AC Staffing Coordinator Resume"

AC Staffing Coordinator Resume"

Staffing Coordinator Resume

The following is a resume template for those seeking a staff coordinator position. In key sections are listed the data you may want to include in your resume.



Summary : Personable Senior Recruiter/Staffing Coordinator successful at building strong professional relationships. Manages large clientele while maintaining high team morale and energy. Skilled mentor and mediator who excels at bringing out the best in team members. Combines education with hands-on experience leading teams and providing training in company policies, protocols, job-specific duties, and complying with state and federal laws and regulations.

Most of your resume will be the Work Experience section, so it's important to write about your professional history in an effective, impactful way. The bullets on the resume will provide potential employers with the information they need to determine if you're the right fit for the job. For example: • Partnered with company managers in numerous departments to develop ways to improve client satisfaction and customer service which resulted in an increase of re-signing contracts/retention by over 45% This bullet shows a percentage of contracts retained, thus making it stronger than others. • Developed low-cost recruiting techniques to save thousands annually and fill very hard to find positions: achieved a 100% retention rate over a 2-year time period This bullet has several measurable achievements, making it a great addition to the resume. (Source: www.zipjob.com)


A staffing coordinator is responsible for managing the flow of employees in and out of an organization. Duties include maintaining information on current and former employees’ skills, abilities, and experiences as well as ensuring new hires have the appropriate training. The top skills for this position are public relations, customer service, human resources, office software proficiency, and interpersonal/interpersonal skills. An associate degree is required for this position along with experience in human resources or business management.

Your outstanding organizational skills enable you to prepare the weekly work schedules for all the company’s employees so that each work shift is adequately staffed. You use your interpersonal talents to find new employees to fill open positions, even hiring temporary workers for the busy season. Employee time-off requests are managed by you, along with running the software that tracks the hours and days each person works. You understand how vital a concise, well-written resume is in today’s job market, but have you taken a look at yours lately? Is it ready to take you to the next level in your career? We know the secrets to a great resume and are ready to share them with you. Our template and professionally written staffing coordinator resume example show you the right design and format to showcase your skills, education, and experience. We even have expert writing advice, should you need help putting all those competencies of yours into words. With our professional guidance, your resume will be ready for the next step in your career. (Source: resumebuild.com)



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