Airdrie Homes For Sale

Airdrie Homes For Sale


airdrie homes for sale

Airdrie, Alberta is a rapidly growing city located north of Calgary. This urban community appeals to buyers in all price points.

Airdrie homes for sale are popular among young families and retirees alike, thanks to its abundance of parks and recreation facilities. Plus, its location makes it a desirable option for commuters wanting to live close to Calgary's amenities.


Airdrie, Alberta has seen tremendous growth over the last several years. With new master-planned communities being constructed by some of Canada's premier builders, it's no wonder why Airdrie continues to be a sought-after destination for those looking to relocate.

10 minutes north of Calgary, this community offers the ideal lifestyle for those who want to be close to the city but still experience a small town atmosphere. It also has plenty of outdoor amenities such as parks and golf courses for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Airdrie's housing market is fiercely competitive, with many homes selling within days of listing. Local realtor Gary Lock with CIR Realty says that while he doesn't anticipate a major surge in activity on the real estate front, he has noticed some changes taking place already.

As Airdrie grows, developers are creating more and more communities designed for families with young children. These neighbourhoods boast modern floor plans and upgraded amenities that appeal to first-time buyers as well as those ready to move out of their current residence.

Airdrie's most sought-after neighborhoods include Bayside, Coopers Crossing and Ravenswood. These communities are conveniently situated near schools, shopping centers and other amenities.

Buying a home in Airdrie can be an intimidating decision, but with the guidance of an experienced real estate professional you are sure to find your perfect fit. The Airdrie MLS serves as a valuable resource for buyers by providing all pertinent details about each property.

Airdrie offers a wide range of homes for sale, from traditional houses to multi-family units. While some options may be more budget friendly than others, each has its own special qualities which make them appealing options for homebuyers.

Another factor to consider is the age of the home, as older houses in Airdrie tend to be larger and provide more space. Furthermore, they're likely to feature a backyard which many people value highly.


When looking to purchase a home in Airdrie, it's essential to comprehend its demographics. This data can help determine if the city is suitable for you and your family as well as give an indication of how well the local housing market is doing.

Airdrie offers a wide variety of homes for sale, from condos and townhomes to single-family dwellings. Most are situated within the urban core but you may also find some options in the suburbs.

Airdrie's modern communities boast open concept floor plans, engineered flooring and plenty of modern amenities that appeal to a variety of buyers.

Airdrie is a great option for those seeking an affordable rural area that's close to everything they need. It makes an ideal place to raise a family and is surrounded by outdoor recreation opportunities.

Airdrie's growing population is making it a desirable option for families looking to move away from larger centres like Calgary. This is due to the lower taxes, real estate values, and affordability in Airdrie compared to Calgary.

The city also enjoys a well-earned reputation as an attractive workplace, boasting plenty of job opportunities in various sectors like manufacturing, construction, finance and healthcare.

If you're a commuter, Airdrie is conveniently situated along Highway 2 with multiple routes connecting to other cities around Alberta. This means you can quickly and easily get to Calgary or Edmonton!

Bus routes run throughout the community at 30-minute frequencies during peak traffic periods and 60-minute frequencies at other times. Furthermore, the city invested in a bike path system connecting most neighbourhoods.

Airdrie's housing market remains generally steady, though it does depend on the Canadian and Albertan economies. Homes typically sell close to their listing price, and this trend looks set to continue.


Airdrie, Alberta has quickly become one of Alberta's most desirable real estate markets due to its charming small-town atmosphere and convenient access to everything the big city has to offer.

Affordable living makes Itanium the perfect place for families or retirees alike, offering a range of homes for sale that meet everyone's budget.

Airdrie offers a wealth of amenities to enjoy, such as parks, schools, shopping and restaurants. Plus, there are some excellent golf courses nearby!

If you're searching for a new Airdrie home, there is an array of detached single-family houses at great prices. These types of residences boast plenty of square footage and often come with garages as well.

These properties are ideal for families or those looking to retire in a tranquil, safe community. They're also perfect for people who want to be close to the city but still enjoy some privacy.

Finding a home to purchase in Airdrie has never been simpler! Connect with an experienced real estate agent today for more information about Airdrie homes for sale and MLS listings.

Airdrie homes for sale in master-planned communities are becoming increasingly sought-after by homebuyers. These developments, designed by some of Alberta's top builders, offer modern floor plans that appeal to first-time homebuyers.

Many of these new developments are situated alongside winding canals and a pathway system, making them highly walkable. This makes it convenient for residents to access amenities like gyms or parks easily.

Recently, Southwinds in Airdrie has made a name for itself with its masterfully planned neighborhood offering detached family homes, condos and townhomes alike. Designed with energy saving technologies in mind as well as an emphasis on livability and connection to nature, Southwinds offers something special.


Airdrie, Alberta is a small city situated 15 minutes North of Calgary with plenty of real estate options for homebuyers in the area. As it continues to expand rapidly, this place is perfect for those seeking an unhurried small-town atmosphere but still close enough to access all the city's amenities.

When searching for a home in this city, there are various housing types to choose from such as detached homes, condos and townhomes. If you're interested in purchasing property here, be sure to reach out to an experienced real estate agent who can assist in finding your ideal property.

Detached homes tend to be more expensive than other housing types in the city. These properties tend to be larger, have more space, and provide greater privacy than other housing types do.

Families with children or those looking for a close proximity to downtown will find buying a detached home an ideal option. If you're interested in investing in such an asset, be sure to connect with an agent who can assist in finding the ideal one for your family.

For further details on homes for sale in Airdrie, connect with a Redfin agent today. Our agents can answer your queries about the latest listings, neighborhoods and schools nearby.

Airdrie's real estate market has experienced remarkable growth over the last several decades and continues to draw people from all backgrounds. Thanks to its low crime rate, convenient commutes, and great shopping facilities, this community is an ideal place for families or retirees alike to raise a family or enjoy retirement life.

Finding the ideal detached Airdrie home can be a daunting task. That is why it is essential to hire an experienced real estate agent in Airdrie to guide you through this process.

Our agents strive to make the buying of a detached home in Airdrie as seamless and stress-free as possible. We can show you all of the newest listings for sale in Airdrie and help you compare similar homes.

Airdrie's real estate market is bustling with new listings every day. Whether you're searching for a single-family home, multi-family unit, or something in between, our comprehensive real estate search tools can help.

How post malone got his name

How Post Malone Got His Name

Post Malone is an artist that seemingly came from nowhere, having released music since 2015 and enjoying collaborations with renowned artists like Justin Bieber.

One of the biggest mysteries about him is where he got his stage name. He has shared two different origin stories, but they both concur that he chose it when he was 14 or 15 years old.

His father’s name

When you hear the name Post Malone, you probably think of a famous rapper with numerous hit songs. But this talented musician is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, earning numerous awards for his music. His sound fuses various genres together such as hip-hop and trap together.

He was born on July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York to Rich Post and Nicole Frazier. His dad, a former disc jockey, exposed him to various types of music such as rock and hip-hop.

Rich Post is not well-known, but he has always been supportive of his son's career and taught him all that was necessary to be successful in music. Even when Rich chose to pursue rapping as a profession, Post encouraged him to keep striving for success.

At nine years old, young rap star JAY Z moved with his parents, David and Jodie, to Grapevine, Texas. His dad had been a disc jockey and manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys; Jodie worked at McDonald's.

Though his father didn't have much money, he made sure Post received a proper education. Additionally, he exposed Post to several genres of music such as hip-hop and country.

Post Malone eventually took up guitar playing and joined a band, performing live. Soon after, Post Malone wrote and recorded his own songs.

After some time, his talent began to be noticed. He joined forces with FKi and Rex Kudo for his single "White Iverson," which cemented his place as a successful artist.

Fans have praised his distinctive voice and signature tattoos. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic supporter of emo music; he's performed at an emo nightclub in Los Angeles as well as with My Chemical Romance's band.

Post Malone is an acclaimed American rapper and singer renowned for his ability to blend various genres into his lyrics. Additionally, he boasts a net worth of $45 million dollars.

His mother’s name

Post Malone is one of the biggest rappers today and he has much to be proud of. He's achieved success by branching out into different genres and crafting his own brand of music. Additionally, Post Malone ventured into acting, appearing alongside Mark Wahlberg in Netflix's Spenser Confidential movie.

Malone has achieved great success, yet he hasn't forgotten his roots or his close connection to his mother. When he was nine years old, she moved from New York to Texas for him and that's when Malone first started recording and releasing his own music.

At 16 years old, he released his debut single "Young and After Them Riches," produced by legendary production duo FKi in Los Angeles. This song quickly went viral and became his breakthrough hit.

It is essential to remember that every artist has a story behind their name. Some take inspiration from their parents, while others draw from the world around them.

Many have wondered how Post Malone came up with his stage name. Some believe he used a name generator, while others suggest it was simply an act of self-expression.

Recently, Malone revealed his stage name is a combination of his father's last name and the first letter of his own first name. He said he wanted to maintain his actual name but add something memorable for others to remember.

At the age of 16, Post was eager to find a stage name that would set him apart from others. This quest intensified as his interests in music increased.

His mother remained close to him throughout the years and was an important influence on his musical career. With her move to Texas, Malone was able to see her more frequently and gave him her support. Unfortunately, she passed away recently, leaving Malone with just her son and stepbrother.

Post Malone is an East Coast rapper who has achieved international success through his unique blend of genres. He's earned multiple Grammy and Billboard nominations for his work, cementing himself as a major force in the music industry.

His stage name

Post Malone is an American rapper renowned for his distinctive musical style. His success can be attributed to his ability to blend different genres together, often including hip-hop, R&B and pop elements. Post Malone also stands out for his catchy lyrics and creative music videos.

Post Malone developed an interest in music while growing up. His parents exposed him to a wide variety of artists and inspired him to pursue his ambition of becoming an accomplished musician.

At 16 years old, he began creating and releasing his own music. To record it, he used an audio editor called Audacity.

He then signed a contract with Republic Records and began producing music. Kanye West even featured him in his song "Fade."

In 2016, he released his debut album, Stoney. It quickly went on to become a major success and reached the top of US Billboard Charts; additionally, it was nominated for Best Pop Album at the Grammy Awards.

Since then, he has collaborated with numerous other rappers and been nominated for multiple awards. Additionally, he has toured the globe, culminating in a tour in 2023 with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It is believed that he obtained his stage name from an online random rap name generator. This practice is common among many rappers; even Childish Gambino, who is also a rapper, has used this same method.

Post Malone has provided conflicting accounts about his name origin. He claims it was created when he was 15 or 16, but also states it was found on a random name generator.

On the other hand, he attributes his name to rapper Karl Malone, whom he was an avid fan growing up. Additionally, he says his dad's passion for music had a major influence on him as well.

Post Malone's journey to fame has been an inspiring tale. He overcame numerous challenges and now ranks among the most successful rappers in America, earning himself a household name with hundreds of millions of followers. Additionally, Post Malone has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, cementing himself as one of music's biggest names worldwide.

His real name

Post Malone has become a household name in the music industry for his innovative style of mixing genres and amplifying his voice. The award-winning rapper, singer, and record producer has garnered numerous accolades and sold over 60 million albums to date.

He's collaborated with superstars such as Justin Bieber and been nominated for multiple Grammy awards. However, the 22-year-old artist has a mysterious side; he once got a large face tattoo of "DDP" written in bold Gothic script on his forehead.

On July 4, 1995, Post Malone was born in Syracuse, New York to his father Richard Post and stepmother Jodie Post. At nine years old, his family moved to Grapevine, Texas where his dad introduced him to various musical genres which would later shape his future career as a musician.

At 16, he recorded his first mixtape, Young and After Them Riches, using digital audio editor Audacity. When shown this tape to his classmates, they even voted him "Most Likely to Become Famous".

After leaving school, he attended Tarrant County College for a while but dropped out. He then relocated to Los Angeles with Jason Probst - an expert game streamer - and pursued his passion for music.

He began as a rapper but quickly transitioned into writing songs for artists such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West. Additionally, his debut album Stoney reached number 6 on Billboard 200 chart in 2014.

His music has achieved double platinum certification in multiple countries such as the US, Canada, and Mexico. Additionally, he was nominated for multiple Grammy awards and has sold more than 60 million albums to date.

Malone was raised with various styles of music by his father, and when he was nine years old he auditioned for Crown the Empire's band. Unfortunately, this audition ended in failure but Malone persisted in pursuing music as a career.

Who kevin costner dating

Who is Kevin Costner Dating?

Kevin Costner is an acclaimed actor and filmmaker. His films include Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, which earned him critical acclaim.

He has been married twice and has seven children.

1. Cindy Silva

Cindy Silva is a renowned former actress, social activist and online celebrity. She had an ill-fated marriage to Hollywood actor Kevin Costner that ended prematurely.

She was born on October 29th, 1956 in California and is now 65 years old. Her parents were Louis Silva and Patricia Joan Antonucci. As an entrepreneur and social activist, she has served as councilwoman in Walnut Creek, CA since 2012.

After her high school graduation, she continued on with her studies in biological science at a university. It was during this time that she met her future husband and they married in 1978 - they have three children together: Annie, Lily and Joe.

Throughout their marriage, she was an incredible support to her husband. She would host motivational parties and bring a human touch to the sets of his movies.

Though she wasn't an active part of her husband's professional life, she did help him become a father. She was present for the births of their first daughter Annie in 1984 and Lily two years later.

Though they divorced in 1994, they have remained friends and close. She remains an active member of her local community as a councilwoman in Walnut Creek, Calif.

In addition to her political work, she is also a successful businesswoman and mother. She owns Twin Palms restaurant at New Port Beach and is an active social activist.

Her husband, Kevin Costner, is an acclaimed actor who has starred in numerous films and television shows. For his efforts, he has earned numerous awards and recognition.

He has starred in films such as Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves. Additionally, he has voiced roles on several TV series like Mr. Brooks, 3 Days to Kill and Draft Day.

Following his divorce with Cindy, he embarked on a brief relationship with Bridget Rooney in 1996. They welcomed their son Liam into the world that same year.

However, the couple broke up after two years and Costner soon began dating model Cheryl Tiegs in 1995. Immediately drawn to her beauty, Costner made time in his schedule for a romantic date with her.

2. Elle MacPherson

Elle MacPherson is a supermodel who has starred in multiple movies and been featured in swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated. She's also an entrepreneur and television host, currently hosting NBC's Fashion Star show. Additionally, Elle has served as ambassador for RED and UNICEF respectively.

She has long been a fan of Kevin Costner and has been linked to him. She claims she is drawn to his quirky sense of humor and sharp business acumen.

After her marriage to Cindy Silva ended, she began dating Kevin Costner for about three years. Though their relationship was private, she hoped they would one day get hitched; however, this never materialized and the couple eventually separated in 1994.

Costner had more time for personal matters after divorcing, which led him to several romantic interests over the years. These included Tawny Little, Elle Macpherson and Birgit Cunningham.

He was also rumored to be dating Carla Bruni, an Italian-French model who had been married to France's First Lady. Additionally, his affair with Naomi Campbell in 1993 that made headlines before he divorced Cindy made headlines.

Tabloids reported on Bridget Rooney's relationship with actor Kevin Costner during the 1990s. She is a model and was said to have been involved with him at one point.

She was divorced and had just separated from his 16 year wife when they began dating. She was a socialite rumored to be in a live-in relationship with him.

She was previously linked to several celebrities, including Sly Stallone. To this day, they are still romantically involved and she has a daughter with him.

Costner's close friend revealed that he adores Elle and has given her advice regarding her career, but their bond is not based on money or status.

She began as a model and star in several commercials as an aspiring young woman. Additionally, she hosted and executive produced Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model while having a daughter who is now an accomplished businesswoman.

3. Bridget Rooney

Bridget Rooney is an acclaimed American actress, socialite, philanthropist and the heiress to the Pittsburgh Steelers. She made headlines with her relationship with actor Kevin Costner; additionally, she has been married to billionaire businessman Bill Koch since 2010.

She currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband and daughter named Kaitlin. They tied the knot back in 2005 and are very contented together.

Her zodiac sign indicates she is a Taurus, known for being punctual, attentive and assertive. Additionally, she has an intense work ethic which drives her towards success.

Celebrities often draw a large following that wants to learn more about their life and personal details. Yet she keeps this information private, posting photos on her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts but keeping most of the details private.

At one point in her childhood, she was very interested in pursuing a career in acting and modeling; however, she quickly discovered that these interests weren't compatible. Instead of pursuing acting professionally, she chose to focus on fashion design and eventually launched her own business venture.

Her parents' wealth enabled her to have an illustrious childhood. She attended several prestigious schools in California as well as several esteemed universities.

Growing up, she had a close bond with both her dad, Tim Rooney and grandfather Art Rooney. Both men were active members in their community and upheld their family's heritage by volunteering at charities.

In her late twenties, she began dating renowned actor Kevin Costner. When she gave birth to their son Liam Costner in 1996, Costner refused to acknowledge he was the father of the baby; however after a paternity test confirmed their shared responsibility for him, they acknowledged each other's roles as parents.

Bridget and Mike's relationship did not last long, however; soon after she became pregnant with her son. Despite this setback, the couple were still together emotionally.

Despite their disagreements, she was immensely thankful to her husband for giving her such a stunning child. Furthermore, she wanted to guarantee that he received the best possible care throughout his life.

4. Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner is an Oscar-winning actor acclaimed for his roles in films such as Tin Cup, The Untouchables and Message in a Bottle. Additionally, he earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is widely considered one of America's most successful actors.

Costner is renowned for his larger-than-life hero roles, yet his human flaws have earned him much acclaim. Whether playing John Dutton in Yellowstone or Message in a Bottle's villain, Costner brings life to his roles and captures audiences with each performance.

Costner manages to find time for his family despite his hectic filming schedule. He and Christine have three children together: Cayden Wyatt, Hayes Logan, and Grace Avery.

Their romantic fairytale wedding took place in 2004 at a ranch near Aspen, Colorado and featured many notable people like Tim Allen and Mary McDonnell.

In 2007, Cayden Wyatt Costner joined his parents as a first child. A few years later, two more babies joined them as well. The couple is very contented together and dedicated to being the best parents they can be for their children.

Kevin Costner has achieved great success in addition to his acting career, becoming a successful businessman. He owns multiple restaurants and hotels around the United States as well as a 165-acre ranch in Aspen, Colorado.

After a brief split in 2002, the couple eventually got back together. For several years, they enjoyed being inseparable; however, when Costner suddenly had second thoughts and Christine wanted children, the couple parted ways for a while.

Christine Baumgartner was born on March 4, 1974 in California and is a model and designer. She has made appearances on television shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition.

Before she tied the knot with Kevin Costner, she had several relationships that didn't live up to her expectations. After going through therapy and altering her expectations, she began dating men who could fulfill all her needs and desires.

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