Action Calculator ORR

Action Calculator ORR

Action Calculator


The Action Calculator tells you the precise phrase you need to say before making your call. It’s like a meme with a twist.



Charles Naud, Head of Product at Sustainability Tool, said: “With COP26 approaching swiftly, there’s never been a more appropriate time for companies to delve into their supply chains for carbon measurement and reporting. The carbon calculator will be a company’s greatest ally in their quest to reach net zero and reduce their carbon emissions. With our suite of customisable and simple reporting software offerings, our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for all sustainability reporting and performance management.”

Martin Gettings, Group Director Sustainability at Canary Wharf Group, said: “The carbon calculator has resulted from an industry-wide collaboration of clients, main contractors and trade contractors, across the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We’ve established a standardised data collection and reporting mechanism for supply chain carbon. This hugely benefits suppliers, because it enables one simple carbon measurement exercise, the results of which can easily be shared with their major clients.” (Source: www.actionsustainability.com)



Setting up payments is very easy. When you toggled the option "Add form submissions" on the Call To Action panel, a switch appeared called "Checkout (payments)". Toggle this on. After toggling this on, you need to connect your Stripe Account. If you don't have any, please set one up first. you can see the following options:

It's super exciting for your users to have an interactive calculator to calculate things like pricing and savings. A calculator gets even more powerful when adding a call to action. This could be a simple link, a form submission, but also capturing payments and subscriptions. (Source: www.convertcalculator.co)


Once we were enlightened to the fact that we'd been barking up the wrong tree all along- that our real focus should be on Carbon not merely energy- we found ourselves lost in the woods. We knew what our focus should be, but we needed a tool to help us metric the actual planetary impact of our projects. Enter the BEAM tool. Clear, easy to use (even for an architect :-), and effective. This tool is a game changer. Highly recommended.

His abilities are not made clear, but, as he is considered to be exceptionally intelligent and talks about calculating, "crunching numbers", and estimates of chance, this must explain how he has learned to hack into Mister Terrific's 'T-Spheres' and take control of them. His suit contains technology controlled from a panel on his right forearm that can cause beams to shoot from devices that rise from the back of either hand and are used either as weapons or to communicate with other technology. The display on his chest can give warning messages. (Source: justice-league-action.fandom.com)


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