absent first person example

absent first person example

Resume First Person

Building a professional resume is different than writing a personal resume. It doesn't have to be, but it's best to think about the writing process in-depth if planning to publish a resume.


Writing an effective resume may mean something different from industry to industry and from entry-level to executive positions, but there are some resume basics that you need to follow no matter what type of resume you are writing or what job you are applying to. When a potential employer looks through a pile of resumes, he or she is initially skimming through everyone’s, spending only a handful of seconds on each. Glaring deviations from resume norms or blatant omissions on your resume will outweigh the employment history or accomplishments that are included on your resume, whether it is an entry-level or executive resume. It is very important that you adhere to basic resume guidelines to ensure that your actual skills, work experience, and achievements are given the attention they deserve to help you land an interview and get a job. Your resume is an incredibly important document, and it deserves plenty of attention from start to finish of the writing process.

And when I say write a paragraph for each position, I don’t mean write a lengthy paragraph like you might for a school essay or a deep-dive white paper. Instead, keep it to a few short sentences that use action verbs and address relevant skills and impressive points that help you tailor your resume to get the attention of a specific employer while conveying necessary and relevant information about your career and your strengths. An effective resume uses space well to strongly and concisely get relevant information directly in front of a hiring manager. (Source: greatresumesfast.com)



A member of the Wealth Management Group administrative team, I have excelled within this complex and demanding corporate service role. I have had the opportunity to take on higher responsibilities and have consistently earned customer praise. I look for ways to help my team and provide extra assistance. This is my first role after completing my Certificate III in Business Administration. I am proud of my professional growth over the past two years. I have recently had the opportunity to provide training to a new team member. This has confirmed my progress, and I am excited to continue expanding my skills and experiencing new challenges.

If you’d like to see resume samples that can both show you the work we do, as well as provide you some insight into resume basics and inspiration for writing your own resume, head over to the resume samples section of our website. Looking at a resume sample or two can help you understand how professional resume writers create an effective resume and get you jump-started on writing your own winning resume. (Source: greatresumesfast.com)


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