ADigital Resume

ADigital Resume

ADigital Resume

But don’t lose heart if those descriptions make you feel inadequate and unprepared. All “digital resume” really means is that your resume is available online. Employers want to see that you’re web savvy enough to at least put your resume on the internet, because using a computer is pretty much essential in most companies these days. Here are several simple ways to set yourself up with a digital resume just in case a prospective employer asks to see it.



Use LinkedIn. Probably the easiest way to get your resume online if you’re not particularly comfortable messing around on the internet, LinkedIn doesn’t require and special knowledge of things like graphic design or web design. It’s also a good choice because LinkedIn is well-respected within the business community, and it allows you to network with past and current colleagues. Their straightforward system provides a form where you can input all of the information that you would use on a traditional resume, including education, work history, and other important facts. The downside is that a lot of people use LinkedIn as their online resume home, so you’re not going to stand out as much.

firsthand.co)Try an online resume builder. A great way to stand out more without putting in a lot of extra work is to use a free online resume builder, like Career Igniter or Resume Builder Online, that allows you to host your resume on their site. These sites are not only incredibly easy to use, with dropdown menus leading you through each step of the resume-creation process and making sure you don’t forget any important information, they often help with the design of your resume by outputting it to a variety of templates and letting you choose the one you like best. And, of course, when it’s done, most let you both download a copy of your resume and host a copy of it on your own private resume web page. All you have to do is give companies a link and you’re set. (Source:


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