AA Future Stars Gymnastic Academy Trenton Nj

AA Future Stars Gymnastic Academy Trenton Nj

Future Stars Gymnastic Academy Trenton Nj


Offering intensive training for adults and children, Future Stars Gymnastic Academy has established a strong foundation of community and family.



INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 29, 2014 – USA Gymnastics announced today the members of the Future Stars Regional Development Teams. Each region across the country has teams in two age groups: 8-year-olds and 9-year-olds. The Future Stars program is designed to identify talented athletes and to get them started on the right path to national and international success. The program uses a special competitive routine format to evaluate the skill, strength and flexibility development of the athlete.

^ Sargeant, Keith. "Former Rutgers football star Raheem Orr looking to inspire future Scarlet Knights", NJ Advance Media, for NJ.com, August 22, 2014. Accessed November 2, 2019. "He arrived here from Elizabeth High School in 1999, regarded as an All-State linebacker and the most decorated New Jersey recruit signed in the Terry Shea era." (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



During the Tokyo Olympics, we've seen countless young women athletes solidify their spots as the next generation of Olympic greats. Competitors like 13-year-old skateboarded Sky Brown, 25-year-old swimmer Simone Manuel, and, well, the entire U.S. women's gymnastics team. Joining the how-are-you-so-cool cohort is 800-meter U.S. track runner Athing Mu (pronounced “uh-thing-moe," @ every race announcer who has butchered it in the past ). The 19-year-old New Jersey native has been running track since she was six and, headed into Tuesday's 800-meter final, is considered a top contender for gold.

The all-girls Battin High School and all-boys Thomas Jefferson High School were both closed at the end of the 1976–77 school year, after the Elizabeth High School complex was completed and all of the district's students, male and female, were accommodated at the new four-building facility, ending the city's status as "the only community in the state with separate public high schools for boys and girls". The $29.3 million project included renovations to Thomas Jefferson High School, which was integrated into the new complex. The Battin High School building, together with the four existing junior high schools, was repurposed as a middle school for grades six through eight. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Prior to 2010, Elizabeth High School occupied eight campuses, also known as houses: The William F. Halsey house, the John E. Dwyer house, the Thomas Jefferson house, the Thomas Edison house, the Sam E. Aboff house, the Alexander Hamilton academy, the Upper academy, and the Lower academy. In 2009, the Elizabeth Board of Education passed the "Transformation Plan", which split-up the houses that made up Elizabeth High School and made each house its own high school. The Upper and Lower academies became the new Elizabeth High School.

Halsey Academy of Finance is part of the National Academy Foundation (NAF). A number of the city's high schools have gone through the NAF's development process and received permission to establish NAF academies within their base schools. NAF academies work with local businesses and higher education institutions to prepare students for careers in fields such as technology, engineering, business and finance and hospitality. The NAF curriculum engages students through a series of career exploration courses, mentorships, internships, and many opportunities for off-campus extended classroom experiences to give the participating students a better idea of the opportunities available to them in terms of further education and career fields. All NAF courses use project-based learning techniques with an emphasis on strengthening literacy. Halsey Academy established the NAF Halsey Academy of Finance on a campus directly across the street from the main Halsey building. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Mu grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Trenton Central High School in 2020. (She however didn't run track for her high school team, instead opting to race for the Trenton Track Club, where she met her current coach Al Jennings.) She attends Texas A&M University, where she studies kinesiology. As a college freshman, she set numerous track records but decided to forge her college eligibility in order to go pro. Nike signed her and is her sponsor this Olympics.

The boys basketball team won the Group IV state title in 1985 (against Camden High School in the final game of the tournament), 1988 (vs. Camden), 1989 (vs. Trenton Central High School), 1990 (vs. Trenton Central) and 1991 (vs. Camden); with the group finals cancelled due to COVID-19, the team was declared the North IV regional champion in 2020. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)









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