Ann Arbor Pioneer Future Stars

Ann Arbor Pioneer Future Stars

Ann Arbor Pioneer Future Stars

Little did we know that bringing back interest in the Pioneer Future Stars meant that little AmI would be brought back to the stadium. Of course she came home with some swag, but the best is yet to come, with the Big Game coming up soon.


One talented individual who is a role model to many Future Star performers is Pioneer and PTG alumni Ashley Park. At Pioneer High School, Park participated in many Pioneer Theater Guild productions that was until she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia as a sophomore. She was supposed to perform in the Future Stars show that year and was forced to withdraw from the show. During treatment, her fellow PTG and Future Star students dedicated the production of the show to her, hoping for a safe recovery. The Pioneer Theater Guilds long time producer, Susan Hurwitz visited her every day in the hospital offering support to Ashley and her family.

annarborfamily.com)To encourage children to continue their passions in the arts, the Future Stars 2021 is set to happen virtually this year. All performances for the citywide FutureStars talent show will be performed virtually. All 19 solo performances will be pre-recorded onstage at the Pioneer High School’s Schreiber Auditorium, where the show has been held previously. The recording will be done with strict social distancing guidelines and safety protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Each song will be presented virtually to a panel of judges, who will then decide on the Top 5 performances of the night. (Source:



"What I'm always amazed at, is the student body comes in droves, fills that enormous auditorium and across the board, regardless of whatever petty popularity status the kids may come into the show with, they cheer for every single one of the like they are a rock star and that is such an incredible experience for a lot of these kids who get to be a pop star for an evening," said Barrett Riggins, a senior musical theater major at the University of Michigan, who co-directed the FutureStars competition. "It's really empowering."

FutureStars 2011 was masterfully directed by U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance students Joel Sparks, Sadie Yarrington (Pioneer ’07), Desi Oakley, and Ashley Park (Pioneer ’09), and by U-M student Tim VanRiper (Pioneer ’10). Cornell student Scott Mooney (Pioneer ’07) was a new addition as host director/mentor. Special guest judges included Roger LeLievre (music writer for annarbor.com), Matthew Altruda (FM 107.1 DJ & Macpodz manager), and Nora Menken (U-M Musical Theatre senior). (Source: relish.myraklarman.com)



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