AFuture Generations Stars Lyrics

AFuture Generations Stars Lyrics

Future Generations Stars Lyrics

It's always bringing things back home looking to find the light, living through self pity it's getting hard to stand these days, breathing in gas as I'm puffing out coal, because I did what I could for a future generation


It’s been nearly five years since Eddie Gore, Mike Sansevere and Eric Grossman serendipitously first met at Fordham University. Five years since they were admitted into a small, integrated community freshmen dorm that, replete with a built-in practice room and a piano in the foyer, encouraged artistic collaboration. As is natural of strangers in a strange new place, they bonded over a shared interest: in their case, a nerd-like, academic appreciation of all forms of musicianship. It’s fair to say Future Generations’ music contradicts the assumption that music always reflects the objective time and space in which its creators operate. When penning lyrics, Eddie shirked references to collegiate lawns, Jesuit lineage and other specific milieu of college life. Instead, he wrote tender refrains to an introverted struggle with finding individual meaning in an infinitely large world and sharing those anxieties with loved ones. In “Stars,” which would eventually catch the ears of Frenchkiss Records and lead to the 2014 EP, ‘Polysun’.

Although young in age, Future Generations’ songwriting holds an astonishing depth usually found in more mature, established artists. Stranger again, Future Generations have chosen the indie pop platform in executing their music, a genre generally reserved for simple Summer anthems and laments to young love and carefree youth. While the album does hold some of those clichés, certain tracks find the band veering into a darker side to their music, leaving lyrically remarkable tracks lost in an upbeat track of infectious hooks and harmonies. It could also be said that this was intentional, using the juxtaposition of feel-good pop and uplifting chord progressions against darker themes. This puts huge emphasis on the irony involved in dealing with anxiety where those happiest on the outside can often be quite troubled on the inside. Future Generations deal with this, amongst many other themes throughout the course of their debut. (Source: atwoodmagazine.com)


Don’t be fooled by the opening track “Grace;” a synthetic, almost hypnotic symphony of modern sounds with Gore’s crooning vocals mirroring that of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. While it’s not the best representation of Future Generation’s more comfortable sound, it is a fine example of where their lyrics sit best, an appropriate backing track for their work. Out of the entire album, this song feels most suited to a band like Future Generations; where music and lyrics tie together neatly without an air of confusion. “Grace” also introduces us to the retro, 8-bit effect added by Sansevere’s synths which will be discussed in further detail later on in the album.

In a Two Door Cinema Club-esque concoction of punctuating piano chords and a repetitive chorus, Future Generations compose a song of new beginnings and fresh starts, “Rain.” The song itself is quite aggressive with the harsh, almost whiplash-worthy drum beat conveying a bottled up anger, or frustration making this quite a tension-filled listen. ‘I just can’t wait till it pours/I just can’t till it rains.’ Gore sings, desperate for the weather to wash away all his worries, fears and mistakes. “Rain,” like many other tracks once again explores the struggles of anxiety and living with regrets. It’s unknown whether Future Generations are taking from their own personal experiences or speaking out on behalf of others. Maybe they just like the rain. (Source: atwoodmagazine.com)



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