Alyx is a fictional video game character created by Valve Corporation for its first person action-adventure game the Half-Life video game series. Alyx is the daughter of Eli Vance, a former physicist and resistance leader who was presumed killed by the Combine a decade before the game's events.

That’s setting a very high bar, and, for now, I’m not sure Alyx clears it. The game is fighting VR’s inherent hardware limits, a pandemic-related headset shortage, and the difficulty of building a game for a new platform. While it’s about as long as the landmark Half-Life 2, with my game clocking in at 15 hours, it doesn’t feel as big or as narratively and mechanically fresh. It advances the series’s main plot, but it doesn’t come close to resolving it. (Source: www.theverge.com)


Alyx is a robot in an unknown world. Dividing her time between overseeing a small workshop and exploring, she stumbled upon a metal ball, which with a charged power cell she brings back to her home. Her workshop allows her to improve her skills in mining and forge metal. In the game, there are no levels, and no end goal. Instead, players uncover new islands and try to make their way to the top.

A new report has suggested that Valve's 2020 VR title Half-Life: Alyx could end up coming to PlayStation VR2. Earlier this week, Sony began to reveal some of the first details on its second-generation VR headset. In the process, it also announced a new game in the Horizon series entitled Horizon Call of the Mountain for the platform as well. And while we have yet to learn about any additional titles that will be coming to PSVR2 in the future, Half-Life: Alyx is said to be one game that should arrive in due time. (Source: comicbook.com)



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