Al Lusail - A 123-Meter Luxury Motor Yacht For the Royal Family

Al Lusail - A 123-Meter Luxury Motor Yacht For the Royal Family


al lusail yacht

The 123m M/Y Al Lusail was built by Lurssen Yachts in 2017. The exterior design is by H2 Yacht Design, while the interior is by March & White. This luxury motor yacht is capable of accommodating up to 36 guests, in addition to a crew of 36. Located in Dubai, the yacht was custom-built to be a showpiece for the royal family. Here are some facts about the yacht.

Al Lusail is a luxury motor yacht

Known for its lavish interiors, the luxury motor yacht Al Lusail was built by the German company Lurssen near Bremen. The exterior was designed by H2 Yacht Design. The yacht is also equipped with a gym, a movie theater, a barbeque area, and a fancy beach club. The yacht has a dedicated tender garage, with D-RIBs and limousine tenders available for guests. The yacht is flagged in Qatar.

Built by Lurssen in Germany, the 123-meter Al-Lusail features an aluminium hull and a steel superstructure. It is equipped with twin MTU (20V 1163 M84) diesel engines with a combined 7,512 horsepower. She has a top speed of 15 knots and cruises at 12 knots. She can accommodate up to 36 passengers and 56 crew. Interior design by March & White and exterior styling by H2 Yacht Design are also prominent.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is the proud owner

The Al Lusail is a luxurious 123-meter megayacht owned by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. The yacht is actually smaller than his father's yacht, Katara. Sheikh Tamim commissioned the yacht as a way to show respect to his father. This is the first project that the Emir has worked on with the Italian design company Lurssen.

The yacht is the proud owner of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. He has three wives, three daughters and seven sons. His wife, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned, is also proud to have her own luxury yacht. The yacht also boasts spas, nanny's quarters, and several other facilities for the family.

The proud owner of the yacht is also a proud owner of the Grandfathers Amanah Ranches. The event is set to conclude on December 16 and is part of the Qatar National Day celebrations. The Al Qudra race is a 110km event in which 57 finalist contestants will compete. In addition, the Racing and Equestrian Club is responsible for horse racing. This is held on the National Day of the State.

The interior of Al Lasail is spacious and a central atrium creates an open feel. With more than one swimming pool and 18 cabins, the yacht can accommodate 36 guests. A separate owner's residence is onboard, and it is said that the master suite is bulletproof. While on the water, the yacht will make its way to a private island for an overnight stay.

H2 Yacht Design designed the exterior

The 123-meter luxury motor yacht AL LUSAIL was built in 2016 by Lurssen. Designed by H2 Yacht Design, the exterior of the Al Lusail features a sleek and complex design. The massive glass facades provide panoramic views and pull natural light deep inside. March & White created the interior, focusing on different elements at different times of the day.

Based in London, H2 Yacht Design is one of the world's most celebrated superyacht designers. Founded in 1994, H2 Yacht Design has over 30 years of experience in the yacht industry. Their consultants have been involved with over 100 superyacht projects, ensuring their experience and knowledge is unmatched. In addition to their extensive library of fabrics, H2 Yacht Design is able to meet the diverse requirements of discerning clients.

The exterior of Al Lusail was designed by H2 Yacht Design, while March & White created the interior. The 123-metre yacht was built by Lurssen near Bremen, Germany, and was delivered to its owner this year. The interior was designed by March & White, while the exterior was created by H2 Yacht Design. She has a length of 123 m and a beam of 23 m, draught of 5.50 m. The hull is constructed of steel and aluminium, and teak decks. Classified by Lloyd's Register, Al Lusail is flagged in Qatar.

Twin MTU engines power the yacht

The Al Lusail yacht was constructed in 2017 by Lurssen and delivered to its owner in August of that year. She is powered by twin MTU engines, which produce a combined power output of 7,512 hp. The yacht can cruise at 12 knots and reach a maximum speed of 15 knots. The vessel can accommodate up to 36 guests, and her crew numbers around 56. It features six decks, which are each accessed by elevator.

The Al Lasail boasts timeless styling, elegant decor and beautiful furnishings. Twin MTU engines power the yacht and enable her to reach 15 knots. Other technologies used on the vessel include wind power, solar panels, and infra-red technology. The owner will be able to control the speed of the yacht, if desired. In addition, the yacht is equipped with solar panels and wind generators to minimize its environmental footprint.

The yacht's engines are backed by MTU Premium Yacht Service, which offers unrivaled support and maintenance for MTU's marine engines. Its engines are capable of delivering superior performance while consuming less fuel than other types of diesel engines. Aside from being reliable, these engines also offer exceptional fuel efficiency and low emissions. MTU engines are also known for their easy operation and quietness.

Teak laid decks

The teak laid decks on Al Lusai yacht are a striking contrast to the elegantly-appointed interiors. In addition to the stunning wood grain, the teak decks on this yacht also sparkle with a rich luster. As a result, the yacht's owner was able to add some extra bling to his luxury yacht without compromising on style. In addition to the elegant teak decks, the yacht is also fitted with zero speed stabilisers, which adds to the comfort on board.

The teak decks of the Al Lusail yacht are made of fine-grained teak. The teak planks should be positioned so that their edges are square. Before drilling, make sure to use spacers to hold planks together. A putty knife blade can be used to smooth out the edges. Once caulking has dried, the planks can be installed. A void in a teak plank should be drilled. Then, fill it with glue or fill it with bungs.

In the past, a laid deck is a hallmark of a true yacht. It provided secure footing, was easy to maintain, and offered reasonable protection from leaks. Today, teak laid decks are primarily used for aesthetic purposes and are almost always made of teak. In addition, teak decks can be thinner than half an inch, eliminating the need for cotton caulking.

Sumptuous swimming pool

A custom luxury yacht, the Al Lusail has more than one swimming pool. She sleeps up to 36 guests in 18 cabins and a separate owner's quarters. The Al Lusail is designed with timeless style in mind, boasting sumptuous furnishings, luxurious seating and world-class leisure facilities. She is classified by Lloyd's Register and is flagged in Qatar.

Al Mirqab Yacht

al mirqab yacht

The Cayman Islands flag is used by the AL MIRQAB yacht. It is the second-most popular flag state for superyachts in the world, with 1256 registered yachts. The yacht is an active superyacht, most recently seen near Croatia. If you'd like to follow the vessel, use BOAT Pro AIS to find out where it's currently located. You can also check out its latest position using the yacht's satellite communication system.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifi Al Thani's new luxury yacht, the Al Mirqab, has arrived in the port of Kristiansand. This non-EU port is a favorite for new yachts, as it allows them to load electronics, fuel, luxury items, and more. Al Mirqab has 26 cabins and a volume of 9,604 gallons. Its exterior design is by Tim Heywood, while the interior design was created by Andrew Winch Designs.

The Emir of Qatar has an interest in art and has made significant investments in the UK. In addition to Harrods and other prominent London locations, the Emir has purchased several works of art, including the famous Cezanne. Al Mirqab was also recently spotted in the US Virgin Islands. Rumors have it that the Emir was looking to purchase real estate in these islands.

The Sheikh is also involved in humanitarian efforts, helping to settle the civil war in Darfur, which erupted in December 2005. The Tripoli Agreement temporarily halted hostilities, but fighting resumed after two months. Hamad's efforts eventually led to a final settlement in 2009, which included other factions in Darfur. The Goodwill and Confidence Building Pact opened up the country to more people.

The Sheikh is not the only person with this name on his yacht. He has been accused of bribing Qatari officials in the past. This incident sparked a lawsuit against him. In the meantime, he was released from jail in Qatar and is allegedly in the process of getting the land. But the government has never publicly confirmed whether he is guilty of the crimes he was accused of.

Tim Heywood Design

Built for the Emir of Qatar, the 113m motor yacht Al Mirqab has a beam of nearly 60 feet. The interior is very intricate, with sweeping navy blue decks and an elaborate superstructure. The interior has the world's largest spa, designed by Winch Design, and an impressive light display on the bulbous bow. It is estimated that the yacht is worth more than US$ 200 million.

A multi-award winning yacht designer, Tim Heywood's work is often seen on luxury superyachts. The 133m AL MIRQAB was a World Superyacht Award winner in 2009. After graduating from the Central School of Art and Design, Heywood joined Jon Bannenberg's practice and produced some of the world's most beautiful yachts. His work drew inspiration from architecture, engineering, and nature, and he has been commissioned by luxury yacht builders from Australia to Europe.

A notable addition to the yacht's interior is a lighting system. Heywood opted to install a series of lights over the bow to illuminate the area at night. The concept has since been adopted by many designers. In addition to reducing emissions, Heywood placed a special emphasis on minimizing vibrations and noise. With three decks, a spacious interior, and a 15-meter beam, the Al Mirqab boasts incredible amenities for both crew and owners.

The exterior of the yacht is an example of the fine craftsmanship on display. The interior has a traditional LAURA SESSA feel. The Al Mirqab yacht will arrive in the Caribbean in 2021. Listed in the Caribbean's top 10 yachts, Al Mirqab is a spectacular addition to any luxury yacht collection. So what's it going to take to make her a success?

Built of steel

The luxurious Al Mirqab is one of the largest motor yachts ever constructed. This steel-and-glass vessel is able to accommodate 24 guests in 10 guest suites, including two VIP suites for the yacht owner. Each suite features a bathroom, double bedroom, and living room. There are also 55 crew members aboard the yacht. Some of the other amenities on board include an outdoor bar and cinema, helipad, and water sports entertainment.

The Al Mirqab is a superyacht completed in 2008. It has an overall length of 133 meters and a beam of 18 meters. It can cruise at up to 23 knots and has at anchor stabilisers for better comfort while at anchor. Other features of this steel-and-glass vessel include a swimming pool on the lower deck, a helicopter pad, and twin screw propellers. Its newbuilding cost was $300 million and the yacht was delivered to its owner after undergoing a comprehensive refit.

The Al Mirqab is equipped with cinema, fitness center, gym, sundeck, pool, helipad, and outdoor bars. The yacht also features 55 crew members and a full-time chef. Inside, the yacht has 10 vast suites. There are two VIP suites. The yacht can cruise at 18.7 knots, and reach a top speed of 20.3 knots. Al Mirqab is located in the Faliro region of Athens.

The owner of the Al Mirqab yacht, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, owns it. The yacht's value is estimated at US$2,4 billion. Sheikh Al Thani owns 3% of Deutsche Bank and a number of other private companies. However, despite its pricey price tag, the yacht is a perfect example of a luxury yacht.

Accommodations for 24 guests

Built for prime location and comfort, the AL MIRQAB boasts 10 suites, including two VIP suites for the owner and his family. She boasts a movie theater and outside jacuzzi, and can accommodate 24 guests and its 55 crew in equal numbers. Among other amenities, the yacht has an infinity pool, helicopter pad, and helipad. To name a few.

The Al Mirqab yacht offers a range of facilities, including helipads, gyms, and spa facilities. It has a full-service spa, jacuzzis on its aft deck, and a library, cinema, and helipad. Owners Larry Ellison and David Geffen ordered the vessel. The yacht is designed by the same team that designed the luxury residences of the famous Hollywood stars.

The interior is a luxury ship with hundreds of custom finishes. The stern is adorned with four satellite domes and two helipads. There is a 25-metre swimming pool and spa pool on the upper deck. There are also two helipads and a storage hangar for three helicopters. This yacht is designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. It is the perfect choice for a private yacht charter.

Al Raya Yacht - A Must-See For Yacht Lovers

al raya yacht

If you've ever wondered where to buy a yacht, look no further than the luxury motor yacht, Al Raya. Built by Lurssen in 2008, she features MTU engines and is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag. Read on to discover more about this vessel. Let's start by discussing some of the most important features. Her overall length is 110.0 meters, and her beam measures 16.3 meters. That's enough to make any yacht lover's heart sing.

Al Raya is a luxury motor yacht

Built by Lurssen, the 110m/360'11" motor yacht is the first of its kind in the world. Designed by Alberto Pinto, the yacht is equipped with a gym, underwater lights, beauty salon, and eight suites for 16 passengers and a crew of 41. The yacht's exterior features a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. It has two MTU engines, which give her a top speed of 18.2 knots.

During its construction, the 155m motor yacht was code-named Project Sunflower. It was delivered to her owner in 2008 and has six spacious decks. The exterior design was created by Espen Oeino International and the interior by Redman Whitely Dixon. She was the replacement of an earlier ship of similar size, which had been a much smaller model. The yacht is also equipped with six swimming pools, one on each deck.

The exterior of the RAYA is sophisticated, with features such as a Jacuzzi and pitch for a helicopter. Other amenities onboard include air conditioning, lifts, helipads, and a security room. The yacht can accommodate up to 20 guests and is manned by a crew of 47. It has also been fitted with two helicopters for a smoother ride. This luxurious motor yacht is worth $250 million and will leave you breathless with every step you take.

The Royal fleet of the Kingdom of Oman includes the Al Salamah, which began its secret life in Genoa, Italy. Until 2016, it was the world's largest superyacht. The yacht is a modern marvel with five galleys, three hospitals, and more than 2000 square meters of floor space. In the past, it was briefly put up for sale for $280 million, but was eventually given to the Crown Prince of Bahrain as a gift.

She was built by Lurssen in 2008

The motor yacht, Al Raya, was built by Lurssen in 2008 and named Dilbar by her Russian owner. The yacht is 110.0 meters long and has a beam of 16.3 meters. She was originally built for Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, but he changed his mind in the mid-2000s and had another yacht built. He then renamed Al Raya to Ona. In the past few years, she has been in a private collection of the Royal Family of Bahrain.

The exterior of the Al Raya yacht is made of steel and aluminium. Its interior is designed by Alberto Pinto. The yacht features a beach club, a gym, underwater lights, air conditioning, and a beauty salon. Al Raya is capable of cruising at 18 knots. The boat can accommodate 16 guests. For more information about Al Raya yacht, click here.

The Al Raya superyacht is one of the most impressive boats ever built. It was the 20th largest yacht built by Lurssen and is listed as the number 52 largest in the world. The Al Raya yacht has 83 photos and 33 news articles, and it's believed to have been refitted in 2022. The yacht is owned by a Russian billionaire named Alisher Usmanov, who graduated from the Moscow State Institute International. His yacht has the largest volume and interior for a $ 250 million yacht.

Among the many unique features of the Al Raya yacht are two helipads, two swimming pools, and a spa. It is estimated to be around fifteen thousand tons, and has 3,800 square meters of living space. Apart from the salon and the bar, Al Raya also boasts several entertainment elements. Its owners are not short on space and they have plenty of time to spend on their yacht.

She is powered by MTU engines

Originally named Raya, the new Al Raya yacht was built by Lurssen in 2008. She was renamed in 2018 to reflect the changes in the owner's taste. She has twin MTU 16V 1163 TB73L engines and can reach a maximum speed of 21 knots. Her interior design was done by Alberto Pinto and she has accommodation for up to 16 guests and 20 crew members. She also has a cinema, sauna, steam room, massage room, and hospital. Her deck features a large office and conference room, so the captain can conduct business from any part of the yacht.

The luxury yacht is equipped with zero-speed stabilizers and has a helicopter pad on the top deck. Other features include a beach club, massage room, on-deck jacuzzi, and 360,000 litres of fuel. In addition, there are air conditioning units and 360,000 litres of fuel tanks. It was last sold in 2018.

The MTU engines installed on the yacht are world-class and highly reliable. The low vibrations and emissions are characteristic of these engines, which contribute to a quieter boating experience. Moreover, MTU engines are easy to control and operate, ensuring smooth sailing. MTU engines also offer high-efficiency and fuel efficiency. So, you can enjoy a peaceful sailing experience in the Arabian Gulf!

Another notable superyacht is the Lady Gulya. This 16-metre yacht was built by Lurssen for an oligarch who wanted a yacht with a reputation. Initially named Raya, she was renamed Azzam, but its owner Alisher Usmanov changed the name to avoid any negative publicity. The MTU engines are capable of providing the yacht with 30,000 horsepower.

She is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag

Built in 2008 by the German shipyard Lurssen, the 5148-ton luxury superyacht AL RAYA was originally named Dilbar after the oligarch's mother. She features a steel hull, aluminium superstructure, teak decks, and underwater lighting. The yacht is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag. Her exterior features include an alfresco bar, gym, and spacious saloons.

There are a variety of ownership structures that facilitate Cayman flagging. It is not necessary for the vessel to be owned by a Cayman Islands entity, and there are few restrictions on the nationality of the crew. A private individual or corporate owner may register a Cayman-flagged vessel for personal use, or apply for commercial or merchant ship registration. The Cayman Islands flag provides worldwide recognition and full privileges for British ships.

The Cayman Islands flag is the second most popular superyacht flag state, with 1256 registered yachts. AL RAYA is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag and is berthed at Port Vauban, France. It has been in the French superyacht marina for 2 weeks. If you're interested in tracking the yacht, you can use BOAT Pro AIS to receive the latest location and vessel information.

The luxury superyacht AL RAYA was built by Lurssen to Tim Heywood's design and launched as Dilbar in 2008. It has twin MTU diesel-electric engines and a capacity of sixteen passengers. The luxurious interiors feature a cinema, a steam room, massage room, and a hospital. Additionally, the deck of the yacht features a conference room and a large office.

She was built for Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov

The Al Raya yacht, also known as Dilbar, is one of the largest superyachts in the world, with a cruising speed of 22.6 knots. Its overall length is 110.0 metres (or 500 feet) long, and is said to weigh as much as four supercars. It is designed by Andrew Winch and is home to a swimming pool with an area of 180 cubic meters.

The owner of the superyacht, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanova, is believed to own the yacht. He owns the Disney Channel, U channel, Megafon, and Mail. Ru, as well as other companies and media. The billionaire is rumoured to have purchased Raya from a private owner for $16 million. However, there are no hard facts on whether or not he is the owner of the yacht.

The Dilbar yacht is a Russian superyacht built for Russian billionaire Alisher Ussmanov. It is 361 feet long, 120 meters long, and 157 meters long. She has two MTU diesel-electric main engines that generate over 30,000 kw of power each. Currently, the Dilbar yacht is believed to be the sixth largest superyacht in the world.

The Dilbar superyacht was launched by German master shipbuilding company Lurssen in 2008. The Dilbar is 512 feet long and weighs 15,917 tons. She usually sleeps 96 people and features two helipads. It also has the largest swimming pool on a superyacht at 82 feet long. It was seized from a Hamburg shipyard and sold for $600 million. The owner, Alisher Usmanov, is a Russian mining magnate with stakes in Facebook and telecom companies.

Pershing 8X BEYOND

pershing 8x

The Pershing 8X's salon features a retractable window and a massive glass sliding door. Its interior was co-designed by Italian leather furnishings company Poltrona Frau, and the helm station is upholstered in Poltrona Frau's "Interior in Motion" leather. The result is an interior that looks more like a beach cottage than an urban penthouse. The overall look is modern, chic, and minimal.

BeyOND is a Pershing 8X

The Pershing 8X BEYOND is a luxury motor yacht that seats up to nine guests overnight. There are four spacious cabins on board, including a full beam master suite with VIP in the bow and two twin staterooms along a corridor. The vessel features three bathrooms, a chaise longue, and a vanity corner. This yacht was designed specifically with U.S. customers in mind, and the aft deck can easily accommodate a private chef.

The BeyOND is a luxury yacht that offers top-notch amenities to make your vacation perfect. She offers large VIP cabins with panoramic views, ample deck space, and elegant wood finishes. The boat also comes with a luxury solarium, music hull, and a Hammock. All of these amenities make it ideal for a relaxing getaway with your loved ones. BeyOND is also available in the Mediterranean, where she can be docked next to the Famous Lio Restaurant.

BeyOND is a luxury motor yacht built by renowned Italian Yacht Builder, Pershing. It can reach a top speed of 48 knots and cruises at 41 knots. The Pershing 8X offers an excellent balance of style, fuel efficiency, and incredible crew service. You'll be on your way in just fifteen minutes! So, why wait? Take a look and decide for yourself!

The BeyOND is a luxury Pershing 8X motor yacht that was built in Italy in 2019. This 25-metre-long yacht was designed by Ferretti Group and Fulvio De Simoni. The yacht can accommodate up to nine guests in 4 cabins. It boasts beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating throughout. In addition to its top-notch amenities, Beyond is also extremely comfortable, and a true treat for a special occasion.

Exterior styling

The exterior styling of the Pershing 8X is a triumph of design and functionality. The new car's imposing side wings and aerodynamic sundeck are signature Pershing elements. This luxury superyacht is also made of carbon fibre and offers luxury and comfort with a touch of style. The interior features the latest technologies and amenities, including a leather helm station upholstered in Poltrona Frau "Interior in Motion" leather.

The Pershing 8X was officially designed by Fulvio De Simoni, who took the project from Tilli Antonelli in 1985. The metallic silver colour is characteristic of this model, as are the rear side wings, which give the car a distinctly spaceship appearance. The Pershing 8X has been a popular model for many years, winning the Motor Boat Awards 2021 in the "Custom Yacht" category.

The Pershing 8X's hull is shaped like a beam. Its high-definition speakers allow the listener to enjoy music while under the water. The engineers at the Ferretti Group's engineering department worked together with Videoworks to create the Music Hull to make this a reality. This system lets guests listen to music while under water - and it's fully controlled by a VOTIS infotainment system that can be operated by a smartphone or tablet.

The Pershing 8X has four staterooms. While most yachts feature three staterooms, the Pershing 8X has four. The fourth cabin was converted into a media lounge. Aside from the staterooms, this is a perfect place to watch TV and enjoy the company of friends and family. Another benefit of the Pershing 8X is the amount of storage it has. The interior of the Pershing 8X features spacious living quarters and an open deck that provides a great place to relax.

Interior co-designed by Poltrona Frau

The Pershing 8X motor yacht is made out of carbon fibre. This material is lighter and more efficient than steel and aluminum. Its sleek design has plenty of space inside. Its new on-board systems integrate propulsion with monitoring and manoeuvrability to keep it safe and efficient while operating at high speeds. The boat also has a music hull. Its interior co-designed by Poltrona Frau features a contemporary, elegant design.

The interior is a showcase of Italian design. This luxury yacht features a large main deck filled with natural light, an elegant lounge and dining area, and an integrated helm station. The interiors of the Pershing 8X were co-designed by Poltrona Frau and are truly masterpieces. Poltrona Frau products include the Gran Torino sofa, Fitzgerald dining chairs, and Montera chair, which are all found on the main deck. Dedon, Flexform, and Fendi Casa also contributed to the interior design.

The eight-foot-long Pershing 8X boasts a stunning helm station that was co-designed by Poltrona Frau. It features three independent chairs and an integrated bridge. A sleek, modern interior evokes the look of an urban penthouse, rather than an overly-chic beach cottage. A central corridor regulates the flow of people into and out of the four cabins.

The interior co-designed by Poltrona Frau is a striking, modern piece of furniture. The Pershing 8X features an array of advanced monitoring and propulsion systems. The Top System was created to integrate with the other systems. It uses Onyx, Xenta Systems, and Naviop-Simrad LOOP. It also features a custom-made carbon-fiber cockpit table and reclining chaise longue.

MTU package options

The new Pershing 8X, which will debut at BOOT Dusseldorf this spring, is a traditional sport yacht with an MTU package that promises top speeds of up to forty knots. The standard MTU 16V 2000 M96 engine delivers 2,435 horsepower and the optional one boasts a staggering 2,638 horsepower. The joystick controls powerplants and thrusters. Standard engines will take you up to 320 nautical miles, while the optional engines will boost your cruise time to 310 nautical miles.

The new Pershing 8X has a four-cabin layout and a sports flybridge. The boat is equipped with a Music Hull system, which allows listeners to enjoy their favorite music while under water. It also boasts two enormous generators and sea keeper stabilisation, which make it ideal for long passages. It also comes with an 18-month shipyard warranty. This means you won't have to worry about major problems arising from the ship's engine.

The Pershing 8X features twin 2,435 hp MTU 16V engines. It cruises at 38 knots. Upgraded versions have a top speed of forty-eight knots. Its sleek styling is reminiscent of Fulvio De Simoni, and its carbon fiber construction ensures it is light on its feet. The Pershing 8X is a family cruising boat. A luxurious MTU package is available for every owner's needs.

As a result, the Pershing 8X's hull is made with extensive carbon fiber and the latest technologies. She also has an upper deck that's virtually invisible. This allows passengers to enjoy the sundeck and the luxury amenities without sacrificing its sleek lines. The Pershing 8X also has an integrated stairway to the sundeck. This is another perk for this high-performance sports yacht. The Pershing 8X's luxurious interiors also contribute to her sleekness.


The Pershing 8X has all the comforts of home on board. With its aft deck garage, it can accommodate your watercraft in style. The boat's price range starts at 5,5 million euros. The Pershing 8X features a hull that is slender and makes good use of space. Its carbon leather interior offers a luxurious feel. The price range for the Pershing 8X is quite high.

The hull of the Pershing 8X is made of lightweight carbon fibre, with mouldings made from vacuum-infused epoxy resin. Its hull form is a 20deg, constant-deadrise deep-V, with wide chine flats that carry over aft for extra lift and beam. The hull has the ability to reach speeds of 45 knots in the standard version and 48 knots with the optional configuration.

The price range for a Pershing boat varies considerably, with the most expensive models reaching more than $8 million. A Pershing boat has a large range of capabilities, including an impressive five-hundred horsepower motor. The most affordable models, however, may only have a 1,450 horsepower motor. The price of a Pershing 8x depends on whether you want a top-of-the-range or a functional boat.

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