ambani, is the world's second most expensive billionaire residence. The luxury property is estimated to be worth USD 2.2 billion by 2020. The maintenance costs are estimated to be over 2.5 crores per month, making it one of the most expensive private residences in the world. With a price of approximately Rs 15,000 crores, Antilia is one of the most expensive private residences in India.

Antilia is built on a huge scale and has 27 stories. It is also home to the world's tallest green wall. The entire building is more than 4000 square feet, and is a five-star hotel and residential complex. It is the second-largest residential property in the world, after the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles.

This extravagant home is located in the Cumballa Hill area of Mumbai, and is named Antilia. It is four-hundred thousand square feet and is home to three rooftop helipads. The residence also includes six floors of parking and a hanging garden. Other amenities include a snow room and an ice cream parlor.

It employs over 600 people

Antilia employs over 600 people in its 27-story construction. Each level is the size of a two-story building. It is also one of the tallest buildings in the world, measuring 173 meters or 568 feet. The Antilia complex has a private cinema, ice cream room, and two-story recreation center. Construction began in 2006 and was completed in 2010. The building is a multi-faceted project with a number of perks and amenities.

The building's design is unique for each floor and uses unusual materials, like crystals and marbles. The resulting design evokes the sun and lotus. The Antilia building has a ceiling height of 60 feet, which is higher than the norm. It also includes a fitness centre, spa, several pools, and a dance and yoga studio.

The Antilia building is the sole residence of the Ambani family, and is a luxury building that employs over 600 people. Built on a 50,000 square foot plot southwest of Mumbai, Antilia boasts ceilings equivalent to 60 floors. It has more square feet of floor space than Versailles. It is also the largest private property in the world, employing over 600 people.

It is a dream home for Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani's dream home Antilia is an opulent 400,000 square-foot mansion in Mumbai. It is situated on Altamount Road, a luxury neighborhood known as India's Billionaires' Row, which is home to some of the world's most expensive residences. The building features 27 floors and extra-high ceilings. It is also built to withstand earthquakes.

The antilla is a symbol of Mukesh Ambani's power and wealth. Known for his luxury hotels and real estate holdings, Ambani is a billionaire with a net worth of over 2.2 billion USD.

The Antilia mansion is spread over 400,000 square feet and is 27 stories tall. The property also has nine elevators and double-ceilings. Its interior design features a mythical island called Antillia, and it has a yoga and dance studio. There are also multiple swimming pools and a private theater for fifty people. The Antilia mansion is equipped with multiple facilities that allow for the ultimate in luxury.

The Ambani family has Hindu roots and the house features many Hindu statues and massive prayer rooms. There are separate elevators for family, guests, and staff. It also has six floors for parking. The car park has space for 168 cars. A Maybach 62 with a price tag of $1 million, an Aston Martin Rapide valued at $500,000, and a Mercedes SL500 are among the luxurious cars stored in the mansion. A total of 600 employees maintain the mansion.

Antilla Floors in Mumbai

antilla floors

Located in the heart of the city yet removed from the hustle and bustle, Plg Antilla Floors 2 offers a tranquil, residential setting with easy access to major amenities. Major educational institutes, healthcare facilities, and IT hubs are only a short drive away. In addition, the property offers 27 habitable floors and nine elevators, ensuring that residents can access their destination at any time.

27 habitable floors

The Antilla mansion is a gigantic, 27-story structure that is a multi-million dollar project, built by Mukesh Ambani. It features 400,000 square feet of space with 27 habitable floors, six parking floors and a movie theatre that seats 50 people. It also features a health club, an outdoor swimming pool and three floors of hanging gardens. The complex is maintained by 600 staff.

The design firm Perkins & Will designed the building, which has been completed in 2010, and the construction company Leighton Holdings is based in Australia. The building is designed to survive an eight-richter-scale earthquake. Moreover, it includes a health spa, a 50-seat movie theater, two swimming pools, two tennis courts, a yoga studio and a snow room. The building is fully accessible via car, which has its own service station.

9 elevators

The nine elevators at Antilla Mansion can transport you to the highest floor in a matter of seconds. The building includes a six-story garage that can accommodate up to 160 cars, a ballroom with a crystal chandelier ceiling, an indoor/outdoor bar and a dance studio. It also has an ice room and service quarters for 600 staff. There are also three helicopter pads on the property.

The 570-foot tall Antilla mansion is spread across a 49,000-square-foot plot. It features more floor space than Versailles and nine elevators. Unlike Versailles, there are no two floors exactly the same in Antilla, which was a priority for Nita Ambani.

The building has nine elevators, each assigned to a different floor. There are separate elevators for the Ambani family, staff and guests. Three helipads are also planned on the top of the megastructure. However, permits for these are still pending from the various ministries.

Three helipads

The Antilla mansion is situated in Mumbai and it is home to three helipads on the roof. Although the navy banned the construction of helipads over residential buildings, the Ambani family has not faced any severe action. The helipads are located on the rooftop, which acts as a pier and provides views of the city and its skyline.

The Antilla building, which is a 173-metre tall, 27-floor luxury complex, is home to Mukesh Ambani, the fourth richest man in Asia. The Antilla's design is based on the sun and the lotus. The building has several pools and helipads and features multiple terrace gardens. In addition, the Antilla is also equipped with a cinema and a four-storey hanging garden. The building also has 600 staff members. Mukesh Ambani and his family will move into the Antilla after the housewarming party on October 28.

The Antilia building is a landmark in Mumbai, with 400,000 square feet of living space and six levels of parking. It is also home to a gym, spa, and three helipads. The building is extremely durable and has a strength of eight on the Richter scale. The building also has terrace gardens, a swimming pool, a temple, and other amenities. The top floors of the building are home to the Ambani family.

Snow room

The Ambani family's luxurious Mumbai mansion boasts a unique feature. It has a snow room. It produces artificial ice and can make a visitor feel like they're in the Alps. The Antilla floors and walls in this unique feature create an amazing, chilly environment for guests to enjoy.

Mumbai's summers can be very hot and humid, which makes it difficult to do anything outside. Having a snow room in your home is a great way to beat the heat inside and out. Mukesh Ambani's snow room is a great place to relax and stay cool.

The Ambani floors are unique because no two are exactly alike. The Ambani family requested that each floor have a unique design and material. Nita Ambani also requested that each floor have unique shapes based on Vaastu, an ancient Indian tradition similar to Feng Shui and designed to move energy in beneficial ways throughout buildings.


The Antilla mansion is a modern marvel that rises 550 feet high on a 49,000-square-foot plot. The luxurious property has more floor space than the Palace of Versailles. It has nine elevators and no two floors are alike. The owner, Nita Ambani, wanted each floor to have a distinct personality. Therefore, the entire design of the home was created to avoid repetition.

Personal cinema

The Antilia building offers spectacular views of Bombay. The nearby Dharavi slum - which was featured in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" - is home to 700,000 people and covers 568 acres. The building's design, which resembles a series of terraces, aims to capture the city's attention. In keeping with this, its interiors include 80% crystal chandeliers, a retractable showcase, embedded speakers, and an indoor/outdoor bar. It also includes powder rooms and green rooms for security guards.

The Antilla building, which is 570 feet high, is inspired by the mythical island of Antillia in the Atlantic. It is comprised of 27 floors, giving it the look and feel of a 40-storey tower. The building's design features lotus and sun patterns. The top six floors of the building are reserved for private full-floor residences. Mukesh Ambani's Antilia building in Mumbai, India, was completed for $1 billion.


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The Mukesh Ambani House in Mumbai

mukesh ambani house square feet

The Mukesh Ambani house is an opulent and lavish structure. It has 27 floors and covers 400,000 square feet. The building is equipped with nine elevators and is designed with separate lifts for family members, guests and staff. The residence also has six parking levels. It can accommodate as many as 168 cars. The car collection includes the Maybach 62 worth $1 million, Aston Martin Rapide worth $500,000 and the Mercedes SL500.

Antilia is a 27-storey skyscraper

The Mukesh Ambani house is located on a prime cut of land in Mumbai. The building is 27 stories high and is regarded as the most expensive private residence in the world. Its price is second only to the Buckingham Palace. It stands on Cumballa Hill in the Southern part of the city. The property is worth US$2 billion.

The building is a symbol of Ambani's power and wealth. He is one of the richest men in Asia, with a net worth of 2.2 billion USD. The square footage of his residence is estimated at more than four thousand square feet.

The interior design of the Antilia mansion combines various designs and styles. It is decorated with lotus and sun shapes and features marble, mother of pearl, and crystals. The family lives in the top six floors of the building. The building has a double height ceiling and over 400,00 square feet of floor space. It was also designed to withstand earthquakes.

The Ambani family also has a private theatre and entertainment hall. Its elevators are decorated with intricate mirror work, creating an evocative backdrop for photos. The elaborative rooms feature state-of-the-art furniture and equipment. The flooring is decorated with intricate detailing and inlay work. The pillars are decorated with lotus motifs and are illuminated.

It has 400,000 square feet

The Mukesh Ambani house is a colossal 550-foot structure with 400,000 square feet of interior space. It is a luxury property with many lavish features and is much bigger than a hotel. Its price tag is estimated at $21 billion. Mukesh has declined to comment on the project.

The colossal property has three helicopter pads and a multi-story underground parking facility for 160 cars. It takes 600 staff to run the sprawling property. Designed by the Chicago-based firm Perkins & Will, the house is 27 stories high and features extra-high ceilings and a private cinema. Despite its size, this building can withstand earthquakes.

Mukesh Ambani's father, Dhirubhai Ambani, was a rags-to-riches tycoon who founded Reliance Industries. The company today is the world's largest producer of polyester fiber and accounts for 15 percent of India's exports. Mukesh and his brother Anil inherited the empire from their father. The brothers have feuded over the past few years, and a recent dispute over natural gas rights has resulted in a reprimand from the prime minister.

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia mansion is an incredible feat of engineering, and the top six floors are dedicated to a private living space. A large temple is located in the middle of the building, and there are nine elevators inside. The home also has a private movie theater and salon. Ambani also has a fleet of expensive cars, including an Aston Martin Rapide and Mercedes Maybach 62.

It has a snow room

Mukesh Ambani's sprawling mansion is spread over four million square feet and features 27 floors. The sprawling residence is topped with three rooftop helipads and has six levels of car parking. The mansion also includes a glistening ice cream parlor, a dance studio, and a spa. It even has a snow room. The interior of this opulent house was designed by Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates, two renowned design firms in Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively.

The Ambanis live in one of the highest floors of the building. This gives them access to a rooftop ice cream parlour. The building is also equipped with nine elevators and a snow room. In addition to all this, the building has accommodation for 600 staff members.

The design of the interiors in the Mukesh Ambani house square feet features pastel colors. The house's elegant interiors are complemented by a collection of aesthetic furniture and chandeliers. An additional feature is the house's spacious balcony. The sweeping balcony offers unobstructed views of the sea. The white marble flooring enhances the visual appeal of the interior spaces.

The Mukesh Ambani house is located on 400,000 square feet of land in the South of Mumbai. It has three helipads, a hanging garden, an ice cream shop, and a private movie theatre. It is one of the most expensive houses in the world.

It is a fantasy

The design of Mukesh Ambani's house is based on the sun and lotus. The top six floors are dedicated to residential spaces and include a mega-temple and guest suites. The building is also equipped with a private cinema that seats 50 people. In addition, the house has a garage that can hold 168 cars. It also features a car service station.

The interior design of Ambani House has intricate detailing that adds to the opulence of the house. The house also features an ice room, entertainment hall, and private theatre. There are also statues of Hindu deities and motifs of lotus and sun. The palatial interiors feature state-of-the-art furniture and equipment. The flooring features inlay work, intricate detailing, and an illuminated staircase. The pillars are decorated with lotus motifs.

Mukesh Ambani's palatial home is a true symbol of his wealth and power. His multi-million-dollar home is an icon of the Indian dream, and has been the subject of several international media reports. The square footage of the house is staggering. Its gardens extend up into the sky, and it is equipped with a 168-car underground parking garage. The view of Mumbai is spectacular and the property is surrounded by gardens.

Mukesh Ambani's house is estimated to be the second most lavish property in the world after Buckingham Palace. The house has 27 floors and stretches 4,00,000 square feet. In addition, there are three rooftop helipads, six parking floors, and a hanging garden. It also has a temple, ice cream shop, and snow room.

It can withstand an earthquake

The Mukesh Ambani house in Mumbai is one of the most expensive houses in the world. It is reportedly worth $2 billion. According to some estimates, it is the world's most valuable residential property after Buckingham palace. It has been featured on many magazine covers and is built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8 or more.

The Ambani family uses nine super-speed elevators to move between floors. Each elevator is dedicated to a different floor. The building also features a private car service station on the seventh floor. Other amenities include a double-height multi-purpose room and a prominent temple. The house also has multiple lounge and dining halls, a health spa, and a ballroom. There are even three helipads on the megastructure. However, the permits for them are still pending.

The Mukesh Ambani house is 27 stories high and can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7.5. The Ambani family is one of the richest families in the world, and this is reflected in the size of their home. There are approximately 600 staff members working at the house.

The name of the Ambani house has a fascinating story behind it. Its name comes from an island in the Atlantic that was supposedly a phantom island in the 15th century. It was called Antilia because of its mythical nature.

Vastu Defects in the Antilia Home by Mukesh Ambani

antilia home

If you're interested in learning more about Mukesh Ambani's $1 billion Antilia home, you've come to the right place. You'll discover the design of the home, the construction process, and possible Vastu defects. Then, you can compare it to your own house to learn how to improve your Vastu.

Mukesh Ambani's $1 billion home

Mukesh Ambani's $1-billion home in Mumbai is a stunning property with impressive facilities. The house has a movie theater with seating for 50 people, a fitness center with a swimming pool, and balconies with outdoor gardens. Ambani is estimated to be worth more than $22 billion and is ranked among the world's richest people.

The newly built 60,000 square foot home belongs to the richest man in India. He has named it 'Antilla', after the mythical island in the Altantic Ocean. Antilia has three helipads, six floors of parking, a four-storey hanging garden, and a cinema. It has a staff of over 600 people and a housewarming party is scheduled for October 28th.

Mukesh Ambani's $1-billion home is not the only ultra-high-end property in Mumbai. It's also the most luxurious property in Delhi. Vijay Mallya's new home, Kingfisher Towers-Residences at UB City, is set to be finished in three years. According to TOI, this will be a 34-storey millionaires' heaven.

The home also features a swimming pool and multiple "safe rooms." It is so luxurious that the Ambanis will need 600 staff to maintain it. It will also feature a spa and a salon. The building is 570 feet tall, which means that it can be reached by helipad. It is also said to be earthquake-proof.

Design of the home

The Antilia home is a luxurious home designed to resist earthquakes. Its construction began in 2004 and continued for seven years. The Ambani family moved into the new house in late 2011. The architect for the building was Perkins & Will. Its interior design features terracotta-colored plush couches and moody paintings.

The interior design of the Antilia home is based on rare materials and reflects the lifestyle of the Ambani family. The house has sparked debates; critics consider it an important landmark, while others view it as a sign of irresponsible power. Regardless of what you think of its design, the house is a gorgeous spot to enjoy the view. Its dark wood gates will turn heads. The landscaping in the front yard is adorned with different types of flowers and plants, depending on the season.

The Antilia building has been a controversial project from the very beginning. Mukesh Ambani bought the plot for the Antilia in 2002 from a Muslim charitable trust. The trust had operated an orphanage in another part of the city. They had originally put the land up for auction to raise funds for education for the Khoja, a community of underprivileged Shia Muslims. However, critics have claimed that the developer purchased the land at an auction.

The Antilia home also features a large temple and a cinema on the sixth floor. Its interiors have a Babylon-themed hanging garden, three swimming pools, a spa, nine elevators, and accommodations for 600 staff. Moreover, the Ambani family's Antilia home has a snow room, which is designed to evoke the atmosphere of the Antarctic continent.

Vastu defects

An article published earlier this year in DNA, an English-language newspaper published in Mumbai, alleged that the Ambani family's Antilia home had Vastu defects. According to the article, the Antilia was not designed to flow energy throughout the building, violating a principle of Vastu. Its shape is said to restrict sunlight entering the eastern side of the building, making it prone to negative energy.

A vastu home should have open space in the eastern and western directions, which attract natural light early in the morning. In addition, there should be no cluttered or unplanned extensions in these areas. The western direction, on the other hand, should not have big windows, electric motors, wells, or pits. These elements can bring about problems such as chest ailments and poverty. It's also a good idea to avoid placing large pieces of furniture in the northern direction of the home.

If a house has a south-facing plot, the roof should be oriented to the north or east, and the roof should slope away from the south. A square-shaped plot is best. But if it's not square, the buyer can mitigate this issue by adding copper partition strips. The home may not have any Vastu defects, but it's best to check it out before making a final decision.

The Ambani family's Antilia residence went through a major development phase in 2004, lasting seven years. They did not move into the home until 2011, which further fueled rumours about Vastu problems in the home.


Despite the lavish amenities and lavish designs of Antilia home, the house still has a very Indian feel. Its owners, the Ambanis, have used the property for special events, such as the 10th anniversary of Mumbai Indians and the wedding of Isha Ambani. The home was also featured in several photo shoots for Vogue India.

The house is adorned with pastel colors and opulent elements. You can see Indian cultural motifs, beige, and cream colors. The house also has a snow room, a room where artificial ice is created. The walls are insulated and the temperature is well below zero. The Ambanis use the room to celebrate different festivals.

The house is known for its extravagant parties. It also has a private movie theatre for 50 people and six floors of garages. The Ambanis frequently host parties and events at Antilia, and have invited celebrities to their party. They have also hosted their children's weddings in this house a few years back.

Despite its luxurious look, the Ambani home has a unique design that emphasizes the sun and lotus. Among the architectural features of the Antilia mansion are the W-shaped beams and double height ceilings. The building has over 400,00 square feet of floor space and has been designed to withstand earthquakes.

Recreation centre

Antilia Home has a two-storey recreation centre complete with a fitness center, jacuzzi, and separate yoga and dance studios. The home also has several pools, including a family Mega-Temple. The Ambanis built Antilia with the amenities of five-star hotels in mind.

Antilia Home is also home to three rooftop helipads, a six-floor car parking structure that can accommodate 168 cars, a 50-seat movie theatre, three levels of hanging gardens in the style of Babylon, nine elevators, and living quarters for 600 staff members. In addition, Antilia Home has an earthquake-resistant structure, which means it can survive an earthquake of magnitude eight.

Upon receiving approval from the Waqf Board, Mukesh Ambani began construction on Antilia. There was some controversy about the timeframe for completing the project, but Nita Ambani was steadfast in following Vastu Shastra, and said that the delay was due to Vastu defects. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural doctrine that establishes alignments, disruptions, and spiritual harmony.

The Antilia residence is home to the Ambani family, whose home is located on the top six floors. It is the most expensive private residence in the country, and stands out against the skyline of Mumbai. Antilia also has 600 staff members who tend to the various needs of Antilia's residents. It has six parking floors with room for 168 cars.

Antilia House

the antilia house

In the wake of the delayed construction of the Antilia house, rumours started to swirl. First, it was speculated that the delay had something to do with Vastu defects. Nita Ambani, the wife of Mukesh Ambani, is a fervent believer of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural doctrine which establishes spiritual alignment and a sense of disruption.

27-story building

The Antilia building has an impressive list of amenities including a private movie theatre, large temple, and ice-cream parlor. Moreover, it has nine high-speed elevators. It also has a gym, spa, and swimming pool, as well as a huge ballroom.

This private residence is 173 meters (568 feet) tall and covers over 37,000 square feet. It was built by Mukesh Ambani, the sixth richest man in India. The building features a 168-car garage, three helipads, nine high-speed elevators, and terrace gardens. Its design resembles a lotus flower and a sun.

The Antilia house is not open to the public. Its designers, Perkins and Will, have designed the building to be highly resistant to earthquakes. It can survive an earthquake of 8 on the Richter scale. The architects' inspiration for the architecture of the building comes from lotus and the sun. It also features pastel shades and artificial snowflakes.

168 car garage

The 168 car garage at the Antilia house has six floors and accommodates several luxury cars. It also has a car service station on the seventh floor. There are also two floors dedicated to a recreation centre, which has a health spa and yoga studio. The house is designed to withstand earthquakes of a magnitude eight.

The Antilia house was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will. It can withstand an earthquake of up to 8 on the Richter scale, has extra-high ceilings, and is equipped with 3 helipads. The 168-car garage is also one of the house's many features, including a private ice-cream parlor and salon.

The Antilia building includes more than 37,000 square feet of floor space. It houses a two-storey health center, six floors of family suites, and a 168-car garage. It also has a 50-seat home theater and an indoor swimming pool.

The Antilia building is equipped with suspended gardens that serve as air filtration and insulation against heat. In addition, the building includes a snow room, where snowflakes shoot out of the walls and never rise above zero degrees Celsius. While the Antilia building is home to six permanent residents, there are also 600 staff living on the lower levels. The Ambanis moved into the Antilia building in 2011.

3 helipads

The Antilia House is a luxury mega-structure with three rooftop helipads. Built to withstand earthquakes up to eight units on the Richter scale, it also has six floors of car parking that can accommodate 168 vehicles. The house also has three levels of Babylon-inspired hanging gardens, nine elevators, a swimming pool, and a temple. The entire complex has enough space for 600 people to live and work. According to the company's website, the building is also able to withstand earthquakes of up to 8.

The Antilia House is one of the most expensive residences in the world. It was built by Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. It features 400,000 square feet of interior space, six floors of parking, three helipads, and a gym and spa. It is a landmark building that is visible from all over Mumbai. The structure is 27 stories high and has three helipads. In addition, the glass tower is home to an air traffic control area, which is an added bonus.

The Antilia building also features a helipad and a snow room. It is named after the mythical island Antilia. The building's design resembles the lines of a lotus and a sun, and it is built to withstand earthquakes of up to eight magnitudes. Construction of the building started in 2006 and the building has 27 high-ceiling floors. This building also has room for 600 more staff.


The architecture of the Antilia house temple focuses on the sun and lotus. There are many features to emphasize these themes. The top six floors of the mansion are residential, featuring guest suites, an ice cream parlor, and a private theatre with seating for 50 people. The complex also has a mega temple and several swimming pools. It was designed to reflect the lifestyle of the Ambani family.

The Antilia building has 27 floors and cost $2 billion to build. It was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will. Construction was completed by Australian-based company Leighton Holdings. The building features extra-high ceilings and is earthquake-resistant. Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in the world and owns the Antilia property.

The Ambanis moved to Antilia in 2011 after moving from the Sea Wind area in south Mumbai. The family held parties and events at Antilia during this time.


The Antilia House is a private residential property in Mumbai, valued at almost $2 billion. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani and has a staff of 600. It has 27 floors and extra-high ceilings. The building's interiors feature dark wood flooring, intricate woven rugs, and warm lighting. The views from the high-rise include the Arabian Sea and the city skyline.

The Antilia House is an abode that combines architectural beauty with top of the line safety features. Its design has been the subject of many debates, some pointing to the house's importance as a landmark, others claiming it's a showpiece of reckless power. Whatever the case may be, it's sure to remain atop the list of most expensive private residences for years to come.

The Antilia mansion has all the modern amenities of a five-star hotel, including a spa and ice cream parlor. There is even a 50-seat movie theatre. The Ambanis' extravagant lifestyle can be felt throughout the property.

Movie theatre

The Antilia house has six floors, including a private movie theatre with seating for 50 people. There are also nine elevators and rooms for 600 staff. The Ambanis often host parties and celebrations at the opulent mansion. Several of the Ambanis' children were married in the house a few years ago.

The Antilia house is a magnificent structure designed by architects Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The project was controversial before it even started construction. Ambani purchased the land in 2002 from a Muslim charitable trust that operated an orphanage in another part of the city. The trust had bought the land for educational purposes for Khoja children, who are members of the Nizari Isma'ili Shia community. However, critics charged that the Ambani family bought the plot at an auction.

A report in 2011 estimated that the Antilia house was built at a cost of 6,000 to 12,000 crore rupees. It features a movie theatre and a spa and is equipped with a pool. The residence is a prominent address in the city and a landmark.

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The Cost of the Mukesh Ambani House

cost of mukesh ambani house

The Mukesh Ambani house is a 27-storey mansion in Mumbai. The building needs a staff of about 600 people to maintain it. The Ambani family is the richest in India, so this enormous mansion requires a lot of staff and maintenance.

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia

The 400,000 square-foot Antilia, owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, is the world's most expensive private residence. It boasts three helipads, a 168-car garage, a spa, a temple and other luxury amenities. However, the property's price has sparked controversy.

The building has 27 floors and extra-high ceilings. It is designed to survive earthquakes up to 8.0 on the Richter scale. It is taller than most buildings of the same height, which may have 60 or 70 floors. The building is surrounded by lavish gardens and features a huge parking area with six floors. The building also accommodates 600 employees.

Antilia offers an uninterrupted sea view from the balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows. It is believed to be one of Mukesh Ambani's favorite spots. The interiors have white marble flooring that reflects natural light and flatters the eyes. The artwork was designed by Subodh Gupta and features silver and gold accents.

The Antilia house also includes high-rise ceilings and nine high-speed elevators. It also has six floors dedicated to parking and is capable of housing 168 cars. A private movie theatre is also located inside the building. The house is also home to Akash Ambani, the son of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani.

Antilia is one of India's most luxurious homes, valued at nearly $2 billion. It is home to 600 people and is located on Altmount Road in Cumballa Hill, South Mumbai. Despite being located in Mumbai, the luxurious residence has 27 floors with extra-high ceilings.

Besides the three rooftop helipads, Antilia has nine elevators and a Babylon-themed hanging garden. The building is also incredibly unique with no two floors identical. It features a 50-seat movie theatre and accommodations for 600 staff. A snow room is another unique feature of Antilia, designed to give a sense of the Antarctic.

Reliance Industries owner's 27-story Mumbai mansion

The 27-storey Mumbai mansion of Reliance Industries owner Mukesh Ambati stands tall above the city's skyline. It is an icon of the fabulous wealth of India's business elite. However, it also reflects the chasm between the rich and the poor. The Ambani family lives on the top six floors of the mansion.

Reliance Industries owner Mukesh Ambatani's Antilia mansion is India's most expensive home. It is a 27-story skyscraper mansion with a 168-car garage and three helipads. In addition, the house features terrace gardens, a swimming pool, spa, snow room, and a temple. It is also built to withstand earthquakes.

In addition to his 27-story Mumbai mansion, Ambani's portfolio includes a Dubai beachfront villa and a beachfront villa in Dubai. His net worth has rocketed over eighty billion dollars and is now ranked the second richest person in Asia.

Mukesh Ambani's lavish home in Mumbai has 27 stories and a price tag of $2.2 billion. Antilia, as it is known, is an iconic landmark. It is 400,000 square feet, 27 stories tall, and includes three rooftop helipads and six floors of parking. The building also features a snow room and an ice cream shop.

Antilia's price

An article published in Forbes titled, "Antilia: The world's most expensive billionaire house," cited an article in Cosmopolitan India about the Ambani residence. In the article, the magazine cited other sources as well, including Vanity Fair and India Today. However, despite the high price tag, some people are sceptical about the legality of the Ambani land deal. The State of Rajasthan is reportedly considering referring the land deal to the CBI, according to a report in India Today.

The house itself is a spectacular affair. The design is based on the sun and the lotus, and the top six floors are reserved for private residential use. It is also said to withstand an earthquake up to a magnitude eight. It is one of the most expensive private residences in the world, with an estimated construction cost of $1 billion to $2 billion.

The Antilia building's 27-floors are spacious, and the ceilings are high. It is taller than other similar buildings, standing at 173 meters, and 570 feet. Most other similar-sized buildings have 60 to 70 floors. It was designed to be earthquake-resistant, and it also includes a lavish 400,000 square-foot parkade. It can accommodate up to 168 cars.

Although the Ambanis did not move into the house until 2011, the construction of Antilia lasted over six years. In the meantime, the Ambanis occupied their ancestral home Sea Winds in Cuffe Parade. Despite these delays, the Ambani family did hold a number of parties and events in the house.

The Mukesh Ambani family lives on the top six floors of the mansion, which is 173 metres high. The interiors are filled with marble and crystals. Each room is decorated differently, and no two rooms are alike. The home has a theatre and dance studio, ice cream parlour, and salon.

Antilia, the New Residence of Billionaire Mukesh Ambani

ambani building

Mukesh Ambani recently moved into his new $1 billion mansion Antilia. The mansion is located in Mumbai, India. The building features a private swimming pool and is set within a sprawling park. The building is designed by renowned architects Sudhir Suryawanshi and Rajini Vaidyanathan, and its interior design is a fusion of modern and classical.

Antilia house

The Antilia house in the Ambani building is home to the billionaire Mukesh Ambani. It was built with an architectural style that is reminiscent of the sun and the lotus, and it is believed to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. It was designed by the Chicago-based firm Perkins & Will and the California-based interior design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates. The building was completed by B.E. Billimoria & Company Limited.

The Antilia home is over 400,000 square feet and 27 stories tall. It has double-ceilings, a cinema on the second floor, a gym, and a jacuzzi. It also has nine elevators, and separate studios for yoga and dance. The Ambani family is known to celebrate a variety of holidays and festivals in the Antilia house.

The Antilia mansion was built over two years. It includes nine elevators and a 50-seat movie theatre. It also has a four-story open garden and an atrium. It is one of the tallest buildings in the area and has a towering high ceiling glass façade.

Antilia house interior design

The Antilia house, the new residence of Mukesh Ambani, is one of the most luxurious homes in the world. The construction of the building began in 2004 and continued for seven years, finishing in 2010. The Ambanis moved into the Antilia house in late 2011. The project was designed by the American architectural and interior design firm Perkins & Will. The building was constructed by Leighton Contractors.

Earlier this year, many rumors arose about the building. Some rumors claimed that the Ambanis would occupy a sixty-story building, but this was a myth. The Ambanis' net worth is estimated to be $21 billion. Despite the controversy, many believe that the delays are because of issues with the building's Vastu shalo.

Antilia is also the most expensive private residence in the world. Property surveyors estimate that Antilia will cost a billion to two billion dollars. It is the second-most-expensive building in the world, after Buckingham Palace. According to the property surveyors, Antilia's maintenance costs are around 2.5 crores per month. In terms of price per square foot, Mukesh Ambani's house is worth approximately Rs 15,000 crores.

Antilia house architectural design

The Antilia house architectural design for the Ambani building was created by two US-based architecture firms. Perkins and Will, from Dallas, and Hirsch Bedner, from LA, were chosen because the Ambanis were impressed by the design of the Mandarin Oriental in New York.

The architecture of the Antilia is inspired by the lotus and the sun. The top six floors are reserved for private residential space. It is built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8. It is estimated to cost between $1 billion and $2 billion to build. A rumor has been circulating since early this year that the building would have 60 stories, and that the Ambani family would live there.

The construction of Antilia is controversial. It was built on land that was sold to Mukesh Ambani's company by a Muslim charity. This plot was worth a market value of around $20 million. This led to a public interest ligation that went to the Supreme Court of India. Critics say that the building is an architectural statement on the wealth gap in India.

Antilia house plans

The Antilia house plans for the Ambani building were developed by two US architecture firms. Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates were hired to develop the architectural design for the building. The Ambanis chose these architects after seeing their work at the Mandarin Oriental in New York. The result is a stunning, contemporary residence that is as sleek as it is beautiful.

The architectural design of Antilia was inspired by the sun and the lotus. It has six stories of residential space, with the top floors reserved for private living. The building is also seismically-resistant, meaning it will withstand an earthquake of magnitude eight. The Ambani family's home is estimated to cost between $1 billion and $2 billion.

The Antilia house plans include an ice-cream parlor, three rooftop helipads, a private movie theater, and a long list of guest suites. The building also contains six floors dedicated to cars, including a Mercedes Maybach 62 and an Aston Martin Rapide. In addition to this, the Antilia has nine elevators, a spa, a gym, a spa, and a large ballroom.

Antilia house location

The construction of Antilia began in 2004 and took more than six years. The building is surrounded by nine elevators and a beautiful atrium. It also includes a 50-seat movie theatre and a four-story open garden. The structure also has nine floors of staff accommodation. The Ambanis opted not to move in immediately due to vastu dosha, but later in 2011 they moved in. They also installed a temple and recreation center on the second floor.

The Antilia house was designed by two renowned architecture firms. Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner were hired to design the home. Both of them have international recognition and experience. They also worked with B.E. Billimoria & Company to build the building. These firms collaborated with Mukesh Ambani's company to come up with a unique, elegant home.

Antilia is a private residence owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and is estimated to be the second most expensive private property in the world after Buckingham Palace. The building is on Cumballa Hill in South Mumbai and has a staff of 600. It has 27 floors and extra-high ceilings.

Antilia house cost

The Antilia house is a luxury residence that spans over 27 floors, an approximate height of 568 feet. Each floor features a high ceiling, equivalent to the height of a double-story building, and some features are cantilevered. The design of Antilia includes unique themes throughout the house. Its interiors feature fine-crafted details and luxurious materials.

The construction firm that built the Antilia house used a team of renowned architects to create this landmark building. Perkins and Will from the United States and Hirsch Bedner Associates from Los Angeles worked on the project. The Ambani's selected the architects from these firms for the project. The building was completed by B.E. Billimoria & Company Limited.

The building began construction in 2004 and took more than six years to complete. The Ambanis did not move into Antilia immediately due to fears that bad luck would come their way. They had believed in Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural doctrine. They wanted their new residence to have the best location facing the rising sun, which is a key factor for good Vaastu. While the Ambanis did not live in the new home right away, they had many parties and other events in the house.

Antilia house construction timeline

The Antilia house construction timeline reveals that it took more than six years to build the luxurious residence. It was completed in 2010 and the Ambanis moved in at the end of 2011. Due to the vastu dosha of the site, the Ambanis had to remain in their ancestral home Sea Winds, on Cuffe Parade, during the initial stage of construction. Nevertheless, they were soon able to move into the new home, and a 10-day griha puja ceremony was performed by prominent priests.

The Antilia mansion was designed by architects Perkins and Will and built by Leighton Holdings. The building is designed to withstand an earthquake of up to 8 on the Richter scale. Its architectural design is inspired by the lotus and the sun. Its pastel shades and artificial snowflakes are intended to evoke the colors and sensations of the sun.

The Antilia construction timeline reveals that the first phase of construction started in 2006 and was completed six years later. This massive construction involved US architects, an Australian construction company, and a local company in India. The cost of the project is estimated at $2.2 billion.

Antilia house views

The Antilia house was constructed by some of the most famous architects in the world. The Ambanis hired renowned architecture firms Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates to create their residence. The building also has a 160-car underground parking garage. In addition, there are nine elevators in the tower, which has separate elevators for family members and guests. The complex also has three helicopter pads. In 2010, the building generated Rs 70,69,488 in revenue.

The Antilia building is situated in Altamount Road, Mumbai, India. It is one of the world's largest private residences. It has 27 stories and is made of marble, mother-of-pearl, and crystal. There are helipads on three rooftop levels and a hanging garden on three floors. This extravagant residence even has a temple and ice cream shop.

Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita live in Antilia house. They have a son, Prithvi Akash Amabai. The building is also home to a gym and health spa. The home is surrounded by lush gardens, including a swimming pool.

The Dhirubhai Ambani House

dhirubhai ambani house

The late Dhirubhai Ambani's former home in Chorwad, Mumbai, is now a museum. The late industrialist lived there during his formative years. He later moved to the city of Aden to work for a petroleum company. The rest of the house is being turned into a museum.

Anil Ambani's abode is a 17-floor sprawling property

The Anil Ambani family has named the sprawling property 'Abode', which means 'the place where you live'. The building will have 17 floors and will cover a sprawling area of 16,000 square feet. The interior of the property has been designed by an international decorator for a cost of crores. The property is expected to be the most expensive in the world when it is completed.

The interiors of the Anil Ambani abode are classy and spacious. The house has balconies where guests can sit and enjoy the view of the sea and the golden sun. The balconies are surrounded by a lush green garden, with hanging plants and bushes. There are also beautiful lights placed on the edge of the property. The family has four dogs - Luna, Kublai, Nova, and Tiger.

Anil Ambani's abodes have attracted real estate agents as the entrepreneur has become a prominent name in Indian business. He is married to a former Bollywood actress and has two sons. The abode is situated on a plot that once belonged to the chairman of the Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply (BSES). The company acquired the plot in early 2000 and has been building ever since. The abode is over 16,000 square feet in size and 70 meters high. The abode also has amenities that would rival any seven-star hotel.

The sprawling property was previously home to Mukesh and Anil Ambani and their children. The property is one of the most expensive in Mumbai and is located in the Cuffe Parade district. The building also houses the late Dhirubhai Ambani's ancestral property, Sea Wind.

It is a private quarters

The Dhirubhai Ambani house is almost a century old and is split into two sections. One part is used as a private quarters and is kept for Kokilaben Ambani and his family. The rest is open for the public to see. There are two separate garden areas. The main garden features a Mughal Style Fountain, and there are two private courtyards.

Originally, Anil Ambani had planned to build a structure that was 150 metres high, but construction authorities only allowed it to be 66 metres high. The plot of land where the house is located was previously owned by the chairman of Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply. Reliance acquired it in the early 2000s. Construction on the property began around the same time that Anitilia was completed.

The property also features a private temple, cinema and wine tasting rooms. It also has an 80-seat ballroom and numerous guest suites. The property also has a full level dedicated to a health and spa center. The complex also has several pools and massage rooms. In addition, there is a yoga and dance studio. There is also an air traffic control facility and three large helipads.

The Antilia building is the most iconic private residence in India. It is a 27-story tower, which is taller than many buildings in the vicinity. The name is derived from the mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries, and he is considered the richest person in India. His personal wealth is estimated to be $27 billion.

It costs Rs 5,000 crore

The Antilia house, named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the world's most expensive private residences. With 27 floors, a multi-storey garage, a ballroom, spa, helipad, and more, the home is one of the most extravagant mansions in the world. It costs close to Rs 10,000 crores.

The Ambani family is dedicated to Ganesha and Tina Ambani's Instagram feed shows them often visiting a temple. Inside the house, a giant white Ganesha idol adorned with red flowers is displayed, a sign that Ganesha is an important part of the Ambani household. Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries, lived in his ancestral house in Mumbai with 11 members of the Ambani clan.

The house is located in Mumbai's Pali Hill. Anil Ambani lives in the home with his wife, Tina Munim Ambani. The house is 16000 square feet, and it features a fancy helipad. Anil Ambani wanted to make his house as high as 150 meters, but the authorities didn't allow him to. Despite the expensive construction, the home has all the amenities of a modern house.

The Antilia is another Ambani residence. This home was constructed by the Ambani family in 2004 and is now estimated to cost between INR 6,000 and 12,000 crore. Its structure was inspired by the lines of a lotus and a sun and features 27 double-storied floors. It is also a strong, earthquake-resistant structure.

It is a symbol of Ambani's wealth and power

The house of the late Dhirubhai Ambani symbolizes the power and wealth of the Ambani family. His son, Mukesh, inherited the name, position and wealth of his father. He transformed the silver spoon into gold and used his vast fortune to build a multibillion empire. He and his family moved from humble beginnings in a small apartment to a 27-floor megastructure. They also moved to a posh neighbourhood in India.

The towering, 27-storey home stands as a symbol of Ambani's power and wealth. Despite the immense wealth, it still reflects the gulf between the rich and the poor. While Ambani's house is a showpiece, he rarely stays there. His wife, Mukesh Ambani, entertains at the mansion.

Ambani's house was built on 400,000 square feet and cost between six and twelve billion rupees to build. It is believed that the construction of Antilia violates the principles of vastu shastra. It is one of the most expensive private houses in the world.

Despite his immense wealth, Ambani was born into a modest family in Gujarat. As a child, he was fascinated with the idea of making money. While he was working as a petrol forecourt attendant, he sold fried food on weekends to earn money. In the 1950s, he shifted to Bombay, where he set up his first business, Reliance Industries. His business started with trading yarn and polyester.

It was once owned by the chairman of Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply

The Reliance Group is an Indian conglomerate with its headquarters in Mumbai. The company is a leading producer of electricity in India. Reliance Power, formerly known as Reliance Energy Generation Limited, is owned by Anil Ambani.

In 2002, Reliance acquired the Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply (BSES), an enterprise founded in 1929. The company was owned by the government for 83 years before it was acquired by Reliance.

Dhirubhai Ambani was born in 1932. He grew up in rural Gujarat. He later moved to Yemen, where he worked for a trading company. He returned to India in the late 1950s and began expanding his businesses. He eventually branched out into the manufacture of polyester and turned Reliance into an industrial powerhouse.

Anil Ambani once lived in the same building as his father. In addition to Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani also lived in the same building, called the Sea Wind building. It is a modest building in the southern part of Mumbai.

It has been designed by designers from overseas

The interior design of Dhirubhai Ambani's home has been done by a team of overseas designers. The entire property is estimated to cost Rs 5,000 crore. The power bill for this lavish house is estimated to be Rs 60 lakh. The building has a helipad and a gym. The Ambanis plan to add more floors in the future.

The home is divided into public and private areas. Staff is trained from the Oberoi hotel chain. Earlier, Mukesh Ambani lived in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, where he got married to his wife Anmol. His ancestral home is full of glass windows and light designer curtains, as well as a classic couch set. His current residence, on the other hand, has state-of-the-art luxuries and professionally trained staff.

The Dhirubhai Ambani home is nearly 100 years old. The first part of the house is for private use. The second part is for public viewing. Kokilaben Ambani still visits this part. The garden is lush green and has hanging plants and bushes. Beautiful lights hang around the edges of the garden.

The interiors of the Dhirubhai Ambani home have been crafted by designers from abroad. The house features sprawling rooms, high-end furniture, and huge glass windows. There are also attractive ceiling lights. The house is estimated to be worth about INR 5,000 crore.

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